Anthony Sesely Wins Borgers Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints

 OctoberFest Round One.  Tom Hennessy Wins AllStar Slingshots.

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact Bob Snyder   

Saylorsburg, PA., September 28th, 2013 In a tune up for next Saturday’s October 5 $2000 to win Rumble on the Ridge Anthony Sesely will definitely be the man to beat after taking the win in Round One of Borgers OctoberFest 2013.

Matt Janisch led the field of fourteen Hoosier Racing Tires Borgers AllStar TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints to turn one followed by Pat VanVarick and Anthony Sesely.  Sesely made quick work of VanVarick coming out of turn two in second place.  A lap two restart lined up with Janisch, Sesely, and Don Zrinski and as the green flag waved Sesely made the move on Janisch and took the lead out of turn two.  Sesely took command with Janisch on his tail as a five car battle for the lead developed including Mike Tidaback, Austin Fehr, and Don Zrinski.  As the laps wound down Tidaback would drop out with mechanical problems as the battle to try to snatch the lead from Sesely raged on.  With five laps to go it got even more intense between Sesely, Janisch, Fehr, Zrinski, and VanVarick.  Sesely would edge out Janisch at the checkered flag followed by Fehr, Zrinski, and VanVarick.

Borgers 2013 Senior Statesman and 2013 AllStar Slingshot Champion Tom Hennessy once again showed the Slingers the quick way around the 1/7 mile Borgers asphalt oval.  It was Hennessy and veteran Jim Laubach to turn one followed by the young hot shot Chris Kurtz at the drop of the green.  As Hennessy and Laubach battled for the lead with Laubach glued to Hennessy’s rear bumper a four car battle for third spot developed between Kurtz, Taylor Eccles, Jim Conroy, and Ryan Lacoe.  The checkered flag would once again find Hennessy in a familiar spot in victory lane followed by Laubach, Kurtz, Eccles, Conroy, Lacoe, and Greg Zellman.

Next Saturday October 5 Borgers Speedway will be in the spotlight with a virtual “Who’s Who” in the world of TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprint racing as the best in the business battler for the $2000 to win Borgers AllStar TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints Rumble On The Ridge.

Hoosier Racing Tires Borgers AllStar TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints… Anthony Sesely, Matt Janisch, Austin Fehr, Don Zrinski, Pat VanVarick, Dan Lane Jr., Geoffrey Sutton, Mike Tidaback, Bruce Leote, Phil Cooper, DNF…Brett Conkling, Lou Cicconi, Joe Agnello, Bill Force.

AllStar Slingshots… Tom Hennessy, Jim Laubach, Chris Kurtz, Taylor Eccles, Jim Conroy, Ryan Lacoe, Greg Zellman.

Chris Daley Wins Borgers $1000 Briggs Heavy OctoberFest Opener.

Chris Daley left Borgers Speedway with his pockets lined with $100 bills, ten of them to be exact,  winning the Briggs Heavy OctoberFest 2013 Opener at Borgers Speedway.

At the drop of the green Scott Heilman led the charge to turn one followed by Chris Daley and Ron Ehrhardt but in a daring move Daley came out of turn two in the lead.  As Daley, Heilman, and Ehrhardt battled for the top spot Thomas Radivoy moved into fourth spot on lap six.  By lap twelve Radivoy made the pass on Ehrhardt for third with Heilmann his next victim in his chase for the lead.  As Daley set a blistering pace increasing his lead Nick Hadden was also burning up the asphalt and moved into third place on lap fourteen and made the pass on Radivoy for second a lap later.  Hadden now had his sights set on Daley but it was not to be as Daley roared to the finish line followed by Hadden, Radivoy, Heilman, and Zak Gorski.

In Kid Karts it was Cody Quagliato, Liam O’Connor, and Jack Van Varick to turn one.  Lap three VanVarick slipped by Liam O’Connor to challenge Quagliato for the lead.  At the half way mark Liam got by VanVarick for second but did not have enough for Quagliato who took the win followed by Liam O’Connor, VanVarick, and Collin O’Connor.  VanVarick would later fail post race tech moving Collin O’Connor to third.

Senior Champ Karts found JP Curry taking an early lead over Scott Heilman and Steven Frindt.  As Curry and Heilman battled for the lead a four car battle for third developed between Austin Berry, Frindt, Paul Valent Jr., and Jon Stewart.  In the closing laps Berry would get by Heilman for second but could not  catch the high flying Curry.

A broken hand did not stop   Michael Eckhart Jr. from taking the Junior 3 Restricted win over Austin Silfee. Jared Silfee won Junior 2 Sportsman. Cody Quagliato took the Junior 1 Rookie win over Austyn Myers. Pappy Curnell came home first in Senior Clone over Billy Proctor. Jared Silfee backed up his Junior 2 Sportsman win by winning Junior Sportsmand Champ karts over newcomers Ethan Sanfilippo and Gary Collins.

Briggs Heavy… Chris Daley, Nick Hadden, Thomas Radivoy, Scott Heilman, Zak Gorski, Scott Thomas, Kevin Miller, Jordan Modiano, Johnny Kahn, Bobby Hassenmayer, DNF Ron Ehrhardt.

Kid Karts…Cody Quaglito, Liam O;Connor, Collin O’Connor, DNF…Wyatt Hger, Non Conforming…Jack VanVarick.

Senior Champ Kart… JP Curry, Austin Berry, Scott Heilman, Steven Frindt, Paul; Valent Jr., DNF…Jon Stewart.

Junior 3 Restricted…Michael Eckhart Jr. , Austin Silfee.

Junior 2 Sportsman… Jared Silfee

Junior 1 Rookie… Cody Quagliato, Austyn Myers.

Senior Clone… Pappy Curnell, Billy Proctor.

Junior Sportsman Champ Kart… Jared Silfee, Ethan Sanfilippo, Gary Collins.

22 Cars To Start October 5 Borgers Speedway $2000 To Win Rumble On The Ridge.

Borgers Speedway is committed to restore Three Quarter Midget Racing to it’s glory days of the 1980’s.  We firmly believe we can establish 20 to 25 car fields on a weekly basis in the 2014 season.  To establish a “Home Track” is essential and with our excellent purse structure and a generous year end point fund we can achieve this goal.

To achieve this goal there must be a merging of the Three Quarter Midgets and 600 Chain Drive Sprints.  This can create 20+ fields that will benefit the sport.  Increased racer and spectator interest will in turn benefit everyone involved.  More money in the purse for the racers and more income for the racetrack.   Keeping these cars separate will no longer work.

With overwhelming interest in the $2000 to win October 5 AllStar TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints Rumble On The Ridge, Borgers Speedway general manager Brendan O’Connor has been burning the midnight oil.  After consulting with TQ and 600 Sprint teams, chassis builders, and others knowledgeable in the sport  a plan has been formulated.

Effective October 5 Borger Speedway will put in affect a 780 pound minimum weight limit and a 60 inch maximum rear tread width from the inside of the left rear to the outside of the right rear tire for all cars.  We feel this will be the first step in equalizing all cars and putting everyone on a fair basis.  This will be a work in progress and we will be open to tweaking the rules in the future as we see how this plays out.  We feel this will be a major first step in evening the playing field for everyone involved.

We will increase the starting field for the October 5 Rumble On The Ridge to 22 cars.  This is a six car increase from previous plans.

This Saturday September 28 will be the first race of our five race OctoberFest Series.  This will be a great opportunity to get your cars set up for the October 5 $2000 to win event.

Gates Open 11:00 A.M.

Driver’s Meeting 12:45 P.M.

Early Practice  1:00 to 2:00 P.M.

Regular Practice  2:00 P.M. followed by

Heats and Features.    

Bettler Sweeps Borgers Hoosier Racing Tires TQ’s and AllStar Slingshots

Co-Promoter & Media Contact Bob Snyder   

Saylorsburg, PA., September 21st, 2013 The 90% chance of rain held car counts down in all divisions but Borgers Speedway weathered the storm and completed the day’s racing just before the rains came.  In what started out as a day of frustration turned for the better with Kurt Bettler winning AllStar Slingshots and then coming back and winning Hoosier Racing Tires TQ’s.

At the drop of the green for the AllStar Slingshot main it was Bettler, Bill Kerchner, and Tom Hennessy to turn one.  Hennessy made the move to second followed by Taylor Eccles on lap two.  As Hennessy and Bettler battled side by side a tangle with Eccles put Bettler and Eccles to the rear.  On the restart it was Hennessy with Steve Heckman second and Ryan Lacoe third.  Lap eight Lacoe was second with Eccles and Bettler charging from the rear to third and fourth.  A four car battle for the lead developed with Hennessy, Lacoe, Eccles, and Bettler.  Bettler moved into second followed by Eccles on lap eighteen and with two laps to go Bettler took the lead and the win.  Hennessy was second followed by Eccles, Lacoe, and Heckman.

In Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints Joe Agnello led until half way when Kurt Bettler took the lead for good and the win over Agnello and Rich Salvemini.

AllStar Slingshots… Kurt Bettler, Tom Hennessy, Taylor Eccles, Ryan Lacoe, Steve Heckman, DNF… Joe Agnello, Bill Kerchner,  DNS… Hunter Smith.

Hoosier Racing Tires/Asphalt 600 Sprints… Kurt Bettler, Joe Agnello,  DNF… Rich Salvemini.

O’Connor Brothers Sweep Borgers Kid Kart Back To School 25’s

 and Silfee Brothers Sweep Juniors, while Mee Sets

 New Track Record in JR 2 ( Sportsman )

As the build up went into full swing this time last week – we had hoped for a huge turn out and a spectacular show….Unfortunately, the weatherman forecasted a downpour that never came….. However, as we usually do, we over came the forecast and had some spectacular racing!

As the gates opened and the cloud cover parted it was evident it was going to be a kid kart race for the decades... The regional young guns were rolling in….. First it was 2012 and 2013 PA Eltie Kid Kart Champion Cody Quagliato ( #18 ) , then Shellhammers regular and multiple feature winner, Jax Yohn…. But it didn’t end there, because into the house Glenn built, rolled “little miss Shelby” McLaughlin… To add to the suspense, the event put some of the regions top kid kart motor builders against each other…Dan Shupp ( on hand ), Dave McGough ( on hand ) and Midwest Mini ( not on hand but their motors were ) …

When open practice started all the parents were on the fence sizing up their competition. The lap times were close, all within tenths of each other --- we believe this is a direct result of pill ( restrictor ) racing. As the class prepared for their heat race, it was obvious that the spectators were there to support the kids…. Many made their way to the fence to watch the battle. As our flagger waived the green, it was as many expected, Cody Qualiato #18 out to the early lead, with McLaughlin, Yohn and (Liam) O’Connor in tow… As a few laps clicked everyone noticed these youngsters had come prepared and it was any one's race to win.

Liam O’Connor driver of the #14L McGough Powered Brendan O’Connor Motorsports entry was able put up some 15.318’s and eventually wheel his way under the #18 A&S Fence entry of Cody “The Kid” Quagliato and finish in the top spot.

This would put the two next to each other for the feature and set the stage for what many expected to be a slug fest….. but much like the weather it didn’t happen. Young O’Connor was able to make quick work of the completion and pull away from the field laying down multiple 15.4’s and 15.5’s….. but to everyones surprise the real battle was for 2nd.

Borgers Speedway is a place where on any lap, with a drafting partner, things can change quickly. Drafting in a kid kart ? Yes, Sir! And because of it a three kart battle unused lap after lap. First it was Cody, Shelby, Jax then it was Shelby, Cody and Jax… Shelby headed the 3 kart battle but Jax quickly started to figure the track out and started to log the low 15’s lap times and was coming... fast....

Crew Chief and father, Mike Mclauglin was at the fence watching and hoping his young girl would be able to fend off the hard charging Jax. Unfortuntley just as fast Jax figured it out, it would be over…. On lap 11 Jax pushed a little high and it was over. One turn, sealed Jax fate and would lock Shelby into a solid 2nd place finish. After tech’ing was completed the order was O’Connor, McLaughlin, Yohn and Quagliato. After the race Liam O’Connor thanked Mr. McGough for his motor work and efforts in getting his kid kart to victory lane. “ we had a few bad weeks lately but my Dad said that Mr McGough has the best motors and all I have to do is stay smooth and I should be able to win….. “ said Liam O’Connor. He also thanked Jim Silfee and Pappy Curnell for their help each week! A side note and one that definitely needs to be mentioned. The motor that powered the #14L to victory lane was the same motor that powered Meredith Howell ( now running the #11 Jr Sportsman Champ ) to 2 Borgers Speedway Kid Kart Championships!

The next class up was Rookie Kid Karts! This battle would also be nothing short of epic! Following in his brothers footsteps younger brother Collin O’Connor, driving the #11c kid kart looked to bested the class as his brother did and complete the Brendan O’Connor Motorsports McGough Powered Sweep. The Bangor Steel entry of the #17 driven by Jack VanVarick had a different idea. Jack was able to jump out to an early lead and hold off the charging Collin O’Connor for much of the race. The two would have a side by side battle for much of the feature. As many made their way to the fence, to watch the side by side battle, it was clear that neither youngster wanted to throw the towel in…. At the end it was Collin who would eventually be able to cross the line first. In doing so, Collin would finally be able to join brother Liam O’Connor in victory lane. The final results would be O’Connor ( 17.710 ) Jack Van Varick ( 17.780 ), Maggie Yaggle and Connor Mirabelli…

Juniors , juniors, juniors…. With gift cards, RC Cars and many other prizes up for grabs the JR classes would not disappoint. Most watched as two brothers again put a show on! In JR 3 ( restricted ) , it was all older brother Austin Silfee driver of the #10 PRC Shupp / Silfee powered Clone. Austin would set a blister pace turning 11.8’s and be untouchable all day. Its rumored that Austin is looking to recapture his the JR 3 track record by breaking the 11.581 set by Brandan MCGough on 9-07-2013. Will Austin pull it off ? maybe during Octoberfest ? or will McGough prevail?

In JR 2 ( sportsman ), it was younger brother, Jared Silfee who would wheel the bumble bee colored #11x McKewon Real Estate Shupp / Silfee Power Clone to victory lane… However, late in the race it was Kevin Mee who log the fastest time and break Jared’s longstanding track record of 12.153 with an 12.113

Congratulations to MEE Motorsports! This could set the stage for some serious racing during our Octoberfest series.

In Junior Sportsman Champ, Jared Silfee led the way followed by Meredith Howell, Liam O’Connor and Tyler Miller on his tail. As the fans watched and cheered the three on, fresh in the minds of a select few was the flip a few weeks ago that ended in Jared taking the win on his roof! Would today be something similar?

The two have exchanged victories for the latter part of the 2013 season and have tangled on multiple occasions… Miller was second coming out of turn two and on Silfee’s back bumper racing for the lead. Grabing some draft Miller was able to pull out and pass Silfee. Miller took the lead on lap four and held the top spot until three laps to go. Silfee realizing the laps were winding down ratcheted up the pressure and got a nose under Miller in turn two.

As he ran out of real estate , Miller made contact with the wall and would ultimately knock him out for the night. Silfee continued on and took the win followed by Howell, O’Connor. The SR Champ race brought out the one of the region best and the 2012 $500 to Win winner JP Curry. JP wrenched for Rick Mutarelli a would help him wheel his yellow chariot. However that wasn’t the story of this race… The story was Paul Valent – a man on a mission. Paul went hard lap after lap to get around Mutarelli but unfortunately was unable to.

