Borger's Action 7-26-14

Bob Wagner Wins MRL Tour At Borgers . Bob Snyder Photo

Tidaback Two In A Row In Borgers TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints.

Can Anyone Stop Taylor Eccles?

Slingshots Taylor Eccles, Junior Slingshots David Burns, TQ Mike Tidaback.
  Bob Snyder Photo.

Saylorsburg, PA., July 26th, 2014 Mike Tidaback made his way to Borgers victory lane for the second straight week in Hoosier Racing Tires Borgers TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints.  Each driver put on a superb display of good clean side by side racing with respect for each other in a tight battle for the Borgers gold.  Tidaback led the field to turn one followed by Austin Fehr and Bobby Butler.  Austin Fehr took the lead coming out of turn two lap one with his sights set on his first feature wins of the season.  The defending 2013 Borgers TQ/Asphalt 600 point champion has struggled the entire season and tonight he had things back in top notch condition.  Soon Larry Hoagland joined the hunt moving into fourth spot also with his sights set on his first win of the 2014 season.  Tidaback put the pressure on Fehr as the two battled side by side with Tidaback taking the lead.  Now it was Butler’s turn to put the pressure on Fehr in a torrid four car battle for the lead.  In his first ride in the Master Of TQ’s Blue Metz tuned Metz Rides For Rent 5B Butler made the pass on Fehr for second on lap twelve.  In the closing laps Larry Hoagland turned the fastest lap of the night 9.881 taking over third and also taking over the lead in points for the 2014 championship.  Tidaback took the win followed by Butler, Hoagland, Fehr, and TJ Lilly subbing for Louie Horvath who was on “Maternity Watch.”

When Glenn Borger built Borgers Speedway safety was foremost in his mind and tonight his efforts paid off.  In what had to be the hardest hit ever taken at Borgers Speedway everyone held their breath as Kurt Bettler’s throttle stuck wide open hitting the first turn wall at full speed.  The car became airborne and flipped into the catch fence coming to rest in turn two.  The steel cable reinforced fence did it’s job keeping the car inside the racetrack as Bettler was shaken but exited the car uninjured.  All of Bettler’s safety equipment did it’s job as well as the construction of the MMF chassis and George VanVarick’s expert maintenance of the car.  The combined efforts of George VanVarick, MMF Chassis, and Glenn Borger made for a happy ending to this scarey incident. 

Is there anyone that can stop Taylor Eccles?  Many have tried and few have succeeded as Eccles notched win number seven in AllStar Slingshots.  Father Skip had the finely tuned machine running to pefection once again as Eccles led  Johnny Bush and Ryan Lacoe to turn one.  Lap three Eddie Reeder and Ken Reeder moved into fourth and fifth as Eccles increased his lead.  Eddie Reeder made the pass on Lacoe for third on lap four and in the closing laps Dillon Stever got past Ken Reeder for fifth.    Eccles took win number seven increassing his quest for the 2014 championship followed by Bush and Eddie Reeder in a strong run was third.  Lacoe moved into second spot behind Eccles in the point chase with his fourth place finish.  Stever was fifth followed by Ken Reeder. David Burns took his second win of the season In Junior Slingshots over Joey Costello.

Hoosier Racing Tires Borgers AllStar TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints…   Mike Tidaback, Bobby Butler, Larry Hoagland, Austin Fehr, TJ Lilly, Ed Wilberger Sr.,   DNS…   Kurt Bettler.

AllStar Slingshots…   Taylor Eccles, Johnny Bush, Eddie Reeder, Ryan Lacoe, Dillon Stever, Ken Reeder,  

Junior Slingshots…   David Burns, Joey Costello.

O’Connor Brothers Battle To The Wire, Heilman Continues On Hot Streak.

Collin O'Connor Edges Out Brother Lisam O'Connor In Borgers Kid Karts.
 Bob Snyder Photo.

Perseverance paid off for Collin O’Connor edging out his brother Liam in Borgers  Kid Kart main Saturday night.  Winning his heat Collin started on the pole and led the first few laps with brother Liam taking over the lead on lap three.  As the two brothers raced side by side swapping the lead numerous times Liam’s car began to slow with Collin regaining the lead.  Once again a side by side duel developed but now it was Collins turn to have his car go sour.  Liam’s lead was to be short lived as Collin came on strong in the closing laps to edge out his brother for the win.  Rumor has it the O’Connor brothers are in the process of firing their father Brendan as crew chief.

