Geoffrey Sutton Wins Borgers TQ’s.

Taylor Eccles Makes It Number Five In All-Star Slingshots.

Saylorsburg, PA., July 5th, 2014:  With the Asphalt 600 Sprints off the schedule for this week and the cancellation of the ATQMRA event a slim field of TQ’s stressed the importance of combining the TQ and Asphalt 600 Sprints.

Geoffrey Sutton has been knocking at the door the entire 2014 season and tonight the father-son team would put it all together with a trip to Borgers Speedway victory lane.  Sutton, a top runner in the Quarter Midgets, has been making a name for himself in the Three Quarter Midgets in recent years.  Together with the dedication of his father Greg they have put together a winning package making them a top contender in the Three Quarter Midget ranks.   Sutton, Austin Fehr, and Corey Cormier made the dash to turn one with Sutton in the lead coming out of turn two.  Fehr would mount a challenge on Sutton but soon started falling back as Rob Vivona was on the move getting by Cormier and Fehr for second spot by lap ten.  Sutton held of challenges by Vivona leading every lap to take the win over Vivona, Fehr, and Cormier.

Taylor Eccles made it win number five in AllStar Slingshots.  Jim Conroy, Eccles, and Tom Hennessy lead the pack to turn one but by lap two Eccles would take the lead.  Greg Zellman moved into third by the half way mark and on a lap sixteen restart Matt Dealaman moved into fourth spot as Eccles maintained a strong lead.  In the closing laps Zellman began to fade as Dealaman took over third followed by Ryan Lacoe and Eddie Reeder.  Eccles took the win followed by Conroy, Dealaman, Lacoe, and Eddie Reeder. Wyatt Hager won Junior Slingshots.

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ’s….   Geoffrey Sutton, Rob Vivona, Austin Fehr, Corey Cormier.

AllStar Slingshots…   Taylor Eccles, Jim Conroy, Matt Dealaman, Ryan Lacoe, Eddie Reeder, DNF…  Greg Zellman, Tom Hennessy, Ken Reeder.

Junior Slingshot…    Wyatt Hager.

Scott Heilman Makes Borgers Speedway History.

Scott Heilman made history at Borgers Speedway Saturday July 5, 2014 being the first driver ever to win three feature events in one night of racing.  Heilman did the impossible winning Senior Champ Karts, Briggs Heavy, and Senior Clones.

In Senior Champ Karts Heilman held off challenges from Steven Frindt and Paul Valent Sr. to take the win.  Mike Reeder and John Grempel were fourth and fifth. In Senior Clone Heilman made it win number two over last week’s winner Billy Proctor followed by Brenned Coulter. Heilman would make it three for three in Briggs Heavy fighting off Ron and Randy Ehrhardt, Kyle Kania, and Scott Thomas.

Collin O’Connor made a promise to his mom after winning Kid Karts two weeks ago while she was in Florida he would be back in victory lane for her and he made good on that promise.  Winning his heat he fought off big brother Liam O’Connor who took the early lead.  Collin regained the lead on lap two only to lose it to Liam at the half way mark.  As the brothers raced side by side Collin took the lead with two laps to go making it win number two for 2014.

In Pork Chops Jason Beers took a wild flip down the backstretch in his heat but came from last starting spot in the feature on the first lap to challenge pole sitter Eddie Geiger for the lead on lap number one.  Coming out of turn four Beers took the lead but Geiger was far from finished.  As the two battled side by side Geiger regained the lead on lap eighteen and went on to win his first Pork Chop feature at Borgers.  Beers had to settle for second followed by Tom boyd and Jim Carlucci.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts once again had a strong field as Jared Silfee led John Kendall and Cody Quagliato to turn one.  Out of turn two Liam O’Connor got by Quagliato as Silfee and Kendall battled for the lead.  Quagliato got by O’Connor at the half way mark as Kendall took the lead from Silfee.  As the two swapped the lead Kendall got by Silfee on the final lap for the win.  Quagliato was third followed by O’Connor, and Jasper Zigafuse. Kallie Manieri won Junior Champ Karts.

Bob Wagner held off Pappy Curnell in World Formula MicroStocks with Harry Burd on the leader’s tails.  Geoffrey Sutton finished third and Steven Frindt fourth followed by Fred Delibero. Bob Wagner repeated his win in L206 MicroStocks followed by his son Tyler and James Counterman Jr., James Counterman Sr., and Larry Ealey. Jared Silfee won Junior 2 over Joey Costello, and Cody Quagliatoo.

Senior Champ Karts…  Scott Heilman, Steven Frindt, Paul Valent Sr., Mike Reeder, John Grempel.

Senior Clone… Scott Heilman, Billy Proctor, Brenned Coulter.

Briggs Heavy…   Scott Heilman, Ron Ehrahardt, Randy Ehrharst, Kyle Kania,  DNF… Scott Thomas.

Kid Karts…   Collin O’Connor, Liam O’Connor.

Pork Chops…    Eddie Geiger, Jason Beers, Tom Boyd, Jim Carlucci.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts…   John Kendall, Jared Silfee, Cody Quagliato, Liam O’Connor, Jasper Zigafuse,  DNF… Tommy Stillo.

Junior Champ Karts…    Kallie Manieri.

World Formula MicroStocks…  Bob Wagner, Pappy Curnell, Harry Burd, Geoffrey Sutton, Steven Frindt, Fred Delibero.

L206 MicroStocks…   Bob Wagner, Tyler Wagner, Jamers Counterman Jr., James Counterman Sr., DNF… Larry Ealey.

Junior 2…   Jared Silfee, Joey Costello, Cody Quagliato.

Brandon Azzalina Triumphant In Bob Tidaback Memorial at Borgers.

  Kurt Bettler Ends Slump In AllStar Slingshots.

Saylorsburg, PA., June 28th, 2014 When Bob Tidaback pioneered Three Quarter Midget Racing at the now defunct Pine Brook Speedway Brandon Azzalina would not even be born for another decade.   On this night Azzalina and a new breed of TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprint Superstars would honor Bob Tidaback’s memory while some that Bob called friends chose to shun the event.

In a dazzling display of driving skill eighteen year old Brandon Azzalina entered the record books as the second winner of this prestigious event with Bob Tidaback’s  son Mike chasing him all the way to the finish.  There is no doubt that Bob Tidaback was looking down from the heavens with a big smile of approval on his face.

Fifteen Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints roared into turn one in back of pole sitter Austin Fehr.  The caution flag waved before the pack got to turn one as outside pole sitter Pat Vanvarick jumped the start and was issue a two spot penalty.  On the restart it was Fehr, Mike Tidaback, Mark Yoder, VanVarick, and Azzalina.  Lap six the caution once again waved and on the restart it was Fehr, Yoder, VanVarick, Azzalina, and Brandon Zavarella with Azzalina making quick work of VanVarick with his sights set on Yoder and Fehr.  Coming on like a “Freight Train” Azzalina got past Yoder for second on lap ten taking chase on Fehr.  Azzalina blasted past Fehr the next lap in firm control of the race.  By lap twenty two Azzalina was being chased by Yoder and Mike tidaback charging through the pack took up third spot.  At this time Larry Hoagland was also on the move to the front.

The race was cautioned on lap 43 in honor of Bob Tidaback and one crew member was allowed to fuel the cars and adjust tire pressure.  As the green flag waved Azzalina was first to turn one followed by Yoder and Tidaback.  Lap after lap Azzalina hit his mark not missing a beat as the pace picked up with pressure from Yoder and Tidaback.  In the closing laps Tidaback made the move on Yoder for second as Larry Hoagland moved into fourth followed by Zavarella.  With four laps to go the generator malfunctioned plunging the speedway into darkness and bringing out the red flag.  After repairs were made the race resumed but Azzalinna was not to be caught.  Azzalina piloting the Georger and Marilyn VanVarick 43 turned to perfection by George VanVarick and Mike Azzalina screamed across the finish line to the cheering fans.  On his tail Mike tidaback closed out a picture perfect day honoring his father with a fine second place finish.  Yoder was third followed by Hoagland and Zavarella.   As Mike Tidaback joined Brandon Azzlina in victory lane both drivers took pride in finishing a close, clean race showing great respect for each other.  Some thought they felt a drop or two of rain but it was tears of joy from the heavens above with Bob Tidaback saying “a job Well Done by all the racers.”

Kurt Bettler had been struggling the past few weeks not being able to get his usual results.  What worked at one time just did not seem to work anymore and frustration was setting in.  For Bettler one of the top AllStar Slingshot racers in the country these were not easy time but that al would change tonight.