The 2013 Sr Clone champion, Pappy Curnell was able to wheel his Senior Clone sled around James Carlucci ( who was scored separately and won Pork Chops. )

Class results
Allstar Kid Karts  Liam O’Connor ( 15.315 )  Shelby McLaughlin ( 15.544 )  Jax Yohn ( 15.393 ) Cody Quagliato ( 15.668 )

Rookie Kid Karts  Collin O’Connor ( 17.713 ) Jack VanVarick (17.780 ) Maggie Yaggle ( 21.618 ) Connor Mirabelli ( 28.430 )

Junior Sportsman Champ  Jared Silfee ( 12.686 ) Meredith Howell ( 13.473 ) Liam O’Connor (14.263 ) DNF… Tyler Miller ( 12.686)

Junior 3 ( Restricted )
Austin Silfee ( 11.877 ) Jesse Strohl. (12.756 )

Junior 2 ( Sportsman ) Jared Silfee ( 12.303 ) Kevin Mee, (12.114* NEW TRACK RECORD ) Ryan Conrad, ( 12.687 )
Joseph Costello

Junior 1 Rookie Cody Quagliato ( 13.967 )

Senior Champ Kart Rick Mutarelli (12.821 ) Paul Valent. (12.805 )

Senior Clone
Pappy Curnell ( 12.461 )

Pork Chop  James Carlucci (13.516)

Borgers Youth Headline 2nd Annual Back To School Show.

  Three Quarter Midgets On The Card Each Week.

Co-Promoter & Media Contact Bob Snyder   

 Saylorsburg, PA., September 18th, 2013 Borgers AllStar Three Quarter Midget/Asphalt 600 Sprints will be on the Borgers Schedule each week for the remainder of the 2013 season.  It is our goal to restore Three Quarter Midget racing to it’s glory days and we intend to bring Three Quarter Midget racing to weekly 25 plus car counts in 2014.  We proved it could be done with 25 entries for the Borgers AllStar TQ Bob Tidaback Memorial 50 lapper and expect a huge turnout for our $2000 to win “Rumble On The Ridge” TQ event October 5.  Borgers Speedway provides quality racing with good payouts,  pit pass and entry fees.  The smaller 1/7 mile track is suitable for TQ’s and provides exciting side by side racing and is not demanding on motors and tires.  Why travel five hours to race when you can race at Borgers Speedway which is less then an hour travel for most racers and fans?  Major events already are in the planning stages for 2014 which will be announced at our Motorsports 2014 display in Oaks, Pa., January 10, 11, 12, 2014.

A full card of TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints, Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints, AllStar and Junior Slingshots, and Karts will be on schedule but the spotlight for Saturday September 21 will shine on our Borgers Youth.  These kids are the future of our sport and Borger’s Speedway takes this very seriously.   Our young drivers are second to none and this will be their day to shine.

The Second Annual Borgers Speedway “Back To School Show presented by Silfee Service, Bangor Steel, Brendan O’Connor Fire Protection, Midwest Mini, Dellorto Direct, and Shupps Kart Shop will feature “Over Sized Trophies, by West End Awards, driver introductions, raffles,  and more!!!   Every Kid Kart entry will go home with a prize bag worth over $50 and more.

Coming off the heals of last year’s successful event General Manager Brendan O’Connor will also expand this event to the Junior 3 Restricted  Karts and Junior Sportsman Champ Karts .  $300 will go to the winner.

$30 entry fee.  $300 to win with 8 or more Karts.  $200 to win with 5 to 7 Karts and Guaranteed $100 to win with 3 to 4 Karts.

The excitement for this event is running in high gear as expressed by our Kid Kart racers.

2013 Borgers Kid Kart Champion Liam O’Connor,  “my brother and I are excited to have the other kid karts race at our home track,  Hopefully we have our motor problems figured out.”  “Dad, can we get there early so I can check out the other kid’s lap times and are we going to get interviewed again cause this time I will be ready?”  “Is Shelby Coming?”  Dad, “Yes.”  Liam, “good because she is my drafting partner.”  “I am gonna be outtie (Audi, gone…. Lol..)  on the start with my new motor.”

2013 Borgers Rookie Kid Kart Champion Collin O’Connor,  “I hope we have a rookie class cause Connor Mirabelli is just learning,”  “Is Blu really gonna race my Kid Kart?”

Kaylee O’Connor,  “awwwwh, there’s gonna be like ten little toddlers out there.”

Joey Agnello Jr,  “I remember my Kid Kart days but my Slingshot is alot faster.”

Shelby McLaughlin, “I am so excited about this race.  I think it will be a tough race with all the racers and I expect the toughest challenge will come from the 2013 point champion Liam O’Connor and Cody Quagliato.”  Shelby is recovering from an injury at another track and says she will be fine for Saturday’s race. One tough little girl.

2012 Borgers Speedway Back To School Defending Champion and 2012 and 2013 Pa Elite Series Kid Kart Champion Cody Quagliato,  “I will do my best to try to get off to an early start and get to the front fast.  I know Liam, Shelby, Wyatt, and Jack will be tough.  We will also be facing some invaders coming in to take our glory.  I would like to wish good luck to all the racers and thank Brendan for giving us this fine event.”

There you have it.  The Kids have had their say and the line is drawn in the sand.  The Borgers Future Superstars  will race their hearts out and give it all they have to put on a “Stellar Performance” this Saturday September 21 at Borgers 1/7 Mile Asphalt Superspeedway.

Gates Open 11;00 A.M.

Driver’s Meeting  12:45 P.M.

Early Warm Ups 1:00 to 2:00 P.m.

Regular Warm Ups 2:00 P.M. followed by Heats and Features.

Mike Lapicki and Austin Fehr On Top At Borgers.

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact Bob Snyder   

Saylorsburg, PA., September 14th, 2013 Mike Lapickl made it win number one and Austin Fehr win number five as both drivers shared the Borgers Podium on this cold, blustery September afternoon.

Winning his heat put Ryan Lacoe on the pole in front of Taylor Eccles and Mike Lapicki. As the green flag waved Lapicki charged past Eccles going into turn one with his sights set on Lacoe. Lap two Lapicki blasted past Lacoe with Eccles in tow andTom Hennessy also getting by Lacoe. Lapicki, Eccles, Hennessy, Lacoe raced for the checkered flag the remaining laps and Lapicki who ran strong the entire day led the rest of the way taking the win followed by Eccles, Hennessy and Lacoe.

In Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints Austin Fehr led every lap taking the win. At the drop of the green it was Fehr and Joe Agnello racing for the lead. As Fehr opened a large lead over Agnello, Pat VanVarick and Bill Force were having their own race for third spot. As the laps ticked off Fehr came close to lapping the field taking the win over Agnello, Van Varick, and Force.

Tex Snyder and Pat VanVarick were involved in a spectacular double flip in warm ups on the Borger’s backstretch. Both drivers were uninjured but Snyder was sidelined for the night.

AllStar Slingshots…  Mike Lapicki, Taylor Eccles, Tom Hennessy, Ryan Lacoe, DNS… Joey Agnello.

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints…  Austin Fehr, Joe Agnello, Pat VanVarick, Bill Force, DNS…Tex Snyder.

O’Connor Brothers One and Two In Kid Karts.

  Gumley Cops Champs and Radivoy Haulin Heavys.

With mechanical issues behind him Liam O’Connor was back in winning form taking the Kid Kart main event.  Liam jumped to an early lead with brother Collin close in tow. With Collin finding some extra horsepower Liam would have his hands full fighting off the challenge from his younger brother.  As the race wore on Collin was determined not to give his big brother an easy task and kept in striking distance.  As the fight for the win raged on Jack Van Varick and Connor Mirabelli were staging their own fight for third spot.  As the four future “Superstars” got faster each lap the win would go to Liam O’Connor followed by Collin O’Connor, Jack VanVarick and Connor Mirabelli.

Senior Champ Kart racing does not get any better then at Borgers Speedway and this Saturday’s feature event would prove to be the same.  Joe Pacovich, Justin Gumley, and Thomas Radivoy led the charge to turn one and the top three would battle for the lead until lap six when Pacovich took command.  Pacovich and Andrew Jadacki would tangle two laps later sending both to the rear of the field.  In a burst of speed on the restart Pacovich would be back in second spot coming out of turn two.  Gumley, Pacovich, and Radivoy would once again battle for the lead until half way when Pacovich took the lead.  The battle raged on until two to go when Gumley took the lead for good.  As the checkered flag waved it was Gumley, Pacovich, Radivoy, and Frindt.  A post race tech would find Pacovich non conforming moving Radivoy to second and Frindt to third.

Briggs Heavy would once again prove to be a thriller with three and four wide racing the entire distance.  With numerous lead swaps Thomas Radivoy would come out on top followed by Ron Ehrhardt, and Randy Ehrhardt.

Tyler Miller overcame a double spin with Jared Silfee completing lap one to take the Junior Sportsman Champ Kart win.  Miller and Silfee were in a dead heat lap one when both spun coming out of turn four bringing out the yellow.   Liam O’Connor led the next lap until Miller and Silfee got by on lap three.  The three raced neck and neck the entire distance with Miller taking the win over Silfee and O’Connor. Austin Silfee took the Jujnior Champ Kart Win.

A real “Nail Biter” in Senior Clones as Tom Boyd, Jeff Ryzoff, and James Carlucci battle tooth and nail for the win.  Boyd would lead most of the race with constant challenges from Ryzoff and Carlucci.  In the closing laps Ryzoff snatched the lead from Boyd taking his first win since racing on the dirt at Borgers.  Boyd was second followed by Carlucci. Pappy Curnell took the Open Clone win. Jared Silfee battled Joe Costello for the Junior 2 win. Austin Silfee came out on top in Junior 3.

Kid Karts… Liam O’Connor, Collin O’Connor, Jack VanVarick, Connor Mirabelli.

Senior Champ Karts… Justin Gumley, Thomas Radivoy, Steven Frindt,  DNF… Kyle Kania, Andrew Jadacki.  Non-Conforming…Joe Pacovich.

Briggs Heavy… Thomas Radivoy, Ron Ehrhardt, Randy Ehrhardt,  DNF…Scott Thomas,  DNS… Jeff Ryzoff.

Junior Sportsman Champ Kart… Tyler Miller, Jared Silfee, Liam O’Connor.

Junior Champ Kart… Austin Silfee.

Senior Clone… Jeff Ryzoff, Tom Boyd, DNF… James Carlucci.

Open Clone… Pappy Curnell

Junior 2… Jared Silfee, DNF… Joe Costello.

Junior 3… Austin Silfee.

Borgers OctoberFest 2013 To Set New Standards Never

Thought Possible In Northeast Small Car Racing.

Co-Promoter & Media Contact Bob Snyder   

Saylorsburg, PA., September 15th, 2013 Borgers Speedway in Saylorsburg, Pa. will host Octoberfest 2013 starting Saturday September 28 and continue through October 5, 12, 19, and 26. The five race series will be highlighted by the October 5 Borgers All-star TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprint show featuring a whopping $2000 to the winner. All the Stars of Three Quarter Midget racing are expected to be in attendance for the biggest outdoor TQ/600 Sprint event in the history of the sport. $500 will go to the winner of the B Feature with a 10 car minimum. The All-star and Junior Slingshots will also be on the card with $650 up for grabs with minimum 12 car count. The Senior Briggs Flathead Champ Karts will be racing for $1250 to win with a minimum 12 Kart count. A full Kart program will also be on the schedule.

Borgers General Manager Brendan OConnor, It is our belief that Octoberfest 2013 is a time for us to showcase our potential to new racers who may be shopping for a new home for the 2014 racing season. To highlight our potential it is essential for us to provide an atmosphere where drivers of all capabilities can grow and excel. We also believe it is a time to profile what Borgers will look like in 2014.

Kart classes will continue to see the dedication that many tracks lack when they mix karts with big cars. We have a firm belief that one day many of the kart drivers will be in the bigger cars. The class structure will remain the same and we will continue to work the classes to optimize the drivers and spectators experience.

Promoter Bob Snyder, two years ago we had what appeared to be an impossible task of converting a Dirt Track in Dirt Track Country into an asphalt racing facility. In my 45 years in the sport I have never seen a man with more dedication and guts then speedway owner Glenn Borger. Where others would have turned their backs and against all odds Glenn stood firm and may have lost the initial battle but in the end won the war and created this beautiful asphalt racing facility that you see here today which is second to none.

With the leadership, business, and marketing skills of Brendan O’Connor there is no limit to the goals that Borgers Speedway will achieve in 2014 and beyond. With Brendan’s commitment to make Borgers Speedway the finest racing experience for racers and fans alike there is no limit to what you will see at Borgers Speedway in the present and the future.

A major issue that is a concern for new racers at Borgers is tire wear. Tire wear at Borgers is not an issue. The TQ's and 600 Sprints are experiencing minimal tire wear. Depending on your driving style a set of asphalt tires will last you the entire five race Oktoberfest series and beyond. If you drive the track like a dirt track you will burn off tires but if you drive it like an asphalt track you will get the tire wear. Check back on your tire bills for running five weeks on dirt. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you save on asphalt plus no dirt being sucked into your motor and wearing every moving part on your car.

Many Slingshots and Karters have been running the same set of tires they started out with at practice back in March.

With many tracks shutting down for the season Borgers is in full swing. Our plans are to run through November, weather permitting, and maybe further. We will also be offering our January practice sessions for racers headed to Atlantic City, Trenton, and Providence. Here is your opportunity to give something different a try. Come check out Borgers Speedway. You will not be disappointed.

Borgers Special Racing Announcement..

Co-Promoter & Media Contact Bob Snyder

Saylorsburg, PA., September 12th, 2013 Borgers Speedway will be running the Borgers AllStar Three Quarter Midgets this Saturday September 14 and every race date throughout the 2013 season.

Last week a stout field of 14 TQ’s and 600 Sprints took to the 1/7 mile Borgers asphalt oval in a thriller won by Geoffrey Sutton in the Metz Rides For Rent TQ.

The TQ/600 Sprints have rapidly become a fan favorite at Borgers Speedway and our loyal Borgers fans will not be disappointed during the upcoming OctoberFest five race series starting September 28 and continuing October 5, 12, 19, 26.

TQ racing is second to none at Borgers Speedway and Borgers Speedway is the place to be for TQ racing in the Northeast.

Geoffrey Sutton Grabs First Borgers Hoosier Racing Tires TQ Win.

Austin Fehr 2013 Hoosier Racing Tires TQ Point Champion.

Metz Family 2013 Hoosier Racing Tires TQ Owners Champion.

Tom Arntz Win Streak Extends To Four At Borgers.

Bob Snyder Photo

Co-Promoter & Media Contact Bob Snyder   

Saylorsburg, PA., September 7th, 2013 Metz Family Racing had plenty to celebrate Saturday at Borgers Speedway with an Owner’s Championship and a trip to victory lane for it’s driver Geoffrey Sutton.