Three words describe Scott Heilman.  Hot!!!  Hot!!!  Hot!!!.  Heiman scored wins both in Senior Champ Karts and Senior Clones.  In Senior Champ Karts it was Heilman, Phillip Sabatine, and Steven Frindt to turn one but Mike Reeder blasted out of turn two in the lead.  Heilman took over the lead on lap three followed by Reeder and Sabatine.  At the half way mark Sabatine took over second as the caution flag waved.  On the restart it was Heilman, Sabatine, Frindt, and Nick Timar.  With three laps to go Frindt took over second and Heilman came home the winner followed by Frindt, Sabatine, Timar, and Paul Valent Jr.

In Senior Clones it was Heilman, Billy Proctor, and Pappy Curnell to turn one but Proctor would come out in top spot out of turn two.  Proctor held the lead for three laps until Heilman took over with Proctor on his tale followed by Curnell.  In the closing laps Brennen Coulter got by Curnell as Heilman cruised to another win followed by Proctor, Coulter, and Curnell.

Bob Wagner continued his winning ways taking the MRL Tour feature event.  Wagner led the field of nine microstocks to turn one followed by Andrew Shuster and Carl Weinacker.  Wagner opened an early lead as Weinacker took chase on Wagner out of turn two.  Pappy Curnell moved to fourth as Jeffrey Weinacker took over third at the half way mark.  As Curnell faded Jeffrey Weinacker got by Carl Weinacker on lap eleven for second.  Wagner took the win followed  by Jeffrey Weinacker, Carl Weinacker, Andrew Shuster, and Pappy Curnell.

Jared Silfee led every lap to take the Junior Sportsman Champ Kart win over John Kendall.  Kendall chased Silfee every lap but failed to mount a serious challenge.  Meredith Howell tangled with Tanner Jones sidelining him for the evening.  Silfee took the win followed by Kendall with Howell coming back for third followed by Liam O’Connor. Jared Silfee repeated his win in Junior 2. Austin Silfee bested Jacob Proctor in Junior 3. Art Cronce Jr. led every lap to take the Pork Chop win over Jason Beers, Ton Boys, and Buddy Meier.

Kid Karts…   Collin O’Connor, Liam O’Connor.

Senior Champ Karts…   Scott Heilman, Steven Frindt, Phillip Sabatine, Nick Timar, Paul Valent Jr., Brennen Coulter,  DNF…  Mike Reeder, John Gremple.

Senior Clones…   Scott Heilman, Billy Proctor, Brenned Coulter, Pappy Curnell.

MRL MicroStocks Tour…   Bob Wagner, Jeffrey Weinacker, Carl Weinacker, Andrew Shuster, Pappy Curnell, Noel Scheffen, Gary Scheffen,  DNF…  Bobby Butler… DNS…   Fred Delibero.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts…   Jared Silfee, John Kendall, Meredith Howell, Liam O’Connor,  DNF… Tanner Jones.

Junior 2…   Jared silfee.

Junior 3…   Austin Silfee, Jacob Proctor.

Pork Chops…   Art Cronce Jr., Jason Beers, Tom Boyd, Brennned Coulter.

Mike Tidaback Takes First Borgers TQ Win of the Season.

  Eccles Continues Slingshot String Of Victories.

Taylor Eccles Wins Borgers AllStar Slingshots and Mike Tidaback Wins TQ's. The Borger Babes Powder Puff  Btm row l-r  Valerie O'Connor, Jennifer Hill, Winner Keiralyn Coulter.  Back row  l-r Meliani Morgen, Sara Silfee, Jennifer Proctor.