At the drop of the green it was Bettler, Jim Conroy and Ryan Lacoe to turn one.  Conroy and Lacoe being locked in a tight point battle with point leader Tylor Eccles were out to move forward and take chase on Bettler.  Conroy would lead lap one but Bettler resumed the lead the next lap.  Lap five Lacoe got past Conroy as Conroy headed for the infield and Taylor Eccles moved to third.  By lap ten Amanda Conroy took over fourth spot as Bettler got stronger.  Eccles and Conroy got by Lacoe but by lap sixteen Lacoe was back in third.  As things finally fell into place Bettler took the win followed by Eccles, Lacoe , Conroy, and Bill Kerschner.

Tonight being Pocono International Raceway night the Pocono Mascot Tricky The Fox was on hand and Tammy Gower paced the TQ field with the Pocono pace car.

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints…  Brandon Azzalina, Mike Tidaback, Mark Yoder, Larry Hoagland, Brandon Zavarella, Austin Fehr, Jason Hentrich, Thomas Radivoy, Zack Burd…DNF… Sheldon Iudecillo,, Mike Dicely, Pat VanVarick, Tim Iulg, Bruce Leote, Geoffrey Sutton.

AllStar Slingshots…   Kurt Bettler, Taylor Eccles, Ryan Lacoe, Amanda Conroy, Bill Kerschner…   DNF…Jim Conroy. 

Jared Silfee Back In Victory Lane In Borgers Junior Sportsman Champ Karts.

Jared Silfee led the pack to turn one followed by John Kendall and Liam O’Connor but it was Meredith Howell third coming out of turn two.  Howell took over second on lap five but Kendal regained second a lap later.  Silfee took the win followed by Kendal, Howell, O’Connot, and Owen Ness.

Art Cronce Sr. was top Pork Chop taking the win over Jason Beers, Tom Boyd, and Jim Carlucci. Scott Thomas won Briggs Heavy. Max McCarthy won Senior Clone with Billy Proctor second. Liam O’Connor won Kid Karts with Jack VanVarick second and Connor Mirabelli third.  Last week’s winner Collin O’Connor took a hard hit on the backstretch but was uninjured.

Nick Timar took his first Senior Champ Kart win barely edging out Adam Brown who chased him the entire race. Austin Silfee beat Jacob Proctor in Junior 2 and Jared Silfee beat Joey Costello in Junior 2. Pappy Curnell won Microstocks.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts… Jared Silfee, John Kendall, Meredith Howell, Liam O’Connor, Owen Ness.

Pork Chops…  Art Cronce Sr., Jason Beers, Tom Boyd, Jim Carlucci.

Briggs Heavy… Scott Thomas.

Senior Clone… Max McCarthy, Billy Proctor.

Kid Karts… Liam O’Connor, Jack VanVarick, Connor Mirabelli,   DNF…Collin O’Connor.

Senior Champ Karts…  Nick Timar, Adam Brown.

Junior 3…  Austin Silfee, Jacob Proctor.

Junior 2… Jared Silfee, Joey Costello.

MicroStocks Pappy Curnell.

Hoch Wins Borgers All Star Slingshot Tour.

  Bettler Tops In TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprint Exhibition.

Saylorsburg, PA., June 21st, 2014:  With no Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints scheduled for this week a few cars showed up to shake their mounts down for the upcoming Bob Tidaback Memorial Borgers AllStar TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprint race next week June 28.  Borgers management decided to stage a “Match Race” between Kurt Bettler and Austin Fehr.  Bettler took the early lead and led every lap in the George and Marilyn VanVarick Asphalt 600 Sprint with Austin Fehr in his TQ.  Bettler barely edged out Fehr which was no easy task considering Fehr is the defending Borgers 2013 TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprint Champion.

The AllStar Slingshot Tour was in town with a 30 lap feature for the mighty AllStar Slingshots.  John Bocklhorn, Joe Howey, and Dylan Hoch led the field to turn one but Hoch was already on the move and made the pass on Howey for second down the backstretch.  With Howey in third Anthony Peanutbutter Raisner moved into fourth.  Hoch grabbed the lead from Bockhorn on lap six with Howey also getting by Bockhorn, while the top four battled for the lead Kurt Bettler was on the move and took over fifth place. 

By half way Mike Lapicki, Mike Fogler, and Henry Anderson would cling to the same lap as the leaders.  After numerous challenges from Howey and Bockhorn it was apparent that Hoch was not to be caught.  Hoch took the win followed by Howey and Bockhorn.  Anthony Raisner turned in a very strong run finishing fourth followed by Bettler. David Burnes took the Junior Slingshot win in his first time on the track over Joey Costello. Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints Match Race…  Kurt Bettler, Austin Fehr.

All-Star Slingshot Tour…  Dylan Hoch, Joe Howey, John Bockhorn, Anthony Raisner, Kurt Bettler, Mike Lapicki, Mike Fogler, Henry Anderson, Don Schmidt, Tom Hennessy, Doc Lapicki, Kenneth Reeder, Jim Laubach, Joshau Reeder.

Junior Slingshots…  David Burns, DNS…  Joey Costello.

Collin O’Connor Wins Borgers Kid Karts.

After Collin O’Connor finishing just off the heels of big brother Liam many times,  before the Kid Kart feature event  in a gesture of “Brotherly Love” which we could all learn a lesson from Liam said to his dad  “ I am going to let Collin win but don’t tell him.”  Fifteen laps later a wide eyed awe struck Liam O’Connor said, “Dad I couldn’t catch him.”  Indeed, Collin had beaten the 2013 Borgers Kid Kart Champion.

Collin had been fast from the get go edging his brother in the heat and as the green flag dropped the brothers were locked in a battle that rivals any with drivers two, three, four or even five times their age.  Lap after lap as Collin would pull away Liam would be right back on his tail.  Running side by side the last five laps neither brother gave an inch as the “Brotherly Love” gesture soon turned to rivalry.  Collin was not about to settle for second place as the finish line loomed ahead and Collin screamed under starter Tyler Knitter’s checkered flag.  As the brothers posed for victory lane shots the fans realized they had just witnessed a “Race of Champions” and they aren’t even eight years old.

In Senior Champ Karts it was Scott Heilman, John Berger, and Teddy Reed as Steven Frindt joined the lead group on lap four.  Heilman and Berger battled for the lead as Frindt took chase on Reed getting by in the closing laps.  As Heilman and Berger bumped and banged Heilman held strong taking the win over Berger and Frindt.

Senior Clones proved to be another Heilman and Berger battle as Berger took the lead on lap three.   Things got rough with Heiman getting into Berger sending Heilman to the rear.  On the restart Berger, Billy Proctor, and Brennen Coulter took the green with Heilman coming from last to second in one lap to give chase to Berger.  Try as he may Heilman could not catch the “High Flying” Berger with Berger taking the win over Heilman, Proctor, and Coulter.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts found Liam O’Connor edging out John Kendall for the win giving him the pole.  At the drop of the green it was O’Connor, Tanner Jones, and Cody Quagliato.  With O’Connor getting off to a bad start Jones took the lead coming out of turn two.  A three car battled developed with Jones, Kendal, and Jared Silfee with Kendal Taking the lead on lap four.  By the half way mark Silfee got by Jones but nursing a bent car could not catch Kendall,  Kendall took the win followed by Silfee, Jones, O’Connor, Quagliato, Jasper Zigafuse, and Tommy Stillo.

Pappy Curnell and Fred Delibero swapped the lead back and forth in MicroStocks with Pappy taking the win over Delibero and Dave Curnell. Tom Boyd took the Pork Chop win over Jason Beers and John Cason won Open Modified. Austin Silfee beat Jacob Proctor in Junior 3. Jared Silfee came out in top over Cody Quagliato and Joey Costello in Junior 2.

Kid Karts…  Collin O’Connor, Liam O’Connor.

Senior Champ Karts…  Scott Heilman, John Berger, Steven Frindt, Teddy Reed, Nick Timar, DNF..  Paul Valent Jr.

Senior Clones…  John Berger, Scott Heilman, Billy Proctor, Brennen Coulter.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts…  John Kendall, Jared Silfee, Tanner Jones, Liam O’Connor, Cody Quagliato, Jasper Zigafuse, Tommy Stillo.

MicroStocks  Pappy Curnell, Fred Delibero, Dave Curnell.

Pork Chops…  Tom Boyd, Jason Beers.

Open Modified…  John Cason.

Junior 3…  Austin Silfee, Jacob Proctor.

Junior 2…  Jared Silfee, Cody Quagliato, Joey Costello.

Tim Iulg Wins Number One In Borgers TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints.

Simon Smacks Down Slingshots.

