Glenn Borger, Founder of Borger's Speedway has passed away.

Saylorsburg, PA., November, 2014:  The year was 1999 and as the millennium and Y2K fears approached Glenn Borger had far more important things on his mind, opening his “Field Of Dreams” 1/7 mile dirt racetrack in his backyard. He had done the impossible and his racetrack was an immediate success. From day one it was an uphill battle with the neighbors and finally at the close of the 2011 racing season the neighbors had won. The courts had finally shuttered his racetrack or so the neighbors had thought. What they failed to realize was Glenn Borger was no ordinary man. Where others would give up, quitting was not an option for Glenn Borger. Doing the unthinkable Glenn paved his track and in the spring of 2012 it was racing as usual. The transition to asphalt was hard but Glenn never wavered. In the beginning of the 2013 racing season Glenn turned the reins over to Brendan O’Connor and with Glenn’s guidance the track moved forward.

At 9:00 a.m. Friday November 7 Borgers Speedway lost Glenn Borger. After a valiant fight against cancer the disease won but it could never take away the spirit of Glenn Borger and his legacy will live on. I have been with Glenn since day one in 1999 and have seen the ups and downs. Many times I would disagree with him but also many times in the end it turned out he was right. While I would not admit it to him I know he knew he was right. He could come across, at times, as mean and ornery and that was Glenn but under that tough exterior beat a heart of gold. This could be seen every week at the racetrack as he lived to drive the kids around in his golf cart. He loved those kids and the kids loved him. Glenn told me many times if you are my friend you will be a friend for life and I will do anything for you. This is how he lived his life and we are all better for it. He gave us all a playground and went to great expense to do something he did not have to do. To sum it up as the old Frank Sinatra song “I Did It My Way”, Glenn Borger did it his way and and the racing world will always be a better place because of Glenn Borger.

Glenn would have turned 79 on November 21 and was married to and survived by his loving wife Ruth for 58 years. He is also survived by three children. A daughter Susan Perkins, and two sons Clay Borger, and James Borger. A Memorial Service will be held Saturday November 15 at 11:00 a.m. at the Mount Eaton Church, 7277 Mount Eaton Rd. Saylorsburg, Pa. 18353.

In lieu of flowers a donation can be sent to Hospice House East Stroudsburg.

Cards of condolence can be sent to
Ruth Borger
379 Route 115
Saylorsburg, Pa. 18353.



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