Sutton has been a regular all season at Borgers and tonight it would all come together for him in grand fashion. A stout field of 14 Hoosier Racing Tires TQ’s took starter Tyler Knitter’s green flag with Don Zrinski, Marc Rogers, and Sutton leading the way. As the field roared out of turn two on lap one Sutton was on the move grabbing second from Rogers followed by Mike Tidaback. Zrinski would fall from the pace and Sutton inherited the lead on lap three. On the restart it was Sutton, Tidaback, and Rogers as the three “Speed Demons” fought for the lead. By the halfway point Austin Fehr made it a four car battle for the lead. The top four positions stayed the same until Tidaback dropped out on lap seventeen moving Rogers to second and Fehr third. At this point Kevin VanValkenburg, joined the hunt along with Tom Arntz running the Metz-Czernak F8. With the Metz car tuned to perfection and Sutton not missing a beat the checkered flag waved for Georrey Sutton followed by Rogers, Fehr, VanValkenburg, and Arntz.

Marc Roger’s second place finish along with a victory in heat number one was his best night ever at Borgers. Rogers and crew have been making changes all season long and their efforts have paid off with his fine performance tonight.

Austin Fehr’s third place finish was enough to secure the 2013 Hoosier Racing Tires TQ Point Championship.

Victory lane was a very happen scene as the Sutton and Metz families gathered to celebrate with Geoff on his well deserved first win.

“When Your Hot Your Hot” is what singer Jerry Reed would sing about a number of years ago. The same could be said for AllStar Slingshot racer Tom Arntz. Tom would make it four wins in a row in tonight’s AllStar Slingshot feature event. It all started August 17 with an ATQMRA Vintage TQ win and a win in the AllStar Slingshots. Arntz would repeat in the Slingshots August 24. August 31 Tom missed the Borgers show to race with the Vintage Club at Oswego thus making tonight’s win 4 In A Row.

It was Arntz, Mike Lapicki, and Taylor Eccles to turn one at the drop of the green. It did not take Eccles long to get around Lapicki on lap two as Arntz was already building a strong lead. A lap two restart moved Mike Moyer to fourth. By lap six Tom Hennessy got by Moyer for fourth and Joe Howey moving into fifth. Arntz was not about to give up his quest for 4 In A Row but in the closing laps Lapicki made the pass on Eccles for second. Lapicki closed the gap on Arntz but did not have enough to keep Arntz from victory lane. Arntz took the win followed by Lapicki, Eccles, Hennessy, and Howey.

Hoosier Racing tires TQ… Geoffrey Sutton, Marc Rogers, Austin Fehr, Kevin VanValkenburg, Tom Arntz, Kerry Irwin, Tex Snyder, William Force, Chad Parks, DNF…Mike Tidaback, Don Zrinski, DNS… Joe Agnello, Paul Quear, Rich Salvemini.

AllStar Slingshots… Tom Arntz, Mike Lapicki, Taylor Eccles, Tom Hennessy, Joe Howey, Mike Moyer, Joe Agnello, Hunter Smith, Doc Lapicki, DNF… Ryan Lacoe.

Shelby Mclaughlin Wins That Magic Number One Kid Kart Feature.

 Steven Frindt Wins Senior Champ Point Title.

Randy Ehrhardt Wins Briggs Heavy At Borgers.

The feeling of “Accomplishment” is that very special moment that connects a child and parents life. That special moment when everything is right and all the hard work and love has paid off. That special moment came Saturday night at Borgers Speedway for Shelby Mclaughlin and her parents Stacey and Mike.

Shelby was fast from the first lap of warm ups, very fast. With a convincing win in her heat it was clear that Shelby would be the lady to beat. At the drop of the green Shelby got off to a fast start with Jack VanVarick in tow. After solving their motor problems Clutch problems now beset Liam O’Connor causing a bad start. As Shelby opened her lead Liam was making up ground on Jack at a rapid pace and passed him in the closing laps. With his sights set on Shelby and gaining ground he did not have enough for the determined young lady in her blue number 7. One can imagine the smile on her face as the checkered flag waved over her and the smile on the faces of her mom and dad. Liam O’Connor finished second followed by Jack VanVarick.

As Shelby’s family joined her in victory lane the thundering applause from the grandstand made it clear who the favorite was tonight. The saying goes that first win is always the sweetest and tonight there is no doubt it was for Shelby Mclaughlin.

The Rookie Kid Karts proved to be a thriller as 2013 Rookie Champion Collin O’Connor took an early lead. Connor Mirabelli said “not so fast” as he took the lead on lap three. Connor and Colin raced one and two until two laps to go when Collin took the lead edging out Connor at the finish.

Coming into tonight’s race it was a tie for the Senior Champ Kart Point Championship between James Moyer and Steven Frindt. The entire 2013 season was on the line and whoever finished ahead would be the champion. Frindt jumped to an early lead with Moyer and Trevor Morris on his tail. With determination in his heart Frindt hit his mark every lap and took the win over Moyer and Morris. In victory lane the emotions ran high as Frindt accepted the huge winner’s trophy. Moyer commented in victory lane if he had to lose the championship this is the man he would want to lose it too. Only one person got the trophy but there were no losers. Gary Jackinski won Senior Animal Champ Kart.

Briggs Heavy once again lived up to their reputation as high speed action packed racing with three and four wide and sometimes five wide racing. It was Randy Erhardt, Scott Heilman, and Thomas Radivoy to turn one at the green flag. They would stage a three car battle for the lead until lap eight when Heilman overtook Radivoy for second. As Heilman put the pressure on Erhardt a three car shootout developed with Radivoy in tow. As the laps ticked off Radivoy would grab second from Heilman with three laps to go, At the finish Erhardt would hold strong taking the win over Radivoy, Heilman, Drew Delanoy, and Ron Erhardt.

Junior Sportsman Champ Kart Point Champion Jared Silfee took the win over Meredith Howell. Silfee opened an early lead and was not to be caught by point runner up Howell. A tight race for third and fourth took place with John Kendall and Alex kolonics. Austin Silfee won Junior Champ Karts. Newcomer Brandon McGough took the Junior Clone 3 win from 2013 Point Champion Austin Silfee. McGough led every lap in a very impressive run for the win. Junior Clone 2 Champion Jared Silfee took the win over Ryan Conrad. James Carlucci took the Pork Chop win.

Kid Karts… Shelby Mclaughlin, Liam O’Connor, Jack VanVarick.

Rookie Kid Karts… Collin O’Connor, Connor Mirabelli.

Senior Champ Karts… Steven Frindt, James Moyer, Trevor Morris.

Senior Animal Champ Kart…. Gary Jackinski.

Briggs Heavy… Randy Erhardt, Thomas Radivoy, Scott Heilman, Drew Delanoy, Ron Erhardt, Scott Thomas, Ryan Edwards.

Junior SportsmanChamp Kart… Jared Silfee, Meredith Howell, John Kendall, Alex Kolonics.

Junior Champ Kart… Austin Silfee.

Junior Clone 3… Brandon McGough, Austin Silfee.

Junior Clone 2… Jared Silfee, Ryan Conrad.

Pork Chop… James Carlucci.

Agnello Awesome and Smith Sensational

On A Hot August Night At Borgers...

Bob Snyder Photo

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 Saylorsburg, PA., August 31st, 2013:  Back in the 1970’s Neil Diamond sang about a Hot August Night at Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show and while Joe Agnello and Hunter Smith might not have been belting out gospel music and “Saving Souls” they did have plenty to sing about on this sweltering Hot August Night at Borgers Speedway.

Joe Agnello had an “On Again, Off Again” 2013 racing season dividing his time between his TQ and his son’s Slingshot. Tonight he did double duty but his moment of glory came in the Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/600 Sprint main event.

With the TQ’s not being on the schedule, due to the race at Oswego, it was announced at the driver’s meeting the TQ’s and 600 Sprints would be run together and scored as a non point event.

Agnello ran a strong heat race but not strong enough to start on the pole as Mike Fillbrunn, Agnello, and Steven Boland led the chase to turn one. As Fillbrunn, Agnello, and Boland raced for the lead Boland brought out the yellow in turn three. On the restart it was Fillbrunn and Agnello but now Jason Hentrich joined the leaders making it a three car battle for the lead. A determined Agnello put extreme pressure on Fillbrunn and on lap ten “Out Foxed” the leader in a daring move in turn three taking the lead. From then on there was no looking back for Agnello as he set a blistering pace enroot to his first Borgers Three Quarter Midget win. Fillbrunn trying to hold on to second place just edged out a hard charging Hentrich for second. Boland would finish a close fourth behind Hentrich.

After scoring an early season win Hunter Smith was hungry for that second AllStar Slingshot win and tonight would be his night. Hunter Smith would take the early lead followed by Ryan Lacoe and Tom Hennessy. Hennessy got by Lacoe on lap two followed by Joe Agnello making the pass on Lacoe a lap later. Smith opened about a three car lead on Hennessy and by the halfway mark Lacoe moved past Agnello for third. As Hennessy turned up the heat on Smith there was no way that Smith was about to settle for anything but a win. Smith streaked across the start-finish line followed by Hennessy, Lacoe, and Agnello.

While Hennessy and Mike Moyer have first and second place wrapped up in the point chase Smith’s win has moved him into third place getting by Mike Lapicki leading up to next week’s final point race which will decide third place.

Next Saturday September 7 Borgers Speedway will go back to their afternoon schedule with gates opening at 11:00 a.m. Driver’s meeting at 12:45 p.m. followed by early practice from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Regular practice at 2:00 p.m. followed by heats and features for TQ/600 Asphalt Sprints, Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints, AllStar and Junior Slingshots, Karts and MicroStocks.

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/600 Sprints… Joe Agnello, Mike Fillbrunn, Jason Hentrich, Steven Boland, DNF…Tex Snyder.

All-star Slingshots… Hunter Smith, Tom Hennessy, Ryan Lacoe, Joe Agnello.

Steven Frindt Edges Closer To Senior Champ Kart Title In Borgers Thriller.

In what may very well be the most important win of the 2013 racing season for Steven Frindt’s march to the Senior Champ Kart title became a little closer. In a season long battle with James Moyer, Frindt closed the gap with tonight’s win.

From his outside pole starting position Frindt won the drag race to turn one from pole sitter Scott Heilman with Jarret Digiantamasso third. On a lap four restart Digiantamasso grabbed the lead from Frindt with Heilman stuck to his rear bumper. As a three car battle for the lead developed in a daring move going into turn one on lap eleven Frindt screamed by Digiantamasso and Heilmann for the lead. Two laps later Digiantamasso and Heilman tangled moving James Moyer and Trevor Morris to second and third behind Frindt. Two laps later Heilman and Digiantamasso would be chasing Frindt for the lead. As the checkered flag waved it was Frindt, Heilman, Digiantamasso, Moyer, and Morris.

True to form the Briggs Heavys staged another nail biter as Scott Heilman and Corey Cormier swapped the lead numerous times with Heilman coming home the winner,

Max McCarthy won Briggs Lights.

In a season long battle for the Junior Sportsman Champ Kart championship Jared Silfee’s hopes got brighter as Meredith Howell’s dimmed. A broken rear axle in her heat sidelined Meredith for the night and her DNS all but ended her chances for the championship. While attention focused on the fight for the championship the story of the night had to be Tyler Miller. The third time proved to be the charm as Miller scored his first win over Silfee. In a close two car battle for the lead Miller withstood all challenges from Silfee taking his first win followed by Silfee and Liam O’Connor.

Jarret DiGiantamasso scored the Junior Champ Kart win over Austin Silfee as Pappy Curnell rode “Shotgun” with the Junior Champs.

Cody Quagliato took another Kid Kart win over Wyatt Hager and Liam O’Connor. As Quagliato jumped to an early lead and Hager got off to a bad start motor problems once again plagued O’Connor. Hager would come on strong at the end but not strong enough to snatch the win from Quagliato. The win was extra special for Cody as his grandfather James Bubeer accompanied him to victory lane. His grandparents have been vacationing this summer in the USA from England and will be going back home next week.

While one O’Connor brother had bad luck, good luck came to the other as Collin O’Connor scored his second win of the season over Conner Mirabelli in Rookie Kid Karts. O’Connor and Mirabelli swamped the lead numerous times and in a burst of speed two laps from the finish O’Connor made the pass on the front stretch for the win.

Cody Quagliato backed up his Kid Kart win with a win in Junior Clone 1. Junior clone 2 Champion Jared Silfee bested Joey Costello for the Junior Clone 2 win. Austin Silfee who just happens to be the Junior Clone 3 Champion also took the win in Junior Clone 3.

Senior Champ Karts… Steven Frindt, Scott Heilman, Jarret DiGiantamasso, James Moyer, Trevor Morris.

Briggs Heavy… Scott Heilman, Corey Cormier.

Briggs Light… Max McCarthy.

Junior Sportsman Champ Kart… Tyler Miller, Jared Silfee, Liam OcConnor, DNS… Meredith Howell, Carsten DiGiantamasso.

Junior Champ Karts… Jarret DiGiantamasso, Austin Silfee. Pappy Curnell along for the ride.

Kid Karts… Cody Quagliato, Wyatt Hager, Liam O’Connor.

Rookie Kid Karts… Collin O’Connor, Conner Mirabelli.

Junior clone 1… Cody Quagliato.

Junior Clone 2… Jared Silfee, Joey Costello.

Junior clone 3… Austin Silfee.

Bill Unglert Scores First Dirt 600 Win...

Austin Fehr and Tom Arntz Repeat At Borgers...

Bob Snyder Photo

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact Bob Snyder   

Saylorsburg, PA., August 24th, 2013 Bill Unglert made his first trip to Borgers Speedway victory lane in Hoosier Racing Tires Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints on a crisp, cool late summer evening on the Saylorsburg 1/7 mile asphalt. It was Mike Fillbrunn, Bill Unglert, and Jason Hentrich to turn one at the drop of the green. Fillbrunn led the trio until lap ten when Unglert followed by Hentrich made the pass for the lead. As the laps wound down Hentrich nursing a bent up racecar clung to Unglert’s rear bumper but did not have enough to make the pass. Unglert took starter Tyler Knitter’s checkered flag scoring his first win at Borgers. Henrich held on for second spot but clinched the 2013 Dirt 600 Sprint championship. Fillbrunn finished third.

Austin Fehr’s win in Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints held a pleasant surprise as he took the lead of the TQ Midget point race for the 2013 championship. The title race will go down to the wire with the final point race September 7 between Fehr and Mike Fillbrunn. Bill Unglert, Austin Fehr, and Geoffrey Sutton,\ charged to turn one at the start. Unglert, looking to back up his Dirt 600 win with a TQ win led for the first two go arounds until Fehr took the lead on lap three. A lap later Sutton would successfully make his bid for second with his sights set on the leader. At this point a two car battle developed for the lead between Fehr and Sutton. The remaining laps were anyone’s guess who would come home first but Fehr held strong taking the win with Sutton on his rear bumper. Unglert came home third followed by Corey Cormier and Mike Fillbrunn. Geoffrey Sutton’s second place finish, his best of the season, moved him to fourth in points and in striking distance of Don Zrinski for third in the September 7 finale.

It seems when Ton Arntz shows up at Borgers Speedway he usually heads to one place and that place is victory lane. The AllStart Slingshot main started with Arntz on the pole followed by Mike Lapicki and Hunter Smith. Smith grabbed second from Lapicki coming out of turn two and one lap later Ryan Quackenbush took over second with Tom Hennessy falling in behind Smith and Lapick fifth. Smith not satisfied with third place got by Quackenbush to regain second and Lapicki made the pass on Quackerbush for third. As Arntz opened a small lead Smith, Lapicki, and Quackenbush staged a spectacular three car battle for the runner up spot. In true Slingshot “Nail Biting” action which has become the norm at Borgers, Arntz streaked to the checkered flag followed by Smith, Lapicki, Quackenbush, and Hennessy. Tom Hennessey wrapped up the AllStar Slingshot point championship with Mike Moyer also locking up second. Mike Lapicki and Hunter Smith are locked in a tight battle for third place points which will also go down to the wire September 7.