Saylorsburg, PA., June 14th, 2014:  The weather was more like late fall then early summer but the action on the asphalt at Borgers Speedway was hot as Tim Iulg took his first Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints win in blazing fashion.  In only his second race ever at Borgers, Iulg made his presence known in a big way.  Geoffrey Sutton won his heat so he led the pack for the start.  Coming out of turn four misfortune  reared it’s ugly face as Sutton pulled to the infield as the green flag waved.  On the restart it was Iulg, Mark Yoder, and Larry Hoagland to turn one but Hoagland would come out of turn two chasing the leader Iulg.  Hoagland spun on lap seven bringing out the yellow and on the restart Pat VanVarick got by Yoder.  As VanVarick took chase on Iulg the white 56 got stronger with each lap.  Charging from behind Hoagland put an “Asphalt Slider” on VanVarick in turn one as Yoder also made the move on VanVarick blasting into second.  As Iulg, Yoder, and Hoagland pulled away Iulg was not to be caught and screamed under starter Tyler Knitter’s checkered flag.  As Iulg climbed out of his car in victory lane his ecstatic family joined him which included his father Dirt Modified Star Gary Iulg.  Yoder finished second followed by Hoagland, and VanVarick.

Simon says Simon Eagan smackes down  Slingers in Borgers Summer Smack Down.  Scoring a perfect day Eagan won both heats which gave him the pole for the 40 lap event.  At the drop of the green it wa Eagan, Dylan Hoch, and Chris Kurtz to turn one.  Coming out of turn two Louden Reimert made the pass on Kurtz with his sights set on the leaders.  Lap five Alex Schoffstall moved into fourth as Kurtz dropped back to fifth.  Eagan opened a slight lead on Hoch but a caution on lap nine closed up the field.  On the restart Hoch was on Eagan’s rear bumper.  Closing in on half way Kurtz had the pressure on Reimeret and got by Remiert on lap eighteen.  As the leaders came upon lapped cars on lap twenty two Hoch, Mike Fogler, and Jim Laubach tangled in turn one ending their day.  On the restart it was Eagan, Reimert, and Kurtz until lap thirty when Kurtz made the pass on Reimert for second.  As Eagan pulled away he was not to be caught taking the win followed by Kurtz, Reimert, Schoffstall, and Mark Sensenig.

Tina Conroy carried on a family tradition making her the third member of her family to win a Slingshot feature on the Borgers asphalt.  Conroy won the first ever Slingshot Queen Of The Asphalt Powder Puff making it a family affair as daughter Amanda, and husband Jim have won AllStar Slingshot main events.  A first lap crash eliminated Sara Silfee and Stacey McLaughlin setting up a two car battle for the lead with Conroy and Tara Bush.  In the closing laps Bush made contact with Conroy sending Bush to the rear.  On the restart Danielle Quick took chase on Conroy but a crash would sideline her in the closing laps.  Bush and Mylin chased  Conroy to the checkered flag but Conroy would hold strong taking the win.

At intermission grandstand spectators got a chance to try their driving skills running the Borgers Fun Sprint Car on the Borgers infield oval.  A half dozen takers took on the challenge including the Blue Ridge TV 13 cameraman.

Borgers Speedway would like to thank Brian Unangast and Blue Ridge TV 13 for covering the night’s activities.

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints…  Tim Iulg, Mark Yoder, Larry Hoagland, Pat VanVarick,..DNF… Geoffrey Sutton,…DNS… Joe Yacarino, Louie Horvath.

AllStar Slingshot Summer Smack Down…  Simon Eagan, Chris Kurtz, Louden Reimert, Alex Schoffstall, Mark Sensenig, Taylor Eccles, Cody Kline, Jim conroy, Vern McLaughlin, Joe Howey, Joe Bockhorn, Damon Paul, Henry Anderson, Ryan Lacoe, …DNF… Dylan Hoch, Mike fogler, Jim Laubach, Joe Bodenschatz, Mike McLaughlin.

Slingshot Queen Of The Asphalt Powder Puff…  Tina Conroy, Tara Bush, Mylin, DNF..Danielle Quick, Stacey McLaughlin, Sara Silfee.

Ron Ehrhardt Tops Brother Randy In Borgers Clone War Battle.

Once again the Ehrhardt brothers Ron and Randy staged a battle from start to finish with Ron coming out on top in Borgers Clone Wars action.  As the Ehrhardt brothers ran bumper to bumper Scott Heilman closed in during the later stages of the race with Billy Proctor and Max McCarthy close behind.  Ron would edge out Randy at the finish followed Heilman, Proctor, and McCarthy.

In Senior Clone Brennen Coulter jumped to an early lead over Pappy Curnell.  Curnel chased Coulter the entire distance but Coulter held off the challenge to take the win.

Tom Boyd ran strong the entire day fending off challenges from Jason Beers and Jim Colucci to take the Pork Chop win.

Scott Heilman led every lap with Steven Frindt glued to his rear bumper to take the Senior Champ Kart win. Austin Silfee won Junior Champ Karts 1.

After getting off to a slow start Liam O’Connor made up ground quicly chasing Jack VanVarick in the Kid Kart feature.  VanVarick held off all challenges with O’Connor making a last ditch effort coming out of turn four for the finish line.  In a photo finish VanVarick took the win over O’Connor by about eight inches.  Collin O’Connor was third. Austin Silfee took the Junior 3 win over Jacob Proctor. Jared Silfee bested Joey Costello in Junior 2.

It did not take Jared Silfee long to come from last starting position to take the Junior Sportsman Champ Kart win.  Meredith Howell Howell started on the pole but Silfee came from last starting sport to second in one lap and took the lead on the next go around.  Silfee took the win followed by Howell, Tanner Jones, Liam O’Connor,  and Tommy Stillo.

A new MicroStock proved to be the winning ticket for Fred Delibero taking his first Borgers MicroStock win.  It was not an easey job as Delibero and Roy Morris swapped the lead lap after lap with Delibero securing the lead with seven laps to go.  Mike Andrews finished a close third.

Clones Wars… Ron Ehrhardt, Randy Ehrhardt, Scott Heilman, Bily Proctor, Max McCarthy,  DNS… Brennen Coulter.

Senior Clone…  Brennen Coulter, Pappy Curnell.

Pork Chops… Tom Boyd, Jason Beers, Jim Carlucci.

Senior Champ Karts… Scott Heilman, Steven Frindt.

Junior Champ Karts 1…  Austin Silfee.

Kid Karts… Jack VanVarick, Liam O’Connor, Collin O’Connor.

Junior 3 …  Austin Silfee, Jacob Proctor.

Junior 2… Jared Silfee, Joey Costello.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts…  Jared Silfee, Meredith Howell, Tanner Jones, Liam O’Connor,Tommy Stillo,  DNS…Shelby McLaughlin.

MicroStocks  Fred Delibero, Roy Morris, Mike Andrews.

ATQMRA Borgers Controversy - Janisch Fastest Driver To Ever Turn (8.575) A Lap At Borgers.

VanVarick Wins 600 Sprints, Sensenig Wins the All-Star Slingshot Feature..

Saylorsburg, PA., June 7th, 2014 The ABC's are frequently recited at Borgers. This week’s tour stop by the ATQMRA would be no different.  The once bountiful ATQMRA is now struggling because of the loss of drivers to other classes and financial woes.  The club is now left with a few committed owners, a speedway who calls the ATQMRA their "flagship" class and a handful of drivers who strap into their indoor cars on a weekly basis all working together to resurrect the club.

If Hollywood was to help the ATQMRA we are sure it would start off by having them run at Borgers weekly.   It seems no matter when they visit the small 1/7 mile asphalt a battle ensues.  This Saturday was no different.   Around 1pm many of the winged warriors took to the track in the paid early practice sessions and assaulted the Borgers asphalt.  It was apparent that Matt Janisch would be the man to beat.   As the early practice ended only a handful of cars remained that could challenge Janisch.   One in particular, "Geo" Sutton who has been a rising star in the Metz stable has been strong at Borgers.   The Metz Ride4rent team is home when they race at Borgers thus giving Sutton a home field advantage.  Sutton has been knocking on the door since the start of the season.   Using the ATQMRA handicap system, Sutton and Janisch would start near the rear and be forced to work their way through the pack.  

