SNEAK PEAK @ BORGERS 2014 - Mini Series - $$$$ - New Classes - Kart To TQ Program

Saylorsburg, PA., January 5th, 2014 We are excited beyond words for the 2014 Season. It is our mission to continue our growth and establish ourselves as a premier banked asphalt short track. We proud to offer preview of our 2014 plans below!

How to Spot the Best Speedway Bookmakers
If you want to get into Speedway betting, you would not want to just go ahead and sign up for the first bookmakers that you find. There are things that you definitely should not miss if you are aiming to find the right bookies. So, here you can find the bookies lists that should make it easier for you to select the best in the business. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

One word, COMMITMENT! As we closed 2013 out, I believe we have proven our commitment to karts and TQ's! To take that commitment to the next level we have partnered with Green Flag Driving Experience ( ). This partnership will provide our kart racers the ability to earn Green Flag Bucks. This fund will eventually earn the racer a rental in one of the Green Flag TQ's at Borgers Speedway! It is our mission to remain committed to the people who keep our doors open! To further their patronage we wish to offer options for drivers and teams to move up to bigger and faster rides!

Green Flag Bucks will be earned via weekly participation. Together, Borgers Speedway and Green Flag Driving Experience will offer Bonus Green Flag Bucks for top qualifiers, heat wins and more... Stay Tuned for specific details. Do not get this confused or think this is a "for $19.99 " gimmick. Your commitment to us will be rewarded! You could earn a free few lap session or you can go all in ! Borgers Speedway style! and end up with a multiple week rental in full race dress ( race with the TQ class at Borgers Speedway! ) need more then this? How about:

The Clone Wars –
5 race mini series. Each event will consist of pill draw, 12 lap heats and a 25 lap feature. Each event will pay $ 250 to Win ( each event will be $ 50.00 entry fee - 8 Kart min ) . The Mini Series Champion will win a New Clone Motor and $300 in Cash. There will be no drops for the mini series. We will also hand out a 100 point bonus for attending all 5 events.

The mini series championship will pay as follows:
1st New motor plus $300 in Cash 2nd $200.00 3rd $ 150.00 4th $100.00 5th $50.00

The Imperial Games
The Gladiators who entered the Coliseum to battle were considered the best of the best. There is definitely no shortage of epic battles.... The wheelers of our Briggs Flat Head Heavy class are our modern day Gladiators. No single class at Borgers Speedway has impressed more than these guys. Week in and week out these guys came and pounded our asphalt in 2013. For 2014, we will offer multiple $500.00 to win events ( $ 50 entry fee, 10 kart Min ) we will also offer one $1000.00 to win event ( $ 75.00 entry fee, 15 Kart Min )

King of the Asphalt Sr Champ
Due to the overwhelming interest in wings. Borgers Speedway will now make our 2014 King of the Asphalt 5 race mini series WINGED! Strap on your top wings ( JC Specialty or similar - rule articulation will follow... but the JC Specialty wing is considered the standard ) and come battle for a $500.00 payday! The King of the Asphalt program will be a 5 race mini series. Each event will consist of a pill draw, 12 lap heats and a 35 lap feature. Each event will pay $ 250 to Win ( each event will be $ 50.00 entry fee - 8 Kart min ) . The Mini Series Champion will win $500.00. We've landed a few sponsors for these events! The sponsors will be offering BONUS money to help offset the cost for the wings! As a track community, we also plan to help offset cost for those that have run Borgers on a regular basis or intend to! There will be no drops for the mini series. We will also hand out a 100 point bonus for attending all 5 events.

NOTE: The Sr. Champ karts will run on a weekly basis as WINGLESS.... We are open to adding winged on a regular basis but we will need to monitor the turn out.... We do not want to take away from the best growing class we have! The Sr Champs should be considered our Flagship Kart class and whatever we can do to make racing better for these guys we will do!

The mini series championship will pay as follows:
1st $500.00 2nd $250.00 3rd $ 150.00 4th $100.00 5th $75.00 plus BONUS $$$$

The 2014 Borgers Speedway Micro Stock class will remain two classes. World Formula and LO206. Depending on counts, we may opt to run them together but score them separately. Each class will be awarded a separate championship and will feature 6 drop weeks. In doing so, we believe those weekend warriors who can not make it every Saturday can still battle for the track championship.

The champion will be required to attend at least 75% of our races to receive prize money. The plan is to offer multiple $ 250.00 to win events. In July expect to see a $500.00 Firecracker 40 at Borgers Speedway. The event will consist of bonus money for 5th place to last place. The event will feature 12 lap heat races and a 40 lap feature under the lights ( caution laps will count for the first half of the race ) . The winner of a feature will earn 10 bonus points towards their 2014 points championship.