Mega Bucks is up for grabs in the fast approaching five race OctoberFest Series starting September 28. Full details and schedule will be released shortly.

Points will end September 7 when Borgers Speedway goes back to our afternoon schedule with a 2:00 p.,m. starting time.

Hoosier Racing Tires Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints… Bill Unglert, Jason Hentrich, Mike Fillbrunn…DNS Tex Snydeer.

Hoosier Racing Tires/Asphalt 600 Sprints… Austin Fehr, Geoffrey Sutton, Bill Unglert, Corey Cormier, Mike Fillbrunn.

AllStar Slingshots… Tom Arntz, Hunter Smith, Mike Lapicki, Ryan Quackenbush, Tom Hennessy, Ryan Lacoe, Scott Dinin, DNS…Josh Reeder, Ken Reeder.

JJ Pacovich Wins Borgers Champ Kart King Of The Asphalt Race 5 finale

 but Moyer is able to seal the deal on the Championship.

Back to school has an all new meaning for Champ Kart racer JJ Pacovich.  With college starting early for Ryan Breithoff the Breithoff Motorsports Team called on Pacovich as a substitute driver for the King Of the Asphalt finale.  Should one particular scenario play out, the Breihoff Motorsports team could be going home with the cash and the crown. 

At the drop of the green it was JJ Pacovich, Scott Heilman, and Steven Frindt to turn one. Frindt needing to score 2nd or better to win the championship was knocking on the door for the crown. The problem was, someone was knocking on his backdoor, Scott Heilman. At the drop of the green it was an immediate three car battle for the win! Pacovich, Heilman, and Frindt with Frindt taking command of second place on lap seven.  As Pacovich hit his marks and  pulled a slight lead on  Heilman and Frindt.  The two ( Heilman and Frindt ) became  locked in a high speed duel with Heilman regaining second spot at the half way mark.  Up in the stands the Frindt Motorsports team where quite as they watched and hoped their wheelman would be able to regain the much needed 40ft…  Unfortunately Saturday would not be the day for Frindt Motorsports.

One team’s pain became another’s celebration.  As they crossed the line the Moyer Motorsports team snapped into action quickly trying to figure out the numbers.  After almost 24hrs and triple checking our points, it is James Moyer who will be cracking the champagne this week!  Finishing 5th would be all it took for James and the #88 Moyer Motorsports backed champ to take home the 1st Annual King of the Asphalt crown.  A side note to this battle is that the two are still battling for the 2013 Sr Champ points Championship.  When it was all said and done, it was Pacovich, Heilman, Frindt, Vincent Marino, James Moyer, and Paul Valent Jr.

The points battle for the King Of The Asphalt Crown was extremely close and proved to be a nail biter.  A lot of the talk around the Sr. champs is now on the Octoberfest Serises!  Will the cards roll into Frindt’s favor? Will Moyer Motorsports prove that it was more than just luck? Will the close battles and big dollars lure the regional ringers?  Will Briethoff Motorsports continue their dominance on our asphalt and take home the 4 figure payouts? 

As many karts racers will tell you the kid karts are usually the most enjoyable class to watch.  Our kids are no different!  Wyatt Hager, driver of the #2 Top Kart Kid Kart received a much needed over haul on his power plant this week and it proved to be “just what the doctor ordered!”   At the drop off the green flag in their heat it was all Hager with young Jack Van VanVarick in tow.  The Brendan O’Connor Motorsports entry,  Liam O’Connor was coming at a blister pace! As the laps rolled by Liam and Wyatt locked into a bumper to bumper battle.  “I used a cross over move I saw the #1B use ( ATQMRA driver Ryan Tidman driver of the Boyd Motorsports #1B) last week and was able to go closer to the tire when we got on the straight away “ said young Liam O’Connor when asked about the pass on Wyatt.  The feature proved to be just as interesting! The 2013 Kid Kart Champion Liam O’Connor would enter turn 1 in third place behind Jack VanVarick and Wyatt Hager.  The misfortune of the bad start did not phaseLeadfoot Liam” as he continued the blister pace!  He passed Hager for second on lap two and screamed past VanVarick for the lead by lap three.  As Liam increased his lead the battle developed for second place between VanVarick, in only his 12th appearance and Hager.  Team captain and father,  Pat Van Varick was at the fence encouraging young Jack to “ step on it”.   The two battled  with Hager eventually making the pass for second in the closing laps.  Liam took the checkered flag followed by Hager, VanVarick, and Collin O’Connor.

Once again, the flat kart races at Borgers Speedway have been phenomenal!   The few money races this summer have led to a  few new faces. This week’s Briggs Flat Head Heavy proved to be yet another “BarnBurner”.  After watching YouTube videos many of the karts are realizing how well the draft works at our track in the karts!  As karts pair up, it creates numerous high speed lead changes.  This week it was between Scott Heilman and the Ehrhardt brothers swapping the lead throughout the race.  At the end it was Scott Heilman, Ron Ehrhardt, Cory Cormier, and Randy Ehrhardt. Max McCarthy won Briggs Light.

In Junior Sportsman Champ Kart Jared Silfee increased his point lead over Meredith Howell in a battle that will go right down to the wire for the championship.  At the drop of the green it was all Silfee but the battle began to develop as the #14 Brendan O’Connor Motorsports entry driven by Liam O’Connor would tuck up under #11 Shupps Kart Shop / Turner Powered Rage driven by Meredith Howell.  As the two did all last season they were locked bumper to bumper for the entire heat.  When it came to feature time the results where no different, Silfee ran a blister 12.856, faster then a few Sr Champs! In winning Jared held on to his streak of winning every race he started except two during the 2013 season.  Meredith and Liam would again battle resulting in a yellow flag as the two got tangled just after the start finish line.  At the restart and eventual checkered flag it was Silfee, Howell, O’Connor.

Michael Eckhart Jr. does not only excel in racing but also in football and for that reason has missed most of the summer racing season.  Austin Silfee, driving the purple and black gem of the Silfee Motorsports stable would look to spoil Eckhart’s day.  At the drop of the green Eckhart and Silfee engaged in a jaw dropping battle that allowed new comer Kyle Krempasky to reel them in.  In doing so the three got tangled and set up a late restart.  Eckhart and Silfee would continue their battle.  Swapping the lead a record 5 times! 2 times in one lap! At the checkered it was Silfee by a kart.   This put crew chief and dad into high gear to get another .5 sec out of the Eckhart kart.  Whatever he did worked!  The “Purple Gem” Silfee Motorsports entry would finish second to young Eckhart as he inked another feature win!  Followed by Kyle Krempasky. Jared Silfee backed up his Junior Sportsman Champ Kart win with win in Junior Clone 2. After leading much of the race, James Moyer experienced a broken foot pedal which allowed Barry Reese to take his first feature win over James Moyer in World Formula MicroStocks. Pappy Curnell won Senior Clone.

Karting Race Results

Champ Kart KOA… JJ Pacovich ( 12.080 ) , Scott Heilmann, Steven Frindt, Vincent Marino, James Moyer, Paul Valent Jr.

Kid Karts… Liam O’Connor  ( 14.044 ), Wyatt Hager, Jack VanVarick, Collin O’Connor.

Briggs Heavy… Scott Heilman ( 11.573 ), Ron Ehrhardt, Derrick Cormier, Randy Ehrhardt.

Briggs Light… Max McCarthy ( 12.104 ).

Junior Sportsman Champ Kart… Jared Silfee ( 12.856 ), Meredith Howell, Liam O’Connor.

Junior Clone 3… Michael Eckhart Jr. ( 11.896 ), Austin Silfee, Kyle Krempasky.

Junior Clone 2… Jared Silfee ( 12.468 ).

World Formula MicroStocks Barry Reese ( 13.398 ), James Moyer.

Senior Clone… Pappy Curnell ( 14.151 )

Borgers Racing News August 23rd

Co-Promoter & Media Contact Bob Snyder

Saylorsburg, PA., August 23rd, 2013: The 2013 racing season at Borgers Speedway has been a year of transformation with Brendan O’Connor taking command in early April. Increased car counts in all divisions and increased spectator counts have welcomed the many improvements and racing that has been second to none in all divisions. Glenn, Brendan and the staff believe we are moving forward at a steady pace and we will continue to push forward. OctoberFest is promising to be a Series you will not forget, with $3000 plus on the line for the Winged TQ's on October 5th, 2013 ( this event will be under an ATQMRA rule package - final details to follow ). We will also have a $1500 to Win TQ/ Asphalt 600 event date we will be giving shortly. That event will be wingless and will have the Borgers Rule Package ( similar to the event this summer.)

As we did in the past, the karts will be included in the cash frenzy! The Briggs Flat Head Heavy gladiators will kick off our series on September 28th in their hunt for the $1000.00 payday! Watch these guys slug it out for our first $1000 payday in karts! We will also let them close our series out on October 26th for a second $1000.00 pay day!

To help kick off our series we'd like to invite the WF Microstocks and offer them a total purse of over $1000 if we can get 10 or more! The WF guys are a field we would like to grow and help develop. In 2014 Borgers Speedway will offer special races every month for our World Formula microstock guys. With new cars being built and a strong purse planned for 2014 this is a class to watch out for!

Mark your calendars for AC in October at Borgers! Along with the TQ's we will have the the Slingshots paying $600 to win and Sr Champs $1250.00 to win! Again, please join us for our AC in October on October 5th, 2013.

We will race throughout November and who knows, weather permitting and if the racers and fans keep coming out I won’t rule out going further. We are already making plans for 2014 which will put us to the top of our game.”

This Saturday August 24 will feature a full show of TQ’s, Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints, Slingshots, and Karts. King Of The Asphalt Race 5 for the Senior Champ Karts will crown a champion in a tight point battler between James Moyer, Steven Frindt, and Scottie Heilman and possibly Ryan Briehoeff. $350 will go to the winner with a Kart count of 10 or more. $250 with a count of 5 to 9 and $200 with less then five. $100 will go to anyone breaking the one lap champ kart track record. There will be a $30 entry fee.

Double points will be awarded in all of the regular classes and with points ending on September 7 this week’s race will be crucial in many divisions.

While the TQ’s are still up for grabs between Don Zrinski, Mike Fillbrunn, and Austin Fehr, Jason Hentrich has it all wrapped up just by showing up in the Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints. The same goes for Tom Hennessy in the AllStar Slingshot race and for Mike Moyer locking up second by just showing up.

The Karts however, is an altogether different story.

The much sought after crown for the Champ Kart KOA Series will go down to the wire. James Moyer is in front of Steven Frindt by a mere 20 points and Scottie Heilman and Ryan Briehoeff is also within striking distance. This race will be a real “Barnburner” for the title.

The same can be said for the Senior Champ Kart division between James Moyer and Steven Frindt. These two have battled season long and the outcome is too close to call.

Steven Frindt has already wrapped up the Briggs Medium title. This has been an amazing year for Steven and his father Kevin who are Borgers Speedway’s most loyal supporters. There is a real possibility Steven could perform a “Triple Play” if he were to win the King Of the Asphalt title and the Senior Champ title along with his Briggs Medium championship. This would be an accomplishment that has never happened in the history of Borgers Speedway asphalt or dirt.

An equally tight race for the Junior Sportsman Champ Kart crown between Jared Silfee and Meredith Howell will go down to the last race. In an amazing feat Jared has won every race he has started except two. Meredith is determined and won’t let the championship go without a fight.

Jared Silfee also has Junior 2 wrapped up as well as his brother Austin Silfee has Junior 3 in his pocket.

Cody Quagliato is the Junior 1 Champ.

Briggs Heavy, a class that has produced some incredible racing, is also too close to call. Three and sometimes four wide racing has been the norm all season long between Randy and Ron Ehrhardt, Scott Heilmann, Dan Bouc, Ryan Breithoff, and Cory Cormier and all of these fine drivers have a crack at the crown.

Coming off a stellar season the O’Connor brothers Liam and Collin have first and second wrapped up in Kid Karts. Liam a multi feature winner in Kid Karts also has a Junior Sportsman Champ Kart win under his belt. Collin is also credited with a Kid Kart win.

Pappy Curnell has the Senior Clone title and Tom Boyd the Pork Chop crown.

September 7 Borgers Speedway will go back to the afternoon schedule with a starting time of 2:00 p.m. but the season is far from being over. September 21 will feature the Back To School Kid Kart and Juniors Classic. OctoberFest will kick off a spectacular five week series September 28, October 5, 12, 19, 26. Racing will continue throughout November and if racers and fans keep coming out could go until the snow flies. Weather permitting winter practices days will be held to coincide with the Atlantic City and Trenton indoor races. Borgers Speedway will also have a major display at Motoersports 2014 in Oaks, Pa. and the Phillipsburg Mall Dirt Track Heroes show.

2013 has been a year of tremendous change at Borgers Speedway and 2014 will be even greater. Plan to make your home away from home at Borgers Speedway this fall where “The Best Is Yet To Come.”

Ryan Tidman Wins ATQMRA Winged Thriller.

 Jason Hentrich Wins Number 6 In Dirt 600 Sprints.

 Tom Arntz Doubles In All-Star Slingshots and Vintage TQ's...

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact Bob Snyder   

Saylorsburg, PA., August 17th, 2013 The Winged Three Quarter Midgets of the American Three Quarter Midget Racing Association headlined a night of high speed action at the 1/7 mile asphalt Borgers Super Speedway in Saylorsburg, Pa. Jon Gambubi led the fifteen car field to starter Tyler Knitter’s green flag followed by Matt Janisch, in a borrowed Roselli car, and Mike Tidaback. Gambubi’s lead was to be short lived as Janisch blasted into the lead on lap two followed by Buddy Sload. An incident in turn two brought out the yellow and on the restart it was Janisch, Sload, Gambubi, and Ryan Tidman. Tidman turning up the steam moved to third on lap six with his sights set on the leaders. One lap later Tidman would get by Sload set to challenge the high flying Janisch. Janisch and Tidman locked in a fierce two car battle for the lead with Tidman taking the lead on lap eighteen. As the checkered flag waved it was Tidman, Janisch, Sload, Gambubi, and Brett Conkling.

With Jason Hentrich’s win number six in Hoosier Racing Tires Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints his father Larry’s first championship is all but wrapped up. After nothing but bad luck early in the season things have changed for the better and they are where they want to be. Bill Unglert started on the pole and held the lead until Hentrich got by on lap two. Unglert kept within striking distance but did not have enough to close the gap on Hentrich. Hentrich took the win followed by Unglert, Tex Snyder, and Paul Quear.

Tom Arntz said earlier in the week he had hoped to have two wins tonight in the AllStar Slingshots and the Vintage TQ’s and he did. Starting on the pole he led every lap but it was not an easy task. For the second week in a row it was a five car battle for the lead in the early stages. Hot on Arntz’s tail was Taylor Eccles, Mike Lapicki, Hunter Smith, Ton Hennessy, and Ryan Lacoe. Lapicki got by Eccles on lap seven followed by Hennessy. Arntz and Lapicki opened a slight lead on Hennessy as Lapicki kept within striking distance of Arntz. At the checker it was Arntz, Lapicki, Hennessy, Eccles, and Hunter Smith.