At the drop of the green it was Frank Fischer, Ryan Tidman, and Matt Roselli to turn one with Tidman taking the lead coming out of turn two.  Last years ATQMRA Champion Flying Ryan Tidman has struggled this year in the Boyd Racing prepared machine, but Tidman who has won at Borgers before hoped today would be the day the finally get their program back on track.   They were poised to do it.   A few yellow flags and a determined Matt Janisch stood in the way of the return to victory lane for Boyd Racing.   As the laps wound down, Roselli would fade but the trio of Sutton Sload and Janisch would rise.  Geoffrey Sutton moved his Metz racing TQ into second spot but the caution came out again.  Using all the track and whatever bumpers they had the duo of Janisch / Sutton worked their way to the top.  Matt Janisch took over third spot  and then got past Sutton for second setting up a two car battle for the lead with Tidman.  Tidman and Janisch raced side by side until Janisch took over the lead with two to go.  The fireworks didnt stop there.   Words would be exchanged on the track, in the pits and in victory lane. The ATQMRA club racers would have a second opportunity to settle the score later in the day but unfortunately the club cars opted not to run the Borgers Asphalt 600/TQ feature (similar to indoor rule package) race later that same day.   The ATQMRA has handed down race day penalties for the incidents and race day results shall follow.  The Borgers results should be considered unofficial.  The speedway had Janisch topping Tidman, Sutton.  

As they do on a weekly basis, Borgers runs its own Asphalt 600 / TQ class with a rule package similar to Atlantic City.  After a disappointing finish in the club race, the Metz Ride4rent team removed their wings and entered their second feature of the night.  There they set their sites on the #17 Bangor Steel / Hyper Asphalt hugger driven by Pat Van Varick.  It didn't take long for Pat VanVarick to make it back to victory lane in Hoosier Racing Tires TQ / Asphalt 600 Sprints.  

Rob Vivona has been working to overcome some health issues and continues to reappear when he can.  Rob won his heat and started P1 for the feature.  At the drop of the green he led the way.   Behind Rob it was Van Varick racing driver Kurt Bettler and with the Bangor Steel driver Pat Van Varick in toe.As lapped two clicked by the red came out for Jeff Kott.  Kott took a violent flip down the backstretch sliding to a stop up at the wall of turn three.  As the EMT checked him out asking Jeff how many fingers she was holding up he replied “Lady- I don’t care how many fingers you are holding up.  If this car has all four wheels on it I am racing”  and he did just that.  He fired up the TQ and rejoined the field. 

On the restart VanVarick got past Bettler for second but the developing story was Larry Hoagland who charged into fourth.  The Fred Bittner owned 54 driven by Larry Hoagland has been getting faster each race and tonight the Bittner team had it all together.  Hoagland joined the top four racing for the lead with all four drivers turning lap times within a few hundredths of a second.  Hoagland has been working tirelessly to get his ride to perform. It seems they did something right this week and have finally turned the corner!

Vivona had top lap time followed by VanVarick, Hoagland, and Bettler.  Vivona was stricken was a loose car early and it would eventually cost him the lead. At the halfway mark VanVarick took over.  Once in the lead VanVarick coasted to the checkered flag over Vivona, Bettler, Hoagland, and Ed Wilburger Sr.

AllStar Slingshots once again lived up to their reputation as the “Excitement Class” At Borgers Speedway.  As the field continues to grow, 14 Allstar Slingshots took to the track in preparation for the big payday on June 14th, 2014.  Taylor Eccles led the pack to turn one followed by Dylan Hoch and rookie James Moyer but it was Hoch in the lead coming out of turn two.  "The Columbian Connection", Mark Sensenig and Kurt Bettler moved into third and fourth the next lap with Sensenig gave Hoch a little help on entry and forced his way around Hoch for second a lap later.  A two car battle for the lead developed with Eccles and Sensenig battling.  Eccles slowed allowing Sensenig to walk past him and add another victory to his resume.   The Sensenig and Eccles rivalry is getting exciting.   At the line it was Hoch for third, Bettler, and Mike Lapicki.

The 2014 Allstar Slingshot Points Championship is really something we never had before!   We have guys battling from 1st to 8th place.   This is great!  We will revise the season championship points fund and prizes and increase the $$$ and depth of the payout if this continues.  All drivers that meet the attendance criteria to earn awards, they will get them!  Eccles has a commanding 117 pts lead over Conroy.   Ryan Lacoe ( 916 ), Sensenig (860) and now rookie James Moyer (899) are all neck and neck in the points.   The Hammerdown Dyno boys, once a Borgers Powerhouse, have been dismal this year but I wouldn't count them out either.     

Hoosier Racing Tires Asphalt 600 Sprints…  Pat Van Varick, Rob Vivona, Kurt Bettler, Larry Hoagland, Jeff Kot.,   DNF…JR Williams, Geoffrey Sutton, DNS -Marc Rogers, Ed Willburg

AllStar Slingshots…  Mark Sensenig, Taylor Eccles, Dylan Hoch, Kurt Bettler, Mike Lapicki, James Moyer, Jim Conroy, Tom Hennessy, Anthony Raisner, Henry Anderson, Doc Lapicki,  DNF…  Alan Hauptman, Johnny Bush, Ryan Lacoe.

Long Haul From New Hampshire Proves Successful For John Berger At Borgers.

The trip from New Hampshire may be a long drive but it proved to be very successful for John Berger taking a spectacular win in Senior Clones and runner up spot in Senior Champ Karts.  It was a lap after lap side by side duel to the finish with John Berger and Scott Heilman in Senior Clones which was not decided until the last lap with Berger taking his first win at Borgers.  Scott Heilman who battled Berger the entire distance finished second followed by Billy Proctor and Brennen Coultar.

The same battle between Berger and Heilman took place in Senior Champ Karts.  It was Berger, Heilman, and Jordan Modiano to turn one but Teddy Reed jumped into second spot coming out of turn two the first lap.  Berger and Heilman battled for the top spot with Heilman getting by Berger on lap six.  Heilman took the win followed by Berger, Modiano, Steven Frindt, Reed, and Nick Timar.

John Kendall took his second win of the season in Winged Junior Sportsman Champ Karts.  Kendall, Jared Silfee, and Cody Quagliato battled for the early lead with Kendall and Sifee tangling on lap six sending Kendall to the rear.  On the restart Kendall came from the rear to take chase to Silfee.  Silfee would hold the lead until the last lap with Kendall getting by for the win.  Kendall took the win over Silfee followed by Cody Quagliato and Liam O’Connor.

Austin Silfee took the Junior 3 win over Jacob Proctor. Jared Silfee won Junior 2. Cody Quagliato won Junior 1. Junior Champ Kart 2 Austin Silfee and Gavin Moyer swapped the lead lap after lap with Silfee coming out on top..

Non Winged Junior Sportsman Champ Karts found a three way battle for the lead with Cody Quagliato, Tanner Jones, and Shelby McLaughlin with Quagliato taking his first win.  Jones and McLaughlin came in a close second and third followed by Tommy Stillo, and Owen Ness. Art Cronce took the Pork Chop win over Jason Beers, Tom Boyd, and Jim Carlucci. In Kid Karts Jack VanVarick topped Liam O’Connor, Collin O’Connor, and Connor Mirabelli.

Senior Clones…  John Berger, Scott Heilman, Billy Proctor, Brennen Coultar.

Senior Champ Karts…  Scott Heilman, John Berger, Jordan Modiano, Steven Frindt, Teddy Reed, Nick Timar.

Winged Junior Sportsman Champ Karts…  John Kendall, Jared Silfee, Cody Quagliato, Liam O’Connor.

Junior 3…  Austin Silfee, Jacob Proctor.

Junior 2…  Jared Silfee, Non Conforming…  Joey Costello.

Junior 1…  Cody Quagliato.

Junior Champ Kart 2…  Austin Silfee, Gavin Moyer.

Pork Chops…  Art Cronce Jr., Jason Beers, Tom Boyd,  DNF…Jim Carlucci.

Kid Karts…  Jack VanVarick, Liam O’Connor, Collin O’Connor, Connor Mirabelli.

Borgers Queen Of The Asphalt Slingshot Powder Puff June 14

Saylorsburg, PA., June 5th, 2014:  Borgers Speedway is pleased to announce our first Borgers Speedway Powder Puff Slingshot Race to be run in conjunction with the AllStar Slingshot $1500 to win $4000 plus purse Summer Smack Down Saturday June 14.  This event will be run after completion of the Smack Down feature event.

We welcome all the ladies who are here every week supporting the boys to get on the track and have some fun.  Borgers Speedway would like to thank Tara Bush who is organizing  this event.  Borgers Speedway will provide a plaque for the winner.  Anyone wishing to enter or support this event please contact Tara Bush

There will be no entry fee but all competitors must have a pit pass.  This is a fun event and no professional female drivers will be allowed to race.

Which female will rule the asphalt?  You will find out on June 14 Summer Smack Down at Borgers Speedway.

Brandon Azzalina Smashes VanVarick’s TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprint Win Streak.

  Eccles Back In Victory Lane At Borgers.