Saylorsburg, PA., July 18th, 2014 Mike Tidaback scored his first win of their 2014 racing season in Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/ Asphalt 600 Sprints.  Louie Horvath coming off a strong heat win led Pat VanVarick and Larry Hoagland to turn one with Van Varick bringing out the yellow before one lap was complete.  On the restart VanVarick regained second taking chase on Horvath.   As Hoagland got under VanVarick contact was made resulting in a black flag for VanVarick.  On the restart it was Horvath, Tidaback, and Hoagland with Horvath opening a slight lead.  Nearing the half way mark Tidaback made his move on Horvath for the lead with Hoagland now taking chase on Horvath.  With Hoagland putting the pressure on Horvath, Hoagland made his move on Horvath for second spot.  Tidaback took the win followed by Hoagland, Horvath, and Austin Fehr.

A great run for Hoagland in the Fred Bitner 54.  The team has been jelling throughout the 2014 season and tonight proves that Hoagland is in the market for a win.

After a frustrating early season Louie Horvath had his act together tonight with a fine performance.  Horvath the King of the Quads during the dirt days at Borgers has been racing on a tight budget and things are now turning around for him. Taylor Eccles continued his winning ways taking the AllStar Slingshot feature win over Mark Sensneig and Ryan Lacoe.

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints…   Mike Tidaback, Larry Haogland, Louie Horvath, Austin Fehr.  DNS…  Sheldon Iudicello, DQ…  Pat VanVarick.

AllStar Slingshots…  Taylor Eccles, Mark Sensenig, Ryan Lacoe.

Leiralyn Coulter Wins Borger Babes Kart Powder Puff

Brendan O'Connor Edges Out Pappy Curnell In Borgers MicroStocks.  Bob Snyder Photo.

Keiralyn Coulter took command early in the race and never looked back taking the win in the first Borger Babes Powder Puff for flat Karts.  She received stiff competition from her mother Jennifer Hill and a very fast Melanie Morgen.  Right on their tails were Sara Silfee, Valerie O’Connor, and Jennifer Proctor.

Liam O’Connor set a blistering pace taking the Kid Kart win over Jack VanVarick, Collin O’Connor, and Connor Mirabelli.

Scott Heilman led Phillip Sabatine and Brennan Coulter to turnj one in Senior Clones.  By lap three Pappy Curnell was on the move and blasted into third spot.  Max McCarthy turned up the steam and moved into second as Curnell began to fade with Sabatine taking over third.  Heilman took the win followed by McCarthy, Sabatine, Coulter, Billy Proctor, and Curnell.

In Pork Chops Jason Beers and Tom Boyd raced in honor of Jim Carlucci who lost his son this past week with Beers taking the win.  Jason and Tom agreed not to race for points as Carlucci is in the Pork Chop points battle. Brendan O’Connor edged out Pappy Curnell in MicroStocks.

Jared Silfee started on the pole in Junior Sportsman Champ Karts and made it look like a Sunday drive taking the win over John Kendall.  It was Silfee, Tanner Jones, and Liam O’Connor to turn one but Kendall was second coming out of turn two lap one.  Silfee opened a hugh lead over Kendal as Meridith Howell and Jones battled for third.  Silfee took the win followed by Kendall, Howell Jones, Tommy Stillo, Franki Antonucci, and Liam O’Connor. Scott Heilman took the Senior Champ Kart win over John Grempel./ Austin Silfee won Junior Champ Karts. Austin Silfeee backed up his win with a win in Junior Sportsman 3 over Jacob Proctor. Jared Silfee won Junior 2.

Powder Puff…  Keiralyn Coulter, Jennifer Hill, Melanie Morgen, Sara Silfee, Valerie O’Connor, Jennifer Proctor.

Kid Karts…  Liam O’Connor, Jack VanVarick, Collin O’Connor, Connor Mirabelli.

Senior Clones…  Scott Heilman, Max McCarthy, Philliop Sabatine, Brennan Coulter, Billly Proctor, Pappy Curnell.

Pork Chops…   Jason Beers, Tom Boyd.

MicroStocks   Brendan O’Connor, Pappy Curnell.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts…   Jared Silfee, John Kendall, Meredith Howell, Tanner Jones, Tommy Stillo, Frankie Antonucci,  DNF…  Liam O’Connor.Senior Champ Karts…   Scott Heilman, John Grempel.

Junior Champ Karts…   Austin Silfee.

Junior 3…   Austin Silfee, Jacob Proctor.

Junior 2… Jarad Silfee.



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