Arntz also won the Vintage TQ Club 2 Stroke division and Mike Casario won the Vintage TQ 4 Stroke class.

Along with the Vintage TQ Club, Karts, and MicroStocks a record 75 cars saw action at Borgers tonight. Just a preview of what is to come during Borgers Second Season.

ATQMRA…  Ryan Tidman, Matt Janisch, Buddy Sload, Jon Gambubi, Brett Conkling, Austin Fehr, Mike Tidaback, Geoff Sutton, Josh Darlmple, Brianna Page, DNF Steve Boland, Matt Roselli, Jeff Kob, DNS Don Zrinski, Bill Force.

Hoosier Racing Tires Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints… Jason Hentrich, Bill Unglert, Tex Snyder, Paul Quear.

AllStar Slingshots… Tom Arntz, Mike Lapicki, Tom Hennessy, Taylor Eccles, Hunter Smith, Scott Washburn, Mike Moyer, DNF Josh Reeder, Ryan Lacoe, Ken Reeder.

Vintage TQ 2 Stroke… Tom Arntz

Vintage TQ 4 Stroke… Mike Casario.

Karting Race Results and Summary

On a weekly basis, each of our classes continue to grow, and the kid kart class is no different. This week we had the return of the now two time PA Elite Kid Kart Champion, Cody Quagliato. His return to the Borger's asphalt and hot lap times has everyone scrambling to get new power for the upcoming September 21st Kid Kart race. Cody resumed his winning ways by taking the Kid Kart Feature win over newcomer Jack VanVarick and Wyatt Hager. Our 2013 Kid Kart Champion Liam O’Connor was well off the pace and rumored to be battling motor problems. His brother, Collin O’Connor closed out the field in fourth.

After multiple money races for the Briggs Boys, a few of the big names seem to have found a home on our 1/7 mile asphalt Speedway. In doing so, we had a wild three car race! The battle raged the entire distance between Thomas Radivoy, Randy Ehrhardt and brother Ron Ehrhardt. In the closing laps Ron Ehrhardt seemed to be looking for a higher line and his brother was doing the same. The two touched and resulted in Ron taking a wild flip down the backstretch ending his bid for the lead. Ron would eventually walk off unharmed but vowed to return to the battle and seek the track record! Radivoy would take the #1 Stealth Bomber to victory lane with a win over Randy Ehrhardt , Corey Cormier and Steven Frindt closed out the field. The Radivoy camp was heard saying they are looking to set a track record and be crowned the the King of Borgers Heavy Class. They are close but we wonder if a $750 to win race this October will make their bid short lived! As we have done in the past, Borgers will continue to offer the $100 prize to whomever breaks the track record in the Briggs Heavy Class.

Sr Champ points battle is coming down to the wire. The Frindt Motorsports #99 driven by Steven Frindt seemed to be slipping off the pace as the weeks clicked off and James Moyer was creeping away. That is no longer the case. The Frindt boys are filling the stands and cheering their hero on. The father and son team has been able to over come the mid year issues and are in the hunt for the title. Every battle has two sides, the other for this class is the Moyer Motorsports #88. The Moyer Motorsports girls are hard to miss when wearing their #88 T-Shirts, but rest assured they are at the track for one reason, to cheer on their "Homeboy" James. Since the mid summer $500 to Win and heart break of flat tire while leading the King of the Asphalt race, James is looking to hold on to the top spot in the Senior Champ class. Paul Valent Jr who is now become a regular is keeping the boys honest. This class is also going to grow in the coming weeks with the addition of the Jr 3 points champion Austin Silfee. The Silfee Motorsports team has purchased an UltraMax chassis and is assembling it for there Sr driver, Austin to wheel into victory lane in the upcoming Octoberfest Series.

Again, another points battle coming down to the wire! The Junior Sportsman Champ Kart point race was looking to be a runaway for the younger Silfee Motorsports Driver Jared Silfee. After a wild ride last week over the the start finish line, Jared looked to seal up his championship this week. The hand dealt would not be in his favor this week. The Miller Motorsports, driver Tyler Miller whom was involved in last weeks wreck looked to return to the asphalt with vengeance. After a multi lap battle Jared would cut down and head to in the infield in what seems to be some sort of mechanical failure. This slides the two time kid kart champion Meredith Howell up to second. This may very well be the move that costs young Silfee the championship. Team Owner, Jim Silfee was scratching his head later in the night trying to figure out just how close the battle has become. After some post race tech, Meredith was awarded the win and yet tightened the race some more. The #14 BOM entry driven by Liam O’Connor would round out the field in third as he looks to continue the much needed seat time in his full time in his upcoming 2014 full time ride.

Joseph Costello, is the name we need to watch out for in the coming weeks and as we enter the fall portion of our schedule in the Jr 1 class. Joseph has shaved seconds off his laps times and seems to be getting comfortable in his kart. This week young Costello ran a career best lap time and was able to hold off the field for multiple laps. Unlike the results in Jr Sportsman Champ, Silfee’s luck changed for the better taking the win over Jeffrey Shire and Joe Costello in Junior 2.

In Junior 1 Cody Quagliato backed up his Kid Kart win making it a double play and again shaving time off his lap times.

The MicroStocks had two heats today. Alex Greenzweig took the 1st and Bob Wagner won the 2nd.

The feature started with -22 on the pole and 04 running next to him. They were followed by 0, 76, 26, 28, 10, 57 & 40. Taylor Santee did not race the feature. Greenzweig and McGuire collided early on taking both cars out of the race. This left the Wagner Father and Son starting side by side with the younger Wagner taking the lead. Mueller and Krenn got together causing another caution. There were several other spinouts and it seemed the first half of this feature had more yellow then green laps. The last re-start was single file with Tyler Wagner in front. He and Roger Snyder bumped leaving Tyler without a chain and dropping out of the race. Bob Wagner took the lead and didn't look back. Walt Mueller made his way through the field to battle with Wayne Krenn for 2nd. Mueller took the checkered ahead of Krenn.

The finishing order: Bob Wagner, Walt Mueller, Wayne Krenn, Roger Snyder, Joe Pritchard, Tony Fiorello, Tyler Wagner, Alex Greenzweig, Robert McGuire, Taylor Santee. ( MSRS by Lauren Wagner )

We also enjoyed the mighty WF Microstocks. Dave Parker rolled out his two car team and was hunting a driver early in the day. After a valve issue sidelined Dan Curnell in his clone kart, a deal was struck and Dan "Pappy" Curnell would jump into the second Parker car and look wheel the WF Microstock to the victory lane. Mr Parker had a different agenda, and would continue his unstoppable regin on our asphalt. Is there any one who can beat this guy? The Moyer boys are looking to take on the challenge but have yet to overcome Parker's pace. Word on the street is the WF Microstocks are growing at Borgers. 2 additional Microstocks are on stands being built for the Octoberfest series.

Weekly Results ( Best Lap Time and Speed )

Kid Karts… Cody Quagliato ( 15.654, 31 mph ) , Jack VanVarick, Wyatt Hager, Liam O’Connor, Colin O’Connor.

Briggs Heavy… Thomas Radivoy ( 11.413, 45mph ), Randy Ehrhardt, Cory Cormier, Steven Frindt, DNF Ron Ehrhardt.

Senior Champ Karts… Steven Frindt (12.386, 41.522 ) , James Moyer, Paul Valent Jr.

Senior Champ Clone… DNS…Thomas Radivoy.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts… Meredith Howell, Liam O’Connor, DNF Jared Silfee (13.427 38mph ), Non Conforming Tyler Miller ( 12.579, 40.885mph) .

Junior 2…. Jared Silfee ( 12.520, 41 mph ) , Jeffrey Shire, Joe Costello.

Junior 1… Cody Quagliato ( 13.660, 37mph ) .

MSRS MicroStocks… Bob Wagner ( 12.672, 40.585 mph*) , Walter Mueller, Wayne Krenn, Roger Snyder, Joe Prichard, Tony Fiorello, DNF Tyler Wagner, Alex Greenzweig, Robert McGuire, DNS Taylor Santee.

MicroStock WF Dave Parker (12.500 41.414 mph* ) , Daniel Curnell, James Moyer

( * = New Track Record )

Upcoming Event --- Sr Champ $350 to Win ( $30 entry fee , min 10 karts - $200 with 9 to 5 karts, $100 for 4 and under ) and the Crown for King of Asphalt series will be giving out..... BONUS $100 if you break track record ! 8/24/2013

Amanda Conroy Spectacular In Borgers All-Star Slingshot Thriller...

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact Bob Snyder   

Saylorsburg, PA., August 10th, 2013: In a race that many feel was the best and most exciting race in any division in the “Asphalt History” of Borgers Speedway or quite possibly any Slingshot race anywhere Amanda Conroy closed out her 2013 racing season in a way she or her fans at Borgers Speedway will never forget.

Coming off a heat win it was Ryan Lacoe leading the field to turn one followed by Greg Zellman and Hunter Smith. On lap three Zellman made it three wide with Lacoe and Smith on the front stretch and Smith coming out on top out of turn two. Lacoe chasing Smith regained the lead a lap later as Amanda Conroy was on the move from the rear of the field. The next lap Conroy and Taylor Eccles would make it a five car “Battle Royale” for the top spot. You could have thrown a blanket over the top five cars as they locked in a wheel twisting “Dog Fight” for the lead.

 In a daring move with five laps to go Zellman and Conroy roared into the lead but Eccles, Smith, and Lacoe were not ready to give up the fight as the five cars continued to stage the most exciting race in the history of Borgers Speedway. Waiting for the right moment with three laps to go Conroy screamed into the lead past Zellman with Eccles glued to her rear bumper. Eccles applied extreme pressure to Conroy but with victory in sight she was not about to settle for second place. With the checkered flag waving and her fans screaming so loud they could be heard over the roar of the motors in the infield Amanda Conroy experienced the greatest moment of her racing career her first win in the most exciting race ever at Borgers Speedway.

  Amanda Conroy had done the impossible and passed every car on her way to becoming the first female driver to win a “Big Car” race on the asphalt at Borgers Speedway. Amanda Conroy had to be the happiest driver to ever enter Borgers Speedway victory lane. Taylor Eccles finished second followed by Greg Zellman, Hunter Smith, and Ryan Lacoe. Borgers General Manager Brendan O’Connor, “this is the racing experience we are striving to provide for our racers and fans at Borgers Speedway. This young lady and all of these drivers have just put on a show that is beyond words. This is definitely a proud moment for Borgers Speedway.”

With the Three Quarter Midgets not on tonight’s schedule the TQ’s that did show up ran with the Dirt 600 Sprints but were scored separately. Hoosier Racing Tires Dirt 600 Sprint/TQ saw Mike Fillbrunn, Jason Hentrich, and Austin Fehr roar into turn one. Fillbrunn duked it out with Hentrich for the top spot with Fehr getting by Hentrich on lap three. Fillbrunn and Fehr raced side by side until Fehr took the lead on lap ten. Across the line it was Fehr, Fillbrunn, Hentrich, Tex Snyder, Joe Agnello, and Bill Unglert.

All-Star Slingshots… Amanda Conroy, Taylor Eccles, Greg Zellman, Hunter Smith, Ryan Lacoe, Joey Agnello Jr., DNF… Mike Moyer.

Hoosier Racing Tires Dirt 600 Sprints… Mike Fillbrunn, Jason Hentrich, Tex Snyder, Bill Unglert.

Hoosier Racing tires TQ’s… Austin Fehr, Joe Agnello.

Karting Race Results and Summary

An uptick in Kart entries provided some close and exciting racing at Borgers Speedway this late summer evening.

In Briggs Heavy Thomas Radivoy went home $500 richer as he edged out Ron Ehrhardt in a two car battle to the checkered flag. Scott Heilman held off Randy Ehrhardt and Ryan Breithoff for a close third. Heilman also set a new track record with Brendan O’Connor awarding Heilman a $100 cash bonus.

A strong and very competitive field of Senior Champ Karts saw Justin Gumley out duel Anthony Colandro for the win. Joseph Pocovich, Steven Frindt, and Scott Heilman rounded out the top five.

The Kid Karts also had a strong showing as they prepare for their Back To School Kid Kart and Junior Kart classic September 21. Liam O’Connor added another win to his resume over a hard charging Jack VanVarick, Shelby McGlaughlin, Wyatt Hagger, Kayden Ayre, and Brok Solt.

In Rookie Kid Karts Colin O’Connor took the win over first time racer Conner Mirabelli.

Junior Sportsman Champ Kart found Jared Silfee notching another win but not the way he would have liked it to be. Silfee chased Tyler Miller the entire fifteen lap distance headed to the finish line. As the checkered flag was waving Silfee and Miller made contact which sent Silfee flipping down the front straightaway. Silfee landed on all four’s and crossed the finish line the winner. Meredith Howell was second followed by Liam O’Connor and Tyler Miller.

Pappy Curnel took the Senior Clone win over Thomas Radivoy and James Carlucci the Pork Chop winner.

No worse for the wear from his flip Jared Silfee came back to win Junior 2 over Ryan Conrad.

Brennen Coulter took the Junior 3 win.

Janes Moyer bested Larry Ealey for the MicroStock win.

Briggs Heavy $500 To Win… Thonas Radivoy, Ron Ehrharst, Scott Heilman, Randy Ehrhardt, Ryan Breithoff, Anthony Colandro, Cory Cormier, DJ Dayle, Derek Solt, Scott Thomas…DNS… Trent Dreher, John Ayre.

Senior Champ Karts… Justin Gumley, Anthony Colandro, Joseph Pocovich, Steven Frindt, Scott Heilman, James Moyer, Paul Valent Jr., DJ Doyle, John Frain.

Kid Karts… Liam O’Connor, Jack VanVarick, Shelby McGlaughlin, Wyatt Hagger, Kayden Ayre.

Rookie Kid Kart… Colin O’Connor, Connor Miribelli.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts… Jared Silfee, Meredith Howell, Liam O’Connor, Tyler Miller.

Senior Clone… Pappy Curnell, Thomas Radivoy.

Pork Chop… James Carlucci.

Junior 2… Jared Silfee, Ryan Conrad.

Junior 3… Brennen Coulter.

MicroStocks James Moyer, Larry Ealey.

 Tom Brett Conkling Scores First Borgers TQ Win...

 Jason Hentrich Win Number Five...

 Kurt Bettler Back In Victory Lane...

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact  Bob Snyder   

Saylorsburg, PA., August 3rd, 2013: Brett Conkling’s last feature win at Borgers Speedway was back in the dirt days in 2010 when he was the Borgers 270 Sprint Wingless OctoberFest champion. In each appearance on the asphalt Conkling has always been a front runner in Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints and tonight he scored his first win in a very convincing manner. Conkling jumped to an early lead over Austin Fehr and Rob Vivona. As the top three battled lap after lap Conkling was clearly in control taking the win over Fehr, Vivona, Geoffrey Sutton, and the veteran Mike Osite.

After being plagued by mechanical problems early in the year the Hentrich Racing Team has come back strong during the summer months in Hoosier Racing Tires Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints and tonight Jason Hentrich would park in Borger’s victory lane for the fifth time this season. During his heat it looked like “Lady Luck” would deal Hentrich a crushing blow as a motor mount bolt broke sidelining him after one lap. The feature would turn out to be a different story.