Saylorsburg, PA., May 31st, 2014:  Brandon Azzalina and brother Zac’s roots lie deep at Borgers Speedway.  During the dirt days they were a dominant force in Junior Slingshots, AllStar Slingshots, and Wingless 600 Sprints.  Being nurtured by their father Mike another force in that nurturing process was George VanVarick who had been with the team from day one.  With George’s background in dirt modified stock car racing at many of the top dirt tracks in the northeast the team clicked well from day one.  With the paving at Borgers different paths were taken but the bond was always strong.  When VanVarick’s regular driver could not compete this Saturday the obvious choice was Brandon Azzalina and that proved to be the right choice.

In fact back in 2012 the first driver to turn a lap on the freshly  paved Borgers Speedway was Brandon Azzalina in a George and Marilyn VanVarick car.  With very little asphalt experience a few hot laps earlier in the day set the stage for the breaking of George VanVarick’s brother Pat’s five race win streak. Immediately turning 9.585 second laps Azzalina won his heat and the stage was set for the feature.

At the drop of the green in Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints  it was Azzalina, Pat VanVarick, and Geoffrey Sutton to turn one.  Before a lap was completed the caution waved and on the restart Azzalina blasted to turn one never to be caught again.  By lap two another newcomer Tim Iulg charged into fourth sport and the lead pack.  While Azzalina opened a slight lead Sutton was putting the pressure on VanVarick and charged into second spot on lap six.  With Iulg working on VanVarick, Azzalina was determined to put his first ride in the VanVarick car in victory lane the eighteen year old Saylorsburg resident drove flawlessly lap after lap hitting his mark on the dime in each turn of the tricky 1/7 mile asphalt oval.  On the final lap Sutton who had the fastest lap of the night made a last ditch effort but was not strong enough as Azzalina streaked under the checkered flag.  Sutton finished second as Iulg slipped by VanVarick for third in a spectacular first time run for the roses.  Larry Hoagland was fifth followed by Charlie Lamanna, and Anthony Schlosser White.

With brother Zac and father Mike already on the way with the dirt cars to another track mom Melissa and George and Marilyn VanVarick greated their ecstatic driver in victory lane.  Only time will tell what the future holds for the Azzalina-VanVarick team but on this beautiful spring day they made an impression on everyone in attendance at Borgers Speedway.

After a one week absence from victory lane Taylor Eccles made it win number four in AllStar Slingshots.  Eccles, Mark Sensenig, and Al Hauptman brought the fourteen car field to turn one.  By lap two Joe Howey moved to third with last week’s feature winner Jim Conroy following.  As Hauptman dropped back James Moyer and Ryan Lacoe both hungry for that first feature win joined the top six.  As the laps ticked off Sensenig turned up the steam on Eccles trying every trick in the book to catch the black twelve and Conroy would get by Howey.  At the checkered flag it was Eccles, Sensenig, Conroy, Howey, and Moyer.

Next week June 7 Borgers Speedway goes to their evening summer schedule with at 4:00 p.m. starting time for heat.  Borgers AllStar TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints will run a separate show from the ATQMRA Tour race.  ATQMRA cars and drivers are welcome to run the additional Borgers AllStar show.  Slingshots will also be in competition with a full Kart show including $750 To Win with Car Count Senior Champ Karts, KOA Champ Karts, and Clone Wars. 

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints…  Brandon Azzalina, Geoffrey Sutton, Tim Iulg, Pat VanVarick, Larry Hoagland, Charlie Lamanna, DNF…  Anthony Schlosser White.

AllStar Slingshots…  Taylor Eccles, Mark Sensenig,, Jim Conroy,  Joe Howey,  James Moyer, Ryan Lacoe, Al Hauptman, Doc Lapicki, Scott Heilman, Johnny Bush, Don Schmidt, Ethan Darling, Mike Moyer, John Drake.

Tony Colandro Wins Borgers $555 To Win Senior Champs and Scott Heilman Wins Clone Wars.

It took a late race pass for Tony Colandro to take the checkered flag in the Borgers $555 to win Senior Champ main event.  Scott Heilman, Justin Gumley, and Colandro battled the first two laps with Colandro making the pass for second on lap three.  A wild three car battle for the lead raged with Heilman, Colandro, and Gumley under a blanket.  A late race pass by Colandro on Heilman followed by Gumley secured Colandro the win followed by Gumley, Heilman, Al Jadaki, and Steven Frindt.

Another “Nail Biter” in Clone Wars as Scott Heilman made a daring pass for the lead on Thomas Radivoy coming out of turn four on the final lap.  Randy and Ron Ehrhardt, Billy Proctor, and Brennen Coultar chased the leaders to the checkered flap.

The Kid Kart feature also made it another “Last Lap Triple Play” as 2013 Kid Kart Champion Liam O’Connor made another visit to victory lane.  Jack VanVarick dominated the race from the get go with O’Connnor making up time and closing the gap on each lap.  As the checkered flag was waving O’Connor and VanVarick did some bumping and banging coming out of turn four with O’Connor coming out on top.  VanVarick was second followed by Hudson Barry, and Collin O’Connor.

With each passing race the Junior Sportsman Champ Karts have become the division to watch this Season at Borgers Speedway.  Jared Silfee has dominated the scene from the start of the season but everyone is improving and the competition is becoming more intense with each passing week.  Today would be no different as Silfee, Meredith Howell, and John Kendall battled for the lead the entire race.  The second group of cars had an equally as well battle with Liam O’Connor, Tanner Jones, and Tommy Stillo.  At the checkered flag Silfee added another win followed closely by Howell, Kendall, O’Connor, Jones, and Stillo.

Pappy Curnell had a great birthday winning the $101 50/50 drawing and the MicroStock feature event.  Curnell dominated the race leading every lap to take the win over Fred Delibero, Mike Andrews, and Dave Curnell. Austin Silfee and Jacob Proctor resumed their normal Junior 3 battle with Silfee coming out on top. Likewise Jared Silfee took the Junior 2 win in his usual battle with Joey Costello. Tom Boyd won Pork Chops and John Cason won Open Modified.

Senior Champ Karts…  Tony Colandro, Justin Grumley, Scott Heilman, Al Jadacki, Steven Frindt, Dave Green, Nick Timar.

Clone Wars…  Scott Heilman, Thomas Radivoy. Randy Ehrhardt, Ron Ehrhardt, Billy Proctor, Brennen  Coultar.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts…  Jared Silfee, Meredith Howell, John Kendall, Liam O’Connor, Tanner Jones, Tommy Stillo.

Kid Karts…  Liam O’Connor, Jack VanVarick, Huudson Barry, Collin O’Connor.

MicroStocks  Pappy Curnell, Fred Delibero, Mike Andrews, Dave Curnelll.

Junior 3…  Austin Silfee, Jacob Proctor.

Junior 2…  Jared Silfee, Joey Costello.

Pork Chop…  Tom Boyd.

Open Modified…  John Cason.

All-Star Slingshot Summer Smack Down 2014 Slated To Be Biggest Slingshot

Event In The History Of Borgers Speedway.

Saylorsburg, PA., May 26th, 2014 On a Sunday afternoon in the fall of 1999 a dream of Richard Tobias became reality as the first Slingshot race ever was held at Glenn Borger’s brand, spanking, new 1/7 mile dirt oval in Saylorsburg, Pa.  The rest is history as Slingshot racing became the biggest success story in Small Car racing in the northeast.

History will be made once again at Borgers Speedway June 14 when the “Best Of The Best” in AllStar Slingshot racing will be competing this time on the asphalt for a share of the $4000 plus ”Pot Of Gold.”   A new era of Slingshot racing is emerging as teams realize asphalt racing at Borgers is just as competitive as dirt racing with virtually no tire wear, no dirt being sucked into the motors, plus going home from the track with a clean racecar.

The $4000 plus purse, with a 30 car count, will give the winner the choice of $1500 cash or a brand new Speedway Entertainment short block motor valued at $1700.  The remaining purse breakdown will be released shortly.

There will be a $100 entry fee plus $20 driver’s pit pass.  20 cars will qualify with $80 to take the green.  The feature will run 40 laps with no caution laps counting.  Rain date for this event will be June 21.

Speedway Entertainment will be on hand to do a post race tech.

Gates open at 12:00 P.M. with a paid practice session from 1:00 p.m. until 2:30 P.M.  Regular practice from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.  

Mandatory driver’s meeting 3:45 P.M.  Heats at 4:00 P.M.

There will also be a full card of TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints, Junior Slingshots, Karts and MicroStocks.

Questions can be directed to Bob Snyder.  

Instant updates on the Borgers Facebook page and the Slingshots by Tobias Facebook page.

Borgers Speedway Weather Hot Line 570-992-8131

Conroy Edges Lacoe to Snap Eccles Win Streak in Borger's

 All-Star Slingshot Thriller. VanVarick Unstoppable in TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints.