We also are adding a Rookie Microstock Class for anyone new to the sport. This class will be monitored by our tech staff and drivers will be encouraged to move up once they are ready. This class will not have a regular pay out or accumulate a season points total. Entries have the option to take a trophy or a small pay out. This is strictly a class to encourage our new and / or developmental drivers. If a team enters a micro stock in either WF or LO206 and wishes to enter a second or back up car with a new or rookie driver, his or her entry fee will be free! For example, if Owner A enters his #14 in the WF Micro stock class, his backup car, with a rookie driver would receive free entry fee into the rookie class! Again, we are doing this in an effort to grow the micro stock racing in NEPA. We believe the micro stock class is a perfect fit for our track and we encourage all to come out and check us out on a weekly basis.

Special Events
Schools Out JR Spectacular

Join us in mid June to race against the regions fastest Jr’s. All Jr class will run for Oversized trophies, oversized checks with bigger pay outs and special prizes... The Jr 3 ( Restricted ) and Jr 2 ( Sportsman ) will run for a $350.00 pay day ( $40.00 Entry fee – 8 Kart Min ). Both classes class will run 12 lap heats and a 40 lap feature. The Jr 1 ( Rookie ) youngsters will run for a $150.00 pay day ( $ 30.00 entry fee – 8 kart min ). The Jr 1 ( Rookie ) class will run 12 lap heats with a 25 lap feature.

TQ Young Gun's ( Winged Jr Sportsman Champ )
Each night we are visited by the ATQMRA Tour, our young guns will be able to strap into their Mini TQ’s ( Winged Jr Sportsman Champs ) and will get the privilege of running their feature prior to the ATQMRA feature. These youngsters will get to experience racing under the lights, in front of a big crowd. Imagine your youngster smile as the top three are interviewed in victory lane! As we did many times this year we intend to incorporate all Jr’s into as much of the big car events as we can. ( This will also be a weekly class )

Back To School Kid Kart 25
This will be the third year for the special kid kart event. Come and support the biggest kid kart event in the region. Oversized trophies, gift cards, prizes, stickers and T Shirts… Each youngster will be interviewed on the front stretch. This race always packs the house. We will continue the use of a restrictor for the kid karts.

Sons of Anarchy Slugfest – Outlaws ( Open Unlimited )
Twice this summer we invite those who have those SPECIAL motors and out of the box ideas to battle on our asphalt. This will be a flat kart unlimited / open motor event. These two events will pay $350 to win ( $ 40.00 entry fee – 8 kart min ). The fastest lap time of the day will all also receive a bonus $100.00. If the winner wins both events he will receive a bonus $100.00!
The payout for the top 5 will be as follows (further back will be determined by kart count )
1st $350.00 2nd $200.00 3rd $ 125.00 4th $100.00 5th $60.00

Briggs Flat Head Sr. Champ
The success of the 2013 Big paydays has made us re-tap this the hottest asphalt class out there. Make room in your schedule to come battle the region’s best. With a $1000.00 to win ( $ 75.00 entry fee – 15 kart min ) event on the schedule we hope to showcase our track to more than just the ringers.

The payout for the $1000 to Win will be as follows (further back will be determined by kart count )
1st $1,000.00 2nd $600.00 3rd $ 300.00 4th $250.00 5th $200.00

With the higher entry our payout typically extends all the way to last place- Last year our counts where low even with the big paydays, needless to say, financially its hard to offer big $$$$ with low counts..... with that said, we will give it a whirl again early in 2014 and try to establish a solid foundation of quality drivers and karts....

Our Schedule is done-- However, we are holding it back due to a few outstanding agreements.... I suspect now that the holidays are over we will get it wrapped up in the next day or two.

Brendan O'Connor
Borgers Speedway
Saylorsburg, PA

Borgers Speedway Point Champions To Be Honored at Checkered Flag Fan Club Banquet.

Saylorsburg, PA., December 18th, 2013 Borgers Speedway 2013 Point Champions will be honored at the Checkered Flag Fan Club banquet at the Kutztown Fire Hall February 1, 2014 in Kutztown, Pa. at

Point Champions must attend the banquet to receive their award and must be a member of the Checkered Flag Fan Club.  Non members must join the CFFC by January 5 to be eligible for their award.   If attending please contact

Debbie Hamm c/o Checkered Flag Fan Club

P.O. Box 79

Kutztown, Pa. 19530.

 Deadline for notification, membership, and banquet tickets is January 5, 2014.    Tickets for the award winner is $35 and $40 for each guest.  Checks can be made payable to Checkered Flag Fan Club. 

The following drivers are eligible for awards.

TQ  Austin Fehr

Dirt 600 Sprints Jason Hentrich

Slingshots  Tom Hennessy

Junior Slingshot Joey Agnello Jr.

Rookie Kid Karts  Collin O’Connor

Kid Karts Liam O’Connor

Pork Chops  Tom Boyd

Briggs Heavy  Scott Heilman

Senior Clone  Dan Curnell

Junior 3 Austin Silfee

Junior 2  Jared Silfee

Junior Sportsman Champ Kart  Jared Silfee

Senior Champ Kart  Steven Frindt

Borgers Speedway would like to thank the Checkered Flag Fan Club for their continued efforts for the betterment of the sport of Auto Racing.



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