At the drop of the green it was Mike Fillbrunn, Sheldon Iudicello, and Tex Snyder to turn one. From his fifth place starting spot Hentrich was already on the move and was third coming out of turn two and by lap two made the pass on Iudicello for second and roared into the lead on lap three. From lap three there was no looking back for Hentrich taking his fifth win over Fillbrunn, Iudicello, Snyder, Paul Quear, and Joe Yaccarino.

AllStar Slingshots saw a return to victory lane for Kurt Bettler. Bettler led the pack to turn one followed by Tom Arntz and Hunter Smith. Lap two Arntz spun in turn one setting up a Bettler, Smith and Tom Hennessy restart. Lap three Chris Kurtz moved into third spot followed by Amanda Conroy and Taylor Eccles. In the closing laps Conroy and Eccles made it past Kurtz and with five laps to go Eccles made the pass on Conroy for third. At the checker it was Bettler, Hennessy, Eccles, Conroy, and Kurtz.

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints… Brett Conkling, Austin Fehr, Rob Vivona, Geoffrey Sutton, Mike Osite, Mike Fillbrunn, Brianna Page, Don Zrinski.

Hoosier Racing tires Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints… Jason Hentrich, Mike Fillbrunn, Sheldon Iudicello, Tex Snyder, Paul Quear, Joe Yaccarino.

AllStar Slingshots… Kurt Bettler, Tom Hennessy, Taylor Eccles, Amanda Conroy, Chris Kurtz, Tom Arntz, Hunter Smith, Nick Timar iii.

Karting Race Results and Summary

Ryan Edwards added his name to the Borgers Speedway Senior Champ Kart win column after a close battle with Ryan Breithoff and Scott Heilman. With Steven Frindt’s fourth place finish over James Moyer, Moyer’s point lead over Frindt has narrowed. Trevor Morris took a wild flip down the backstretch during his heat and was uninjured.

Liam O’Connor keeps racking up the wins in Kid Karts taking the win over Shelby McGlaughlin. Liam has already clinched the Kid Kart point championship.

It has been a long time coming for MicroStock veteran Don “Big Daddy” Boonstra. Boonstra took his first Borgers win in convincing fashion over Skylar Phelps, Larry Ealey, and Dave Parker. Very happy scene for Don in borgers Victory Lane. There is just no stopping Jared Silfee in Junior Sportsman Champ Karts. Sifee edged out Meredith Howell, Liam O’connor, and Tommy Stillo.

Another new winner in Animal Heavy with Nick Austin taking the win in a close battle with Ryan Breithoff. Mark Austin was third and Jordan Modiano fourth. Another win for Austin Silfee in Junior Clone 3. In Junior Clone 2 Calvin Wetzell took his first win over Jared Silfee and Joe Costello.

Tom Boyd and Pappy Curnell duked it out to the finish with Boyd nipping Curnell at the wire in Pork Chops and Senior Clone. Scott Heilman on top in Briggs Heavy over Ron Erhardt.

Senior Champ Karts… Ryan Edwards, Ryan Breithoff, Scott Heilman, Steven Frindt, James Moyer, Don Bouc, Jordan Modiano, Kyle Kania, DNS… Trevor Morris.

Kid Karts… Liam O’Connor, Shelby McGlaughlin.

MicroStocks.. Don Boonstra, Skylar Phelps, Larry Ealey, Dave Parker.

Junior Sportsman Champ Kart… Jared Silfee, Meredith Howell, Liam O’Connor, Tommy Stillo.

Animal Heavy… Nick Austin, Ryan Breithoff, Mark Austin, Jordan Modiano.

Junior Clone 3. Austin Silfee.

Junior Clone 2…Calvin Wetzel, Jared Silfee, Joe Costello.

Pork Chop… Tom Boyd.

Senior Clone… Pappy Curnell.

Briggs Heavy… Scott Heilman, Ron Erhardt.

Tom Hennessy Holds Off 15 AllStar Slingshots For Borgers $500 To Win.

 Jason Hentrich Inches Closer To Wingless Dirt 600 Championship.

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact  Bob Snyder   

Saylorsburg, PA., July 27th, 2013 Two successful racing events in two consecutive weeks is any racetrack operator’s dream. Last week 25 Three Quarter Midgets for the Bob Tidaback Sr. Memorial and this week 16 Slingshots for the $500 to win race. Borger’s general manager Brendan O’Connor, “our Slingshot turnout has been increasing each week and I am well pleased with 16 cars for the $500 to win race. The feedback from the drivers has been phenomenal. We have received praise from our drivers saying they love the clean racing and lack of damage as is so common at many tracks.

The maintenance on the cars is very low with the lack of dirt that can ruin motors and all moving parts. They enjoy not having to spend hours cleaning the cars the next day. There is practically no tire wear as many had originally feared. The best part is the drivers are saying that racing at Borgers has brought fun back into the sport and that is how racing should be. You have your occasional racing incidents that come with hard racing but we have a group of drivers that we are very proud of and is growing each race” O’Connor goes on to say, “Jim Strausser from Speedway Entertainment has been a great asset to our team at Borgers. Jim has helped us to understand the Slingshot formats and what it takes to put on a good show. We can count on Jim any time we need help and we consider him an essential part of our growing success.”

Tom Hennessy has been having a year that I am sure Tom never expected. Tom one of our “Elder Statesman” has been showing the kids around to the tune of six feature wins and a healthy lead in the 2013 point chase. With the assistance of good friend and two time Borgers Speedway Slingshot champion on dirt Stan Friedman there is no end in sight to the success they have been enjoying. Stan who is looking better each week would like nothing better then to return to the Slingshots wars. Imagine these two next year. The kids better watch out.

Tonight was the highlight of Tom’s career winning the $500 to win AllStar Slingshot race. At the drop of the green it was Taylor Eccless, Hennessey, Ryan Lacoe, and Jim Laubach to turn one but out of turn two Laubach got by Lacoe for third. By lap three it was still Eccless, Hennessy, and Laubach but by lap six Hennessy roared into the lead. Lap seven Eccless and Laubach got together bringing out the yellow. On the restart it was Hennessy but now Mike Lapicki entered the picture followed by Chris Kurtz. Tom Arntz was on the move and took over third on lap ten.

As a three car battle for the lead developed Hunter Smith moved into fourth place and contact was made with Arntz bringing out the yellow. As the race resumed Lapicki turned up the steam on Hennessy and Eccless coming from the rear moved into third followed by Scott Washburn and Ryan Lacoe. The remaining laps were a real “Barnburner” with Lapicki relentless in his bid for the lead. Hennessy would hold strong taking the win by inches over Lapicki. Eccless would finish third on Lapicki’s rear bumpere and Scott Washburn in his best finish of the year fourth. The big story of the night was Ryan Lacoe who has found a home at Borgers this season. Getting faster each week Ryan showed he has what it takes taking his first heat win and finishing a strong fifth.

In Hoosier Racing Tires Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints Jason Hentrich inched closer to making his father Larry’s dream of a first ever point championship come true. Larry, who has been involved in almost every type of racing all his life, has never won a point championship to his credit and Jason is determined to make that happen. With the TQ’s not on the schedule for this week the two TQ’s that showed up ran with the 600’s but were scored separately. Marc Rogers led the field to turn one followed by Hentrich and Tex Snyder. Out of turn two Hentrich pulled alongside Rogers and the two ran side by side for two laps with Hentrich taking the lead on lap three. The remainder Hentrich held a two car lead over Rogers to take the win followed by Rogers, Tex Snyder, and Paul Quear.

As the summer season winds down plans are being finalized for an OctoberFest Series like cannot be imagined possible. Stay tuned for a “Blockbuster” OctoberFest announcement.

AllStar Slingshots… Tom Hennessy, Mike Lapicki, Taylor Eccles, Scott Washburn, Ryan Lacoe, Mike Moyer, Tom Arntz, Hunter Smith, Ryan Raidline, Josh Reeder, Nick Timar III, Chris Kurtz, Joe Agnello, Jim Laubach, Joseph Malson.

Hoosier Racing Tires Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints… Jason Hentrich, Tex Snyder, Paul Quear.

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ’s… Marc Rogers,,, DNS…Joe Agnello.

Karting Race Results and Summary

Week after week the Kid Kart class at Borgers Speedway ceases to amaze the fans and this week would be no different. Wyatt Hagger jumped to an early lead but Liam O’Connor getting off to a bad start had other ideas. Lap after lap Liam closed the distance and took the lead at half way. The next lap Hagger crashed in turn one and on the restart Colin O’Connor outgunned his brother Liam. As Colin led the next go around Liam was not about to let his brother steal his glory and regained the lead a lap later. At the checkered flag it was Liam O’Connor, Colin O’Connor, Wyatt Hagger, and Jack Van Varick.

Another Senior Champ Kart thriller as James Moyer added another win to the record books. Moyer took command from the start and never looked back but the real battle was for second place between Trevor Morris and Steven Frindt. As the laps wound down Frindt kept the pressure on Morris and made the pass for second place. Paul Valent Sr. was fourth followed by Vincent Vacaro.

Jared Silfee has been “Unstoppable” in Junior Sportsman Champ Karts and continued his winning ways over Meredith Howell, Liam O’Connor, and Colin O’Connor. Pappy Curnell came home first in Senior Clones.

James Carlucci made his first appearance at Borgers Speedway and took home a win in Pork Chops over Tom Boyd and Borgers General Manager Brendan O’Connor. Brendan will be spending some time on the “Injured-Disabled List” after getting underneath another kart. Valerie will have to listen to him moan for a few days.

Corey Cormier first time winner over Max McCarthy in Briggs Light. Jared Silfee took the win in Junior Clone 2 over Joe Costello. Austin Silfee on top in Junior clone 3. Larry Ealey first time winner over James Moyer in MicroStocks.

Kid Karts… Liam O’Connor, Colin O’Connor, Wyatt Hager, Jack VanVarick.

Senior Champ Karts… James Moyer, Steven Frindt, Trevor Morris, Paul Valent Sr., Vincent Vacaro.

Junior Sportsman Champ Kart… Jared Silfee, Meredith Howell, Liam O’Connor, Colin O’Connor.

Senior Clone… Pappy Curnell.

Pork Chop… James Carlucci,Tom Boyd, Brendan O’Connorr.

Briggs Light… Corey Cormier, Max McCarthy.

Junior Clone 2… Jared Silfee, Joe Costello.

Junior Clone 3… Austin Silfee.

MicroStock Larry Ealey, James Moyer.

All-Star Slingshots to Compete for $500.00 at Borgers Speedway July 27th 

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact  Bob Snyder   

Saylorsburg, PA., July 26th, 2013 On the heels of this past Saturday’s biggest event ever the Bob Tidaback Sr. Memorial where 25 AllStar TQ’s took to the Borgers Asphalt general manager Brendan O’Connor has announced a $500 to win Slingshot race. This is not with a 20 or 24 or 30 car count as other tracks do but with a 10 Plus car count.

Brendan O’Connor “the tremendous success of the Tidaback Memorial has paved the way in our continuing pledge to provide the best possible racing experience for our drivers, owners, and fans. I promise this is only the “Tip Of The Iceberg” of what is down the road for Borgers Speedway.”

Promoter Bob Snyder, “what took place at the Tidaback race was beyond any of our wildest dreams and expectations. With speedway owner Glenn Borger fighting the fight to give us a place to race and Brendan O’Connor’s leadership plus the team effort at Borgers Speedway eyes were opened that we are for real and here to stay. As I have said many times “The Best Is Yet To Come” and that will be proven with what Brendan has planned for OctoberFest.”

The Saturday at Borgers Speedway. The slingshot boys and girls (Jrs and Sr) are invited to stick their hand in our pocket and go home $500.00 richer! Should 10 or more show up, the winner will go home with $500 bucks! The entry fee for the event will be $40.00.

Do not miss the chance to watch these dirt and asphalt warriors tear down the house. Can the track regulars do it again or will the big money draw out the ringers from the neighboring villages ? Could the Midget make an appearance and earn a chance to take the Borgers Speedway Checkered Flag around the track ?

Give the Borgers asphalt a try. You will not have the gritty dirt sucking into and ruining your motors. Tire wear is not an issue. Use your dirt tires they work just fine. A duro or sawtooh on the right rear works great and there is practically no tire wear. You will go home from the track mud free and not have to wash the car Sunday morning.

Gates open 11:00 a.m. Paid practice 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. $10 Karts. $15 Big Cars. Pit pass required which is good for the entire day. 3:45 driver’s meeting followed by regular warm ups at 4:00 p.m., heats, and features.

 Borgers Speedway's Bob Snyder Shares His Personal Thoughts..

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact  Bob Snyder   

Saylorsburg, PA., July 26th, 2013 I am saying this not as Borgers Speedway Promoter but as a person that has been involved in auto racing most of my life and professionally as a photographer since 1973. My involvement has been with every type of racing from Karts to Stock Cars, Sprint Cars, NASCAR, and Indy Cars. I have been track photographer at the Nazareth Half Mile under Jerry Fried and the Nazareth Mile with Lindy Vicari , and Roger Penske and International Speedway Corp when the mile was paved. In 1999 I found a home at Borgers Speedway and fell in love with small car racing. In all I have experienced with my career what has transpired at Borgers Speedway is the best experience I have ever had.

Glenn Borger took on the task of fighting against odds that a lesser man would of walked away from to hold on to his “Field Of Dreams” and keep his beloved speedway alive. I felt responsible for talking Glenn and Ruth into paving the racetrack and I also felt guilt. What if this crazy idea did not work but in spite of my input I knew Glenn’s mind was already made up. He was not going to let his racetrack close.

With the transition from dirt to asphalt and in dirt track country we knew the task was going to be tough. We worked with what we had and struggled the first year and we made mistakes which I will take responsibility for. About mid season of that first year Brendan O’Connor with his two sons racing Kid Karts came on the team. With his marketing expertise the future began to look brighter.

With Glenn’s serious illness just before our banquet in December there were more questions then answers regarding the 2013 racing season. By the Grace Of God Glenn made a miraculous recovery but the burden or running a racetrack was heavy on his shoulders.

After the opening of the 2013 racing season Brendan O’Connor stepped to the plate. At the first meeting after Brendan took over he said we will not depend on outside help or what other tracks do. We will do our own thing and we will make things happen from the ground up. Brendan and I met with a person with vast racing experience who made the statement, “you have to throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks.” Well the word actually was not stuff but since this is a G rated audience let’s keep it at that. With that thought in mind a plan of action was put in place.

The first order of business was to solidify the TQ, Sprints, and Slingshot program as this is what fills the seats in the grandstands. With Brendan’s leadership and marketing skills this began to fall in place quickly and improvements became visible at the speedway immediately.

A major effort was put on the youth as Brendan and Jim Silfee have four kids that are racing. Along with Karting Director Dan Shupp through their efforts and you have no idea how much effort they are putting into it the results are being seen. The Kid Karts, Junior Clones, and Junior Champ Karts are growing and getting stronger each week. The races these kids are putting on is second to none. There are kids that never sat in a Kart before a few weeks ago that look like they have been racing for years.

I guess what I am trying to say is what other people are talking about Borgers Speedway is doing something about and the results are sounding out loud and clear. It is hard to change people's minds but if you can make an impression on the kids and build from that is where the future will be built. This is what Borgers Speedway is building upon.