 Saylorsburg, PA., May 24th, 2014 Taylor Eccles’s three race wins streak came to an abrupt halt as Jim Conroy and Ryan Lacoe ducked it out in a all out barnburner at the Borgers 1/7 mile asphalt oval.  As the green flag dropped Jim Conroy a Borgers veteran with wins on the Borgers dirt, Ryan Lacoe a rising star who is hungry for his first win, and Johnny Bush who has become a major threat since making Borgers home this season led the field to turn one.  Coming out of turn two all hell broke loose as Lacoe got turned sideways in a chain reaction crash that sidelined John Drake and Anthony Peanutbutter Raisner.  On the restart it was Conroy, Lacoe, and Bush in a three car battle for the lead.  As the battle for the lead raged on Taylor Eccles moved into fourth spot followed by Al Hauptman on lap four.  Hauptman got by Eccles for third on lap six as Bush dropped back.  As the shuffling for position by the second groups of cars was taking place Conroy and Lacoe were locked in a knock down battler for the lead.  Just past halfway Eccles regained third as the battle for the lead intensified.  Conroy and Lacoe racing side by side were in a dead heat as Lacoe briefly took the lead but Conroy regrouped and held strong taking his first win on asphalt followed by Lacoe, Eccles, and Hauptman.  A much improved James Moyer who ran in the lead group the later part of the race finished fifth.

The Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints still have not found a way to beat Pat VanVarick.  Kurt Bettler looking strong in his heat took the heat win over VanVarick giving him the pole for the start of the feature.  Bettler, VanVarick, and Geoffrey Sutton charged to turn one with Bettler in command.  VanVarick took the lead on lap two heading a four car battler for the lead with Bettler,  Sutton, and Rob Vivona.  VanVarick opened a small lead as Bettler, Sutton, and Vivona remained locked in battle.  With five laps to go the caution flew for a tire that was knocked into the groove which bunched up the pack.  On the restart Bettler was on VanVarick’s tail waiting for him to make a false move but it did not happen.  VanVarick took the win followed by Bettler, Sutton, vivona, Hoagland, and Ed Willburg.

Pat VanVarick holds a fifty five point leadover Larry Hoagland in points in the TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints but the story in the AllStar Slingshots is much different.  Taylor Eccles holds a seventy eight point lead over Jim Conroy but the battle for third place gets real interesting with Al Hauptmn, Ryan Lacoe, James Moyer, Johnny Bush, Scott Heilman, and Mark Sensenig all within ninty points of each other.

AllStar Slingshots….   Jim Conroy, Ryan Lacoe, Taylor Eccles, Alan Hauptman, James Moyer, Greg Zellman, Mike Moyer,   DNF…. Scott Heilman, Johnny Bush, John Drake, Anthony Peanutbutter Raisner.

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints    Pat VanVarick, Kurt Bettler, Geoffrey Sutton, Rob vivona, Larry Hoagland, Ed Willburg.

Thomas Radivoy Turns Fastest Kart Lap Ever At Borgers Speedway.

John Kendall Brings Jared Silfee Win Streak To An End.

The Sons of Anarchy Open Modified Karts came to Borgers Speedway and something that no one expected took place.  In winning the feature event Thomas Radivoy not only came from behind but set the fastest lap ever turned by a kart at Borgers Speedway.  With a lap time of 10.599 seconds, which is only a half second off the TQ lap times, Radivoy went into the record books.  David Goley, Teddy Reed, and Peter Colby blasted into turn one at the drop of the green.  By lap two Radivoy made the move on Colby for third and a lap later took over second from Reed and from here the chase was on.  Lap after lap and side by side the two “Speedsters” fought for the lead turning laps more of a TQ then a Kart.  As the laps wound down the battle became more intense.  The white flag lap signaled an all out “Shoot Out” for the lead.  With the screaming fans on their feet Radivoy charged out of turn four just edging out Goley at the checkered flag followed by Colby and Reed.

So far in 2014 Jared Silfee had won every Junior Sportsman Champ Kart race run.  Today that would all change as John Kendall snapped Silfee’s win streak.  It was Silfee, Meredith Howell, and Kendal to turn one but it was Kendall second coming out of turn two.  As Kendall put the pressure on Silfee for the lead Howell had her hands full keeping a hard charging Cody Quagliato and Liam O’Connor at bay.  With four laps to go Silfee spun coming out of turn two giving the lead to Kendall.  On the restart Silfee came from the rear passing O’Connor, Quagliato, and Howell in a half a lap with his sights set on Kendall.  Driving a superb race the determined Kendall held off the challenge and took his first win over Silfee, Howell, Quagliato, and O’Connor.

After getting off to a bad start it took Liam O’Connor no time to make up the distance and take the lead from Jack VanVarick on lap seven to take the Kid Kart win.  Collin O’Connor was third.

Scott Heilman held off a hard charging Steven Frindt to take the Senior Champ Kart win over Frindt, Paul Valent Jr., Nick Timar, and Trevor Morris.

Scott Heilman backed up his Senior Champ Kart win with a win in Senior Clones.  It was Heilman, Austin Silfee, and Billy Proctor to turn one.  Immediately the chase was on with Silfee in his first race with the seniors chasing Heilman.  Proctor and Pappy Curnell battled for third with Curnell taking over on lap five.  On a lap seven restart Curnell got by Silfee but did not have enough for Heilman.  Heilman took the win followed by Curnell, Silfee, Proctor, and Brennen Coulter.

Austin took the Junior 3 win. Jared Silfee took the Junior 2 win over Joey Costello. Cody Quagliato won Junior 1. After having a rough day with changing motors and a bent under body Ton Boyd took the Pork Chop win over Jason Beers. Pappy Curnell won MicroStocks.

With the 2014 racing season well underway the points battles are starting to heat up.  In Junior Sportsman Champ Karts it is a five car battle for the championship between Jared Silfee, John Kendall, Liam O’Connor, Meredith Howell, and Cody Quagliato.  In Senior Clones Scott Heilman has the lead with Billy Proctor and Pappy Curnell tied for second.  Heilman also leads in Senior Champ Karts with Steven Frindt 79 points behind.  30 points separate Tom Boyd and Jason Beers in Pork Chops.  Ten points separate Ron and Randy Ehrhardt in Briggs Heavy.  Austin Silfee and Jacob Proctor are neck to neck in Junior 3.  Twenty five points separate Jared Silfee and Joey Costello in Junior 2 and Cody Quagliato leads Junior 1.

Sons of Anarchy Open Modifieds…   Thomas Radivoy, David Goley, Peter Colby, Terry Reed.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts… John Kendall, Jared Silfee, Meredith Howell, Cody Quagliato, Liam O’Connor.

Kid Karts… Liam O’Connor, Jack VanVarick, Collin O’Connor.

Senior Champ Karts… Scott Heilman, Steven Frindt, Paul Valent Jr., Nick Timar, Trevor Morris.

Senior Clone…  Scott Heilman, Pappy Curnell, Austin Silfee, Billy Proctor, Brennen coulter.

Junior 3…  Austin Silfee.

Junior 2…  Jared Silfee, Joey Costello.

Junior 1…  Cody Quagliato.

Pork Chop….  Tom Boyd, Jason Beers.

MicroStock  Pappy Curnell.

Eccles Wins Number Three In Borgers All-Star Slingshot Thriller.

VanVarick Takes TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints.

Saylorsburg, PA., May 17th, 2014 In his third trip to victory lane in as many weeks Taylor Eccles’s win in AllStar Slingshots capped one of the most exciting races in the asphalt era at Borgers Speedway.  Ryan Lacoe started on the pole by winning the first heat and led Alan Hauptman and Taylor Eccles to turn one and immediately a three car battle for the lead developed.  Hauptman got by Lacoe on lap five followed by Eccles.  The three car battle for the lead now became a four car battle with Mark Sensenig moving to fourth.  One lap later Sensenig got by Lacoe for third putting the pressure on Hauptman and Eccles who were running side by side in a deead heat lap after lap.  As the laps ticked down Eccles made the move on Hauptman for the lead with two to go.  In the closing laps Sensenig and Lacoe got by Hauptman but could not catch Eccles.  At the finish it was Eccles, Sensenig, Lacoe, Hauptman, and James Moyer in his best finish of the season.

Pat VanVarick led every lap to win the Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints over Larry Hoagland.  Hoagland who has been mastering the asphalt in his first season at Borgers on the asphalt has been getting stronger each race and kept the pressure on VanVarick.  Tom Arntz running the VanVarick team car finished third while Joe Yaccarino finished fourth.  Austin Fehr suffered mechanical problems and did not start.