What happened Saturday night with the TQ's was another milestone. 25 cars entered for the Bob Tidaback Memorial made it the largest outdoor TQ event in recent years shy of the Indoor races at Atlantic City. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect what took place and for me it was truly a “Dream Come True” as the TQ’s took Tyler Knitter’s green flag. This was a team effort headed by Brendan O’Connor and the staff at Borgers Speedway which was literally put together in a few weeks.

Brendan O’Connor excels in progressive, outside the box thinking and this is the key and that key will unlock doors beyond imagination at Borgers Speedway. A commitment was made to the Racers and Fans at Borgers speedway. That commitment will be kept.

Anthony Sesely Wins Bob Tidaback Sr. Memorial Besting Record 25 Car AllStar TQ Field.

Jim Laubach Backs Up His AllStar Slingshot Win In A Night To Remember At Borgers.

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact  Bob Snyder

  Saylorsburg, PA., July 21st, 2013 They say if you wish for something hard enough dreams do come true. Wishing is fine but a lot of hard work also helps make that dream come true. That dream came true for Brendan O’Connor and after a little less than three months O’Connor watched as a record car count and full field of Hoosier Racing Tires AllStar Three Quarter Midgets took starter Tyler Knitter’s green flag in the first annual Bob Tidaback Sr. Memorial AllStar TQ 50 Lap Race.

In the first 15 lap segment it was Ryan Tidman, Lou Cicconi, and Mike Osite to turn one with Cicconi taking the lead on lap two. Cicconi would hold on to win the first segment followed by Tidman, Matt Janisch, Sesely, and Don Zrinski.

An invert of the cars on the lead lap of the first segment lined up Brett Conkling, Mike Tidaback, Matt Roselli, and Rob Vivona for the start of the second 15 laps. It was Conkling, Roselli, and Vivona holding the lead for the early part of the race when the red came out on lap three for Ryan Tidman flipping in turn four. On the restart Tidaback jumped into the lead followed by Roselli and Vivona. Vivona turned up the steam and took chase to Tidaback followed by Cicconi, Sesely and Austin Fehr and that is how the second segment would end.

The average of the two 15 lap seqments lined up the field for the final 20 laps. With the best in the business, Lou Cicconi and Anthony Sesely, on the front row the fuse was lit and the cannon was about to explode. The green dropped on Cicconi, Sesely, Vivona, Tidaback and Janisch. A fierce two car battle for the lead developed between Cicconi and Sesely running side by side for two laps with Sesely taking the lead on lap three. With both drivers set for a “Four Wheel Dogfight” the battle raged on with Cicconi putting relentless pressure on Sesely. As the checkered flag waved it was Sesely by a half a car length over Cicconi followed by Janisch, Vivona, and Austin Fehr.

A emotional moment took place in victory lane as Sesely was greeted by the Tidaback family which included Bob’s wife Carol. With a hug from Anthony and a bouquet of red roses presented to Carol by Brendan O’Connor many fond memories of Bob Tidaback Sr. were recalled.

The win was worth $750 to Sesely plus the top three drivers of every lap shared over $2000 in lap money.

With the tremendous success of tonight’s race a purse that will be in the “Five Figure” is in the works during our OctoberFest Series on October 5. Full details will be released shortly.

In Hoosier Racing Tires Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints Jason Hentrich took the early lead followed by Mike Fillbrunn and Louie Horvath but it was Fillbrunn snatching the lead coming out of turn two. As the leaders battled the entire distance Hentrich got on the outside of Fillbrunn down the backstretch on the last lap but with Fillbrunn stealing every inch of racetrack Hentrich did not quite have enough at the finish with Fillbrunn taking the win followed by Hentrich and Horvath.

In AllStar Slingshots Jim Laubach backed up his win from two weeks ago in a very convincing manner. It was Tom Hennessy, Laubach, and Taylor Eccles to turn one but Eccles got by Laubach coming out of turn two. Laubach was once again second by lap four with Eccles third and Ryan Lacoe moving into fourth . Lap ten Laubach took the lead from Hennessy and that is how it would end. Laubach, Hennessy, Eccles, and Lacoe ,with his best finish of the season fourth followed by Scott Washburn.

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints… Anthony Sesely, Louie Cicconi, Matt Janisch, Rob Vivona, Austin Fehr, Buddy Sload, Ryan Tidman, Brett Conkling, Geoffrey Sutton, Matt Roselli, Ken Wismer Jr., Kevin Vanvalkenburg, Briana Page, Bill Force, DNF… Mike Tidaback, Don Zrinski, Stephen Boland, Joe Agnello, Mike Osite, DNS… Robin Johnston, Jeff Kot, John Leombruno, Ken Hirt, Russell Bailey, Marc Rogers.

Hoosier Racing Tires Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints… Mike Fillbrunn, Jason Hentrich, Louie Horvath.

AllStar Slingshots… Jim Laubach, Tom Hennessy, Taylor Eccles, Ryan Lacoe, Scott Washburn, Mike Moyer, Amanda Conroy,

Junior Slingshot… Joey Agnello.

Karting Race Results and Summary

A strong field of Kid Karts saw a battle to the finish which was second to none. Cody Quigliato jumped to an early lead and opened some distance between him and Liam O’Connor. As the race wore on Liam closed within striking distance of Cody and the two “Speed Demons” staged a side by side duel the last five laps of the race. At the end Cody nipped Liam by a hair followed by Wyatt Hagger a close third. Jack Van Varick was fourth and in her first race Maggie Yaggle fifth and Colin O’Connor sixth..

JP Curry took a day off from his Dirt/Asphalt Modified and won the Senior Champ Kart main over Steven Frindt. Trevor Morris and Bridget Conti finished a close third and fourth.

In Briggs Light Max McCarthy took his first win over Cody Cormier.

Trent Dreher won Senior Clones.

In a tight battle with Jeffrey Shire Jared Silfee came out on top in Junior Clone 2 followed by Ryan Conrad and Joe Costello.

Cody Quigliato backed up his Kid Kart win with a win in Junior Clone 1.

Austin Silfee edged out Brennen Coulter in Junior Clone 3.

A new Junior Sportsman Champ Kart for Jared Silfee helped him to rack up another win with a hard charging Meredith Howell on his tail. The O’Connor brothers Liam and Colin rounded out the field in third and fourth.

Kid Karts… Cody Quigliato, Liam O’Connor, Wyatt Haggger, Jack VanVarick, Maggie Yaggle, Colin O’Connor.

Senior Champ Kart… JP Curry, Steven Frindt, Trevor Morris, Briget Conti.

Briggs Light… Max McCarthy, Corey Cormier.

Senior Clone… Trent Dreher.

Junior Clone 2… Jared Silfee, Jeffrey Shire, Ryan Conrad, Joe Costello.

Junior Clone 1… Cody Quigliato.

Junior Clone 3… Austin Silfee, Brennen Coulter.

Junior Sportsman Champ Kart… Jared Silfee, Meredith Howell, Liam O’Connor, Colin O’Connor.

Three days and counting to the Borgers Speedway Bob Tidaback Sr.

 Memorial AllStar TQ 50 Lap Race of Champions...

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact  Bob Snyder

Saylorsburg, PA., July 17th, 2013 Three days and counting to the Borgers Speedway Bob Tidaback Sr. Memorial AllStar TQ 50 Lap Race Of Champions Saturday July 20 At Borgers speedway.

***This just in.*** Lap money soars to $2000 and rising. In addition to the $750 to win, lap money is now $2000 and rising. The “Cream Of The Crop” in Three Quarter Midget Racing will be on hand to challenge the “Lightning Fast” 1/7 Mile Asphalt Oval at Borgers Speedway in Saylorsburg, Pa. This is one you don’t want to miss.

Borgers Speedway Junior Champ Karts to Compete for July 20th Green

 Flag Wave Honor for The Bob Tidaback Sr. Memorial AllStar TQ 50...

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact  Bob Snyder

Saylorsburg, PA., July 15th, 2013 Junior Champ Karts will be competing Saturday July 20 for the opportunity to wave the green flag for the Bob Tidaback Sr. Memorial AllStar TQ 50 Lap Main Event.

Do the Northeast Junior Champ Kart racers have what it takes to grab the honors from the Borgers “Hot Shots”, Liam and Colin O’Connor, Jared Silfee, and Meredith Howell? These kids put on an awesome show each and every week and will be out to protect their turf.

This is a continuing effort on behalf Of Brendan O’Connor and staff in our pledge to make Kart Racing a major part of the new Borgers Speedway program. Look for more major Kart events throughout the rest of the season capped off by our OctoberFest Series.

The Karters are welcome to bring their families and stick around for what will be the biggest event in the history of Borgers Speedway, The Bob Tidaback Sr. Memorial AllStar TQ 50 Lap Race. As of this moment there are 25 confirmed entries and more are coming in. This event if shaping up to be one of the biggest Three Quarter Midget Racing events shy of Atlantic City.

Action gets underway with gates opening at 11:00 a.m. Paid practice from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m. $10 Karts. $15 Big Cars. Pit pass is required which is good for the entire day. Driver’s meeting at 3:45 p.m. followed by regular warm ups, heats, and features.

Plan to be a part of “History In The Making” at the nation’s fastest 1/7 Mile Asphalt Oval in the “Heart Of The Poconos” , Borgers Speedway in Saylorsburg, Pa.

Borgers Speedway Set For First Annual

 Bob Tidaback Sr. Memorial All-Star TQ 50 Lap Extravaganza

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact  Bob Snyder

Saylorsburg, PA., July 15th, 2013 The “Glory Days” of Pine Brook Speedway will be on everyone’s mind as excitement is revving up at a “Fever Pitch” as final plans are being made for the first Annual Bob Tidaback Sr. Memorial AllStar 50 Lap TQ Race at Borgers Speedway This Saturday July 20.

This AllStar Three Quarter Midget race is shaping up to be the biggest event in the history of Borgers Speedway and one of the biggest events in Three Quarter Midget Racing.

The memory of Bob Tidaback Sr. will be fondly honored in this first time event. Bob spent most of his life as an owner and with his son Mike behind the wheel. In an amazing career Bob was able to win 4 ATQMRA Championships. An “Icon” in the world of Three Quarter Midget Racing we are here tonight honoring him for his dedication and his achievements for the betterment of our sport.

Race Details For This Saturdays TQ Memorial - AllStar Event

$750.00 to Win + Lap Money provided and being paid by Metz Racing

Non-Winged event

Borgers Speedway TQ rules

Hoosier Tires ( scuffed tire rules N/A – new tires are allowed )

Open paid practice ($15) from 1 pm to approx 330pm

Fastest Car Award Bonus $100 will be determined by Race Monitor Lap Times Starting at 2pm ( this is not Time Trials its for the fastest car during open practice - participation is not mandatory )

Tech'ing done by Track Officials

Mandatory event sponsor sticker package ( 8 x 10 )

For further details see our website rules page( downloadable )

Asphalt 600’s weight need to conform to 2012/2013 Borgers Speedway

( min lap time requirement to participate in feature will be enforced - min Time : TBA )

No repairs or changes in between segments

During the interview portion of the segments the race is considered under a red flag condition – Therefore, no repairs to cars can take place. Once interviews are completed, race will resume under yellow and repairs or changes can be made in hot pit zone as detailed below .

Weight is as follows:

TQ midgets w/ engines 2003 and older 800 lbs

TQ midgets w/ engines 2004 and newer 825 lbs

The format is an Allstar Format and is as follows:


Standard pill draw to determine heat line up (12 lap heat)

Feature format:

Segment #1 - 15 laps - Top Five are interviewed on front stretch ( Line Up determined by Heat Finish )

Segment#2. – 15 laps - Invert lead cars - top 3 interviewed

Final segment #3. - Final line up is avg of segment finishes - 2 attempts at green- white checkered-


Speeding in Pits will be enforced via a radar gun -

Driver introductions will be held on the main straightaway and driver interviews will be done on track between race segments. The drivers will be telling the fans first hand what is going on as the race progresses.

In addition a full card of Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints, AllStar and Junior Slingshot, Karts, and MicroStocks will be presented.

Gates Open at 11:00 a.m. Paid practice will be held from 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. $10 Karts. $15 Big Cars. Pit pass required but is good for the entire day and night show. Driver’s meeting will be held at 3:45 p.m. with regular warm ups at 4:00 p.m. followed by heats, and features.

Be on hand to be a part of “History In The Making “ at the First Annual Bob Tidaback Sr. Memorial AllStar TQ 50 Lap race on the “Northeast’s Fastest 1/7 mile asphalt oval at Borgers Speedway in Saylorsburg, Pa.

For further information check the Borgers Speedway web-site and Borgers Speedway Facebook page. Borgers weather hot line 570-992-8131.

Marc Rogers Tops In Tune Up For Borgers July 20th Bob Tidaback Sr.

 Memorial All-Star TQ 50 Lapper.. Fillbrunn & Hennessy Repeat..

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact  Bob Snyder

Saylorsburg, PA., July 14th, 2013 If the laps turned by Marc Rogers are any indication of what is to come next week Rogers will be a top contender for the First Annual Bob Tidaback Sr. Memorial for TQ’s at Borgers Speedway Saturday July 20. With the TQ’s not scheduled to run tonight Rogers ran with the Dirt 600’s taking the checkered flag but Mike Fillbrunn was credited with the Hoosier Racing Tires Wingless Dirt 600 win. Rogers led Mike Fillbrunn and Jason Hentrich to turn one at the drop of the green. Hentrich with injector problems dropped from the pace as Fillbrunn turned up the steam on Rogers. By halfway Fillbrunn had gotten under Rogers a number of times but did not have enough to get by for the win, Hentrich nursed his car to third followed by Monnie Wonder, and Tex Snyder. DNF…Paul Quear.

Tom Hennessy made it win number five in AllStar Slingshots with another impressive performance in the best season of his career. It was pole sitter Taylor Eccles to turn one in front of Hennessy and Mike Lapicki. Hennessy took the lead on lap two with Hunter Smith, Dakota Barlet, and Amanda Conroy making up a second group of challengers. Barlet got by Smith on lap ten with Conroy moving into fifth three laps later. Mike Moyer charging through the pack moved into sixth while Hennessy, Eccles, and Lapicki battled for the lead. Hennessy opened a half a straightaway lead as Lapicki was glued to Eccles rear bumper fighting for second. At the finish it was Hennessy, Eccles, Lapicki, Barlet, and Moyer squeezing by Conroy for fifth. A non conforming issue with Eccles not making weight stripped him of second place moving the rest of the field up one spot.

Final details are being worked out for next Saturday’s Bob Tidaback Sr. Memorial AllStar TQ 50 Lapper. The race will pay $750 to win plus lap money, Some of the biggest names in Three Quarter Midget Racing on the east coast are expected which could make this event the Biggest event that Borgers Speedway has ever held. Full details will be released shortly. A full show of Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints, AllStar and Junior Slingshot, Karts, and MicroStocks will also be presented.

Hoosier Racing Tires Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints… Mike Fillbrunn, Jason Hentrich, Monnie Wonder, Tex Snyder, DNF…Paul Quear.

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ… Marc Rogers.

AllStar slingshots… Tom Hennessy, Mike Lapicki, Dakota Barlet, Mike Moyer, Amanda Conroy, Hunter Smith, Nick Timar III, Ryan Lacoe, Scott Washburn…Non Conforming Taylor Eccles.

Scott Heilman won the Borgers KOA Race 2 with the help of a tough break for leader James Moyer. Heilman chased Moyer for the lead almost the entire distance when Moyer suffered mechanical problems. Heilman who has found a home at Borgers took the win over Paul Valent Jr.

In Kid Karts Cody Quigliato scored the win over newcomer John Yohn and the O’Connor brothers Liam and Colin.

Derick Demott turning some very fast laps for the win in Yamaha.

Scott Heilman doubled up in the win column for the day in Briggs Heavy over Larry Ealey.

Michael Eckart Jr. scored another Junior 2 win and Jared Silfee came out on top over Ryan Conrad in Junior 2.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts Meredith Howell jumped to an early lead over Jared Silfee. Silfee put intense pressure on Howell and took the lead for the win. Liam O’Connor third and Colin O’Connor in his first start was fourth.

In MicroStocks another win for Bob Wagner but it was not an easy one. Wagner battled second place finisher Robert McGuire most of the distance with Bob’s son Tyler finishing third over Larry Ealey and Joe Pritchard.

KOA Champ Kart Race Two. Scott Heilman, Paul Valent Jr., DNF…Bridgett Conti, Albert Pignoli, James Moyer, Steven Frindt.

Animal Champ Kart… Luke Conti.

Kid Karts… Cody Quigliato, John Yohn, Liam O’Connor, Collin O’Connor.

Junior 3… Michael Eckart Jr.

Junior 2… Jared Silfee, Ryan Conrad

Junior Sportsman Champ Kart. Jared Silfee, Meredith Howell, Liam O’Connor, Collin O’Connor.

MicroStocks Bob Wagner, Robert McGuire, Tyler Wagner, Larry Ealey, Joe Pritchard.

Borgers Race News July 11th...

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact  Bob Snyder

Saylorsburg, PA., July 11th, 2013 Improvements continue as the O’Connor era at Borgers Speedway is shifting into high gear. A record car count of 67 cars and a record pit attendance of 137 is proof positive that Borgers Speedway is on the right track for the future and the “Best Is Yet To Come.” The switch to night racing has been met with great approval of the drivers, teams, and fans. A first ever 45 minute fireworks display ended a very successful July 4th weekend.

Entering the pits on Saturday the first thing the teams saw was a brand new drive on scale to eliminate any weighing problems in the future. A big thanks to Borgers grounds manager Jim Silfee burning the midnight oil to get the scale completed. A concrete pad was poured to mount the scale and a canopy will be installed to cover the scale area. Jim was also a key player in securing the necessary permits for the fireworks display.

Promoter Bob Snyder, “things are falling in place just like I knew they would with Brendan taking the reins. Brendan is very accessible to the drivers and teams which is essential in a successful operation. As I always tell people at the driver’s meeting if you have a problem come to us. We will listen. You might not always get the answer you want but we will be fair. In my opinion we have the best race director in the business with Darin Bartholomew. The network between Darin, Brendan, myself, and the officials is in place and getting better each race. With the addition of Mike Batz on the microphone a high level of professionalism will be presented to all in attendance each week at Borgers. I said it many times before and I will say it again. Things are in the works that we can not talk about at this moment but it even amazes me at what is going to happen at Borgers Speedway.”

I have been involved in every type of racing from quarter midgets, karts, stock and sprint cars, Indy Cars , and NASCAR for almost 45 years and I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly the sport has to offer. There are moments that will always stand out and one of those moments came in last Saturday’s Junior Champ Kart race.

Young Liam O’Connor in only his third Junior Champ Kart race of his career pulled off the upset of the season. The current Kid Kart point leader was riding on the rear bumpers of leaders Meredith Howell and Jared Silfee and as the leaders tangled Liam inherited the lead. Still being a rookie everyone thought that on the restart Liam would be in third place by turn one but were we wrong. Liam came out of turn two still in the lead and he was increasing his lead by the time he hit turn three. As Howell and Silfee tried every trick in the book they could not catch this “New Kid On The Block.” As the laps ticked down this determined 7 year old strengthened his lead and did the impossible. In victory lane his jubilant father Brendan was even more excited then Liam and rightfully so. Family is what racing is all about and this is a moment that will live in the O’Connor family forever.

Tommy Stillo turning quicker laps each week.

Another of those “Feel Good” moments came in the AllStar Slingshot feature. Veteran Jim Laubach scored his first ever win which contained a “Bittersweet” moment. In victory lane an emotional Laubach dedicated his victory to his friend John Dooley who lost his life in an automobile accident a few weeks earlier. John’s son Ethan picked the pill for Jim’s heat starting position and accompanied Jim in victory lane along with John’s sister. It was felt by all that John was also present in victory lane.

Strong fourth place finish for Amanda Conroy which was her best finish of the season. Nick Timar III making his first start on the Borgers Asphalt.

Congrats to Mark Yoder on another win in Hoosier Racing Tires Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints. Jason Hentrich getting caught up in lap traffic chased Yoder the entire race but just could not make up the ground at the finish.

Nice field of 11 Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints with Austin Fehr taking another win. Mark Yoder’s “Thrill Of Victory” turned into the “Agony Of Defeat” as he blew a motor and burst into flames on the front stretch. The fire was immediately extinguished and he was uninjured. Mike Tidaback in a strong second place finish with last week’s winner Ken Wismer Jr. on his tail. Also running strong was Brett Conkling and Geoffrey Sutton. Brianna Page getting the hang of it in one of the Metz Rides For Rent TQ’s. Monnie Wonder and Ken Adreas turning some quick laps.

Nick Hadden made the long trip from Connecticut besting a 10 car field of Briggs Heavys for the $500. Scottie Heilman, who I watched race from a little kid at Shellhammers is all grown up now, chased Hadden the entire distance for second. Dan Bouc who has taken a liking to the Borgers Asphalt came home third. Good to see Derrick Demott back and another new face with Zak Gorski.

Nick Hadden fattened his wallet even more taking the $200 to win Champ Kart KOA Race 3 but it was not an easy job with Dan Bouc and Ryan Breithoff chasing him every lap. A “Non Conforming” issue with Bouc’s kart moved Breithoff to the runner up spot. Another good run for Scott Heilman finishing third.

Good to see Adam Brown back and more new faces with Jeffrey Borger and Dan Lind.

Moe Hunsinger back in action and coming out on top in Pork Chops. Good to see Moe, who was one of Borgers Speedway’s most loyal Karters back in the dirt days, back from a number of deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan. Moe works as a private contractor installing devices on motorized vehicles to protect our servicemen and women from roadside bombs. You can not find a nicer guy then Moe and all of us at Borgers Speedway thank you for your service to our country. The best part of all Moe is back home to stay. Welcome Hone Buddy.

Another Kid Kart win for Cody Quigliato chased by Liam and Collin O’Connor.

Tight race in Junior 3 with Michael Eckhart Jr. and Austin Silfee and Eckhart coming out ot top of the point leader Silfee.

Two in a row in Junior 2 for Jeffrey Shire followed by Jared Silfee and Joe Costello.

Cody Quigliato won Junior 1.

Good field of MicroStocks with Bob Wagner taking the win.

Record Car Count and Record Pit Attendance Plus First Ever Fireworks

 Display at Borgers Speedway... Jim Laubach Wins First All-Star Slingshot

 Feature and Mark Yoder and Austin Fehr Repeat...

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact  Bob Snyder

Saylorsburg, PA., July 6th, 2013 A record car count of 67 racecars and record pit attendance is proof positive that Borgers Speedway is on the right track as changes continue at a rapid pace at the Saylorsbur 1/7 Mile Asphalt Oval. A first ever fireworks display capped off an evening of speed ending the July 4th Weekend.

A real July 4th celebration was in store for Jim Laubach winning his first ever AllStar Slingshot feature. It was a joyus scene in victory lane but also a “Bittersweet” moment for Laubach. “I would like to dedicate this win to John Dooley who lost his life in a recent automobile accident.” With his voice filled with emotion Jim went on to say, “John’s son Ethan picked the pill tonight for my heat starting spot and I feel John was here with us in victory lane.” John’s sister and his son Ethan accompanied Jim to victory lane.

In an “Explosion Of Speed” Laubach led the charge to turn one followed by Tom Hennessy and Mike Moyer but Hunter Smith quickly moved to third spot coming out of turn two. The next lap Moyer regained third and two laps later Amanda Conroy screamed past Smith into fourth spot. By lap nine Conroy was closing in on Moyer as Laubach and Hennessy fought for the lead. Hennessy turned up the steam on Laubach but Laubach was just too strong and took his first checkered flag of his career. Meanwhile Conroy was putting equal pressure on Moyer for third just falling short at the finish. Conroys’s fourth place finish was her best finish of the season with Smith fifth.

In Hoosier Racing Tires Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints Mark Yoder “Skyrocketed” to turn one followed by Jason Hentrich and Paul Quear. As a two car battle for the lead developed between Yoder and Hentrich 82 year old Paul Quear hung close to the leaders in third. Yoder lengthened his lead as Hentrich got caught up in lapped traffic and was not able to make up the distance. Yoder took the win followed by Hentrich, Quear, Tex Snyder, and Monnie Wonder.

Hoosier Racingt Tires TQ’s turned into a real “Firecracker” in more ways then one. It was Austin Fehr, Brett Conkling, and Mark Yoder to turn one but by lap two Ken Wismer Jr. moved to third. Mike Tidaback in fourth moved into third on a lap three restart. Lap five Conkling spun on the backstretch setting the stage for a lap five restart. Back to green it was a four car battle for the lead between Fehr, Tidaback, Ken Andreas, and Wismer. As the battle for the lead heated up on lap twelve Yoder coming off a win moments before in the Dirt 600’s had his “Rockets Red Glare” turned into “Bombs Bursting” in air as his motor “Detonated” and caught fire on the front stretch. Going back to green Fehr and Tidaback locked into a duel for the lead with Wismer moving into third and Conkling coming from the back to fourth. At the finish it was Fehr, Tidaback, Wismer, Conkling, and Joe Agnello. Joey Agnello Jr. Won Junior Slingshots.

AllStar Slingshots… Jim Laubach, Ton Hennessy, Mike Moyer, Amanda Conroy, Hunter Smith, Nick Timar III.

Hoosier Racing tires Winglesss Dirt 600 Sprints… Mark Yoder, Jason Hentrich, Paul Quear, Tex Snyder, DNF…Monnie Wonder.

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints… Austin Fehr, Mike Tidaback, Ken Wismer Jr., Brett Conkling, Joe Agnello, Geoffrey Sutton, Brianna Page, Monnie Wonder, Mark Yoder, Ken Andreas, DNS…JT Davis.

Junior Slingshots… Joey Agnello Jr.

Junior sportsman Champ Kart… Liam O’Connor, Meredith Howell, Jared Silfee, Tommy Stillo.

Junior Champ Kart… Jared Bernd.

Briggs Heavy… Thomas Radivoy, Scott Heilman, Dan Bouc, Ryan Breithoff, Ron Ehrhardt, Zak Gorski, Derrick Demott, DNF… Nick Hadden, Randy Ehrhardt, Pappy Curnell.

Senior Champ Kart KOA Race 4. Nick Hadden, Ryan Breithoff, Scott Heilman, James Moyer, Steven Frindt….Non Conforming… Dan Bouc.

MicroStocks Bob Wagner, Robert McGuire, Josh Heiser, Walter Mueller, Kevin Heller, James Dodd, Jim Dodd, Tyler Wagner, DNS…Sandell Luff.

Senior Clone…. Papy Curnell, Adam Brown, Dan Lind, Jeffrey Borger.

Pork Chop… Moe Hunsinger, Tom Boyd.

Kid Karts… Cody Quagliato, Liam O’Connor, Collin O’Connor.

Junior 1. Cody Quagliato.

Junior 2… Jeffrey Shire, Jared Silfee, Joe Costello.

Junior 3… Michael Eckhart Jr., Austin Silfee.

Borgers Firecracker Spectacular Saturday July 6th...

 Co-Promoter & Media Contact  Bob Snyder

Saylorsburg, PA., July 3rd, 2013 The 4th of July weekend will be ushered in with an “Explosion Of Speed” at the Saylorsburg, Pa. 1/7 mile asphalt oval.

A $300 to win 25 lap MicroStock feature will be on the line with every entry receiving a $25 gift certificate from Shupp’s Kart Shop. With 12 or more entries Borgers Speedway will match the $25. This means that even last place could go home with at least $50 with 12 MicroStocks in a single class. If we get 12 or more in two classes we will do the same.

Reliable Automatic Fire Sprinkler Company, JC Specialty, Brendan O’Connor Fire Protection, and will join forces in presenting a $500 to win Flathead Heavy race with 10 or more Karts. $30 entry fee.

Champ Kart King Of The Asphalt Race 4 will be held with $200 going to the winner.

All Junior Classes will receive special 4th Of July Trophies created by West End Awards.

A full card of TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints, Wingless Dirt 600 Sprints, AllStar and Junior Slingshots will round out the card.

This past Saturday June 29 action saw another new face in victory lane. In Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Wingless 600 Sprints Ken Wismer Jr. staged a breathtaking duel with Austin Fehr to take his first win since the dirt days at Borgers. Wismer driving the Metz Rides For Rent Black Betty 01 has fit into the Borgers asphalt program very well. Good run for JT Davis with a third place finish. All TQ fans will remember the “Legendary Name” Mike Osite. Well he is back in action at Borgers.

Congratulations to Sheldon Iudicello on winning his first Wingless Dirt 600 feature. While Sheldon scored a fourth place overall finish he came out on top with the Dirt 600 Sprints and was credited with the win. As a matter of fact Sheldon was so fast with his Dirt 600 against the TQ’s he ran most of the race only a few tenths of a second off the leader. Sheldon ran a limited schedule with the Dirt 600 Sprints at Borgers when the track was dirt but now is making his presence known on asphalt.

Tom Hennessy just seems to be “Unstoppable” in AllStar Slingshots with another win. A second place finish for Jim Laubach in his first race of the season with Mike Lipicki glued to Laubach’s rear bumper for a third place finish in his best run of the year. A missed set up caused Mike Moyer to settle for fourth followed by Taylor Eccles in fifth. Amanda Conroy is getting closer to that winning combination once again. John Drake back in action and the Reeder brothers Josh and Ken heading upwards in the points.

Joey Agnello Jr. is still looking for someone to race with him in Junior Slingshots.

These Kid Kart Kids cease to amaze the fans with their talent. Keep in mind the combined age of the 5 competitors Liam O.Connor,Colin O’Connor, Wyatt Hagger, Kaden Ayre, and Jack VanVarick is not even 30 years. Imagine the future these kids have in racing and the groundwork that is being laid for their futures.

Meredith Howell congratulations on your first Junior Champ Kart win.

Knock down drag out battle in Briggs Medium between Scott Heilman and Joe Bruning with Heilman coming out on top. Another new face in Briggs Heavy Derrick Demott.

Good to see Adam Brown back to do battle with Pappy Curnell and Tom Boyd.

An awesome Junior Clone 2 race with Jeffrey Shire and Ryan Conrad dicing back and forth the entire 15 lap feature with Shire edging Conrad at the finish.

Another “Nail Biter” in Senior Champ Karts between James Moyer and Steven Frindt. Close side by side racing the entire distance with Moyer beating Frindt by a hair at the finish.

Nice to see videographer Barry Boyd back at the track feeling better recovering from a recent illness.

Always good to see photographers Lenny Slemmer and Tim Krysiuk snapping away at Borgers.