AllStar Slingshots…  Taylor Eccles, Mark Sensenig, Ryan Lacoe, Alan Hauptman, James Moyer, Johnny Bush, Tom Arntz, Jim Conroy, Mike Moyer, Mike McLaughlin.

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints…  Pat VanVarick, Larry Hoagland, Tom Arntz, Joe Yaccarino,  DNS… Austin Fehr.

Brian Sullivan Wins Senior Champ Kart Thriller.  Bob Wagner Takes MSRS Tour.

Another thriller in Senior Champ Karts featured some of the most intense racing ever at Borgers Speedway.  The World Of Outlaws Sprint Cars would have to take a back seat to the performance these drivers put on today at the Borgers asphalt 1/7 mile oval.  Scott Heilman, Damon Schuster, and Thomas Radivoy led the field to turn one as all Hell broke loose.  As Heilman took the early lead Sullivan had moved to fifth spot by lap five when Schuster took the lead with Heilman falling back to second.    By lap eight it was Schuster, Heilman, Radivoy, and Sullivan bumping and banging providing lap after lap of three wide racing that kept the fans on the edge of their seats.     At the half way mark Radivoy and Sullivan tangled.  As the field went back to green the stage was set for Schuster, Sullivan and Heilman for an all out shoot out to the finish.  Racing side by side  on lap sixteen Sullivan took the lead from Schuster  with Heilman charging to second under the white flag.  At the finish it was Sullivan, Heilman, Schuster, Mike Dinsmoor, and Radivoy.

Bob Wagner continued his winning ways taking the MSRS Tour race at Borgers.  Alex Greensweig led the pack to turn one followed by Larry Ealey and Tyler Wagner.  As Greensweig opened a slight lead Walt Mueller and Bob Wagner moved to second and third on lap two.  Lap three Greensweig held the lead followed by Mueller and Wagner and Wagner made the pass for second a lap later.  As Greensweig and Wagner battled for the lead Larry Ealey moved back into third.  Wagner took the lead on lap twelve and took the win followed by Greensweig, Ealey, Muller, and Tyler Wagner.

Liam O’Connor led every lap to take the Kid Kart win over Jack VanVarick, Connor Mirabelli, and Collin O’Connor. Austin Silfee battled Jacob Proctor lap after lap to take the Junior 3 win. Jared Silfee continued his winning ways in Junior 2 taking the win over Joey Costello.

Jared Silfee backed up his Junior 2 win with another win in Junior Sportsman Champ Karts.  It was Silfee, John Kendall, and Cody Quagliato to turn one but Kendall charged out of turn two in the top spot.  Silfee turned up the steam but Kendall held strong until two laps to go when Silfee made the pass for the lead.  Silfee took the win followed by Kendal, Quagliato, Liam O’Connor, and Shelby McLaughlin.

In Briggs Heavy once again it was a battle of the Ehrhardt brothers with Ron taking the win over Randy followed by Gary Huston. John Cason won Open Modified. Iron Man Scott Heilman took the Senior Clone win over Pappy Curnell and Billy Proctor. Tom Boyd won Pork Chops. 

Senior Champ Karts…   Brian Sullivan, Scott Heilman, Damon Schuster, Mike Dinsmoor, Thomas Radivoy, Nick Haddden, Steven Frindt, Zak Gorski, Eric Bodenschatz,John Grempel, Jason Wolfe.

MSRS Tour…  Bob Wagner, Alex Greensweig, Larry Ealey, Walt Mueller, Tyler Wagner, Ron Counterman,  TJ Kemmerer, Kenny Dengler, Robert McGuire, Walt Morrison.

Kid Karts… Liam O’Connor, Jack VanVarick, Connor Mirabelli, Collin O’Connor

Junior 3… Austin Silfee, Jacob Proctor

Junior 2… Jared Silfee, Joey Costello.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts…   Jared Silfee, John Kendall, Cody Quagiato, Liam O’Connor, Shelby McLaughlin.

Briggs Heavy…  Ron Ehrhardt, Randy Ehrhardt, Gary Huston.

Open Modified… John Cason.

Senior Clone…   Scott Heilman, Pappy Curnell, Billy Proctor.

Pork Chop…   Tom Boyd.

Eccles Two in a Row in Borgers All-Star slingshots.  Janisch Takes TQ 50 Lapper. 

Saylorsburg, PA., May 3rd, 2014 In a race against “Mother Nature Borgers Speedway staff was victorious as raindrops began to fall as the final victory photos were being taken.

For the second week in a row Taylor Eccles dominated the All-Star Slingshot feature leading every lap to take the win.  It was Eccles, Johnny Bush, and Ryan Lacoe to turn one with Eccles opening a slight lead.  Bush and Lacoe settled into a two car battle for second running side by side for the first five laps.  By lap six Jim Conroy was on the move and charged into fourth spot.  Lap fourteen Conroy got by Lacoe and Eccles for second and with three to go Scott Heilman got by Lacoe for fourth.  At the Checker it was Eccles, Conroy, Bush, Heilman, Lacoe, and James Moyer.

In ATQMRA TQ’s Matt Janisch took home the 50 lap victory.  At the drop of the green it was Joey Bailey, Ryan Tidman, and Buddy Sload to turn one.  On the second go around Janisch got by Sload for third with his sights set on the leaders.  Janisch and Sload got by Tidman and Bailey and raced side by side with Janisch taking the lead.  Running a strong race Geoffrey Sutton moved into third on lap thirteen.  In the closing laps Matt Roselli and Rob Vivona moved into fourth and fifth but Janisch was not to be caught.  Janisch took the checker followed by Sload, Sutton, Roselli, and Vivona. Joey Costello won Junior Slingshots.

 All-Star Slingshots…  Taylor Eccles, Jim Conroy, Johny Bush, Scott Heilman, Ryan Lacoe, James Moyer.

ATQMRA TQ…  Matt Janisch, Buddy Sload, Geoffrey Sutton, Matt Roselli, Rob Vivona, Ryan Tidman, Jeff Kot, Chad Parks, Paul Lotier, Austin Fehr, Frank Fisher, Joey Bailey.

Junior Slingshots… Joey Costello.

Jared Silfee Goes From First to Last to First to Win Inaugural

Winged Junior Sportsman Champ Karts At Borgers.

By virtue of her heat Win Meredith Howell became the first pole sitter for the Winged Jr Sportsman Champ Karts.  At the drop of the green Howell charged into turn one chased by Jared Silfee and Jeffrey Shire.  A hard charging John Kendell snatched third from Shire as the battle for the lead heated up.  Silfee gained the lead on lap four but the next lap contact was made by the leaders sending Silfee and Howell to the rear.  On the restart it was Kendell, Shire, and Cody Quagliato with Shire gaining the lead a lap later.  By the half way mark Silfee moved up to third with Howell in tow.  With five to go Silfee got by Kendell and then Shire as Kendell clung to Silfee’s rear bumper moving to second.  At the checkered flag it was Silfee, Kendell, Howell, Shire, and Quagliato.

A real Kid Kart thriller as Liam O’Connor snatched the win from Jack VanVarick at the checkered flag.  VanVarick lead the field to turn one followed by Liam O’Connor and Collin O’Connor.  As Liam chased VanVarick for the lead the 14L suddenly fell off the pace being passed by brother Collin.  As Collin chased VanVarick for the lead Liam dropped back a half a lap.  Unknown to Liam at the time he had bumped the choke which was killing the motor.  Upon realizing this he took the choke off and began the chase to catch the leaders.  Charging like a freight train he caught his brother who was running as fast as the leader but a lap behind.  In a selfless act rather then holding his brother back Collin chose to let him by so he had a crack at VanVarick.  Going into turn three Liam and VanVarick were side by side with Liam nipping VanVarick at the finish line.  Collin settled for third.  A very class act by the younger brother Collin O’Connor.   Connor Mirabilli was fourth.

In Senior Champ Karts Scott Heilman took the win over Steven Frindt, Paul Valent Jr., and Nick Timar.  Friindt snatched second on lap three with Valent and Timar close behind.  Valent turned in a strong heat performance but fell off the pace in the feature.

Scott Heilman backed up his win with a win in Senioir Clone.  It was Heilman, Pappy Curnell, and Billy Proctor to turn one with Curnell coming out of turn two in the lead.  Lap three Heilman regained the lead and then it was a battle for second between Curnell and Proctor.  Heilman took the win and with Proctor giving it his all got alongside Curnell in turn three and out gunned him to the finish.  Brennen Coulter was fourth. Jared Silfee backed up his Winged Jr. Champ win with a win in Junior 2 over Joey Costello, and Cody Quagliato.

Winged Junior Sportsman Champ Karts… Jared Silfee, John Kenell, Meredith Howell, Jeffrey Shire, Cody Quagliato, Liam O’Connor, Gary Collins,  DNS… Collin O’Connor.

Kid Karts… Liam O’Connor, Jack VanVarick, Collin O’Connor, Connor Mirabelli.

Senior Champ Karts… Scott Heilman, Steven Frindt, Paul Valent Jr., Nick Timar.

Senior Clone…  Scott Heilman, Billy Proctor, Pappy Curnell, Brennen Coulter.

Pork Chops… Jason Beers

Junior 3…  Austin Silfee, Jacob Proctor.

Junior 2… Jared Silfee, Joey Costello, Cody Quagliato.

Junior Champ Kart… Tanner Jones

MicroStock Roy Hathaway.

The Boys Are Back In Town...

 Saylorsburg, PA., April 29th, 2014 The thunder you hear in the distance is not weather related but the roar of the Superstars Of ATQMRA invading Borgers Speedway on Saturday  May 3.   The Three Quarter Midget Warriors will be competing for $500 to win in a 50 lap main event.

So far this season Pat VanVarick has been the dominant force at Borger Speedway but the Stars of ATQMRA aim to change all that.  VanVarick will have his hands full as the east coast’s top TQ racer Matt Janisch has intentions to put an end to VanVarick’s win streak.  Janisch who is no stranger to Borgers Speedway has proved beyond any doubts that he is the man to beat on the tight 1/7 mile asphalt oval.

Borgers 2013 defending TQ champion Austin Fehr has been giving VanVarick a run for his money and has what it take to make things tough on the ATQMRA gang.

Word has it that Slinger Warehouse owner Paul Lotier will be bringing his hot rod to take on the challenge.

Matt Roselli from the Roselli stables will also be gunning for VanVarick.  Roselli turned in a solid performance at the Borgers season opener knocking on VanVarick’s door until mechanical problems set in during the closing laps of the feature.

Defending ATQMRA Champion Ryan Tidman will also be out in full force along with Buddy Sload and a host of others.

Never count out Blu Metz who knows TQ racing like the back of his hand will have some tricks up his sleeve and have his Metz Rides For Rent racers tuned to perfection.

Geoffrey Sutton who had a fine year at Borgers last season will be ready for action.

The line has been drawn in the sand and the battle is set to begin.  Be on hand at Borgers Speedway Saturday May 3 to witness the “Best Of The Best” in high speed racing action to see who will reign supreme.

The much anticipated debut of the Winged Junior Sportsman Champ Karts will take place prior to the TQ main event.  Dubbed the “Mini TQ’s” these kids have been creating alot of interest and these future “Stars” have been putting on a tremendous display of talent this season.  Putting the wings on will add to their excitement.

Also on the card Hyper 600 Sprints Cash Dash, AllStar and Junior Slingshots, Karts, and MicroStocks.

Gates open at 11:00 A.M.

Early practice at 1:00 P.M.

Driver’s Meeting 2:00 P.M. followed by a quick round of warm-ups, heats and features.

Our entire program has been finishing before 6:00 P.M.  

Eccles Excels In Borgers All-Star Slingshots

Saylorsburg, PA., April 26th, 2014 At the final race of the 2013 racing season last November at Borgers Speedway Taylor Eccles won his first Borgers feature event.  The victory in the Slingshot Run What You Brung was gratifying but it was not like winning an All-Star Slingshot feature event.  After playing bridesmaid all last season a feature event win was a dream for Taylor.  On this bright sunny Saturday afternoon that dream became reality.

At the drop of starter Tyler Knitter’s green flag it was Al Hauptman, John Bockhorn, and Tom Arntz to turn one but Bockhorn would charge into the lead coming out of turn two with Eccles glued to his rear bumper.  Immediately a torrid three car battle for the lead developed between Bockhorn, Eccles, and Hauptman.  Last week’s feature winner Mark Sensenig was on the move and got by Arntz on lap eight with his sights set on Hauptman.  While the battle for third was raging a full blown “Inferno” was erupting between Bockhorn and Eccles for the lead.

As Bockhorn and Eccles battled side by side the “High Flying Eccles” made a daring move on the outside of Bockhorn under the flag stand charging into the lead going in to turn one.  From then on it was all Eccles never missing a beat and hitting his mark turn after turn.  As the checkered flag dropped a jubilant Taylor Eccles had made his dream turn into reality as he pulled into Borgers Speedway victory lane.  Bockhorn finished second followed by Hauptman, Sensenig, and the veteran Jim Conroy.  Another fine run netted Eddie Reeder a sixth place finish.  Scott Heilman, in his first Slingshot ride, finished seventh and Ken Reeder also turning in a fine performance for eight.  Tom Arntz  struggling all season had to settle for ninth but the tough times will pass and Arntz will soon be back. to his winning form. 

In Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints Pat VanVarick made it win number three but it was not an easy task as Borgers 2013 defending TQ champion Austin Fehr tried every trick in the book to keep VanVarick from victory lane.  VanVarick, Fehr, and Larry Hoagland sprinted to turn one but Geoffrey Sutton got past Hoagland coming out of turn two.  As VanVarick and Fehr locked in a battle for the lead Hoagland putting pressure on Sutton regained third spot.  Hoagland looking very strong held third spot as the battle for the lead raged on.   A slight hiccup in turn three sent Hoagland to the high side and Sutton regained third.  Meanwhile Fehr was relentless in putting extreme pressure on VanVarick for the lead.  VanVarick held strong taking the win but Fehr sent VanVarick a clear message that he is a force that VanVarick will have to deal with in the weeks to come.  Sutton in the Metz Rides For Rent car finished third followed by Hoagland, Patrick Force.  Joey Bailey blew a motor in the heat and did not start the feature.

All-Star Slingshots…   Taylor Eccles, John Bockhorn, Al Hauptman, Mark Sensenig,  Jim Conroy, Eddie Reeder, Scott Heilman, Kebn Reeder, Tom Arntz.

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints… Pat VanVarick, Austin Fehr, Geoffrey Suttton, Larry Hoagland, Patrick Force, DNS...  Joey Bailey.

Ron Ehrhardt Wins Clone Wars Round 2.

Pappy Spanks MicroStocks Amiss Controversy.

Jared Silfee Unstoppable in Junior Sportsman Champ Karts at Borgers Speedway.

As Clone Wars Round 2 came to Borgers Speedway once again it was  the Ron and Randy Show as the Ehrhardt brothers battled for the top spot. It was Ron, Randy, and Scott Heilman to turn one at the drop of the green.  By the second go around Greg Jordan got by Heilman for third.  As the Ehrhardt brothers battled side by side for the lead Heilman regained third by the half way mark.  In the closing laps Billy Proctor was coming on strong and fell in behind Jordan in fourth spot.  At the Checker it was Ron Ehrhardt, Randy Ehrhardt, Scott Heilman, Greg Jordan and Billy Proctor.

Jared Silfee proved again to be “Unstoppable” in Junior Sportsman champ karts but a stout field of juniors gave him a run for his money.  Silfee won the sprint to turn one followed by Meredith Howell, and John Kendall but Howell jumped into the lead coming out of turn two.  Howell looking strong held the lead for the next ten laps until Silfee slipped by followed by Kendall in turn three.  With Kendall putting pressure on Silfee in the closing laps Silfee would hold strong taking the win over Kendall, Howell, Cody Quagliato, and Shelby McLaughlin.

Nine World Formula MicroStocks came to town in a race that would end in controversy.  Andrew Shuster, Harry Burd, and Pappy Curnell lead the pack to turn one but it was Harry Burd in the lead coming out of turn two.  Coming on strong Curnell got by Shuster and then made quick work of Burd.  A two car battle for the lead developed between Curnell and Shuster but as the race grew older Curnell became stronger.  As Curnell spanked the field Burd got by Shuster in the closing laps.  Curnell would take the checkered flag followed by Burd, Shuster, Paul Pairo, and Barry Reese.

The World Formula tour results may differ from the event results.   Brendan O’Connor,”we are awarding the win to Curnell until otherwise noted.  Further clarification will follow and we will release an official statement regarding the issue. Tom Boyd won Pork Chops over Jason Beers.

Junior 3 was another tight battle between Austin Silfee and Jacob Proctor with both drivers swapping the lead numerous times.  Silfee took the win. Jack VanVarick held strong over Collin O’Connor to win Kid Karts.

In Senior Champ Karts Scott Heilman once again reigned supreme.  It was Heilman and Andrew Shuster battling for the lead but by the half way point Steven Frindt came on strong and took over second spot.  A strong run by Paul Valent Jr. developed chasing Shuster for third spot.  In only his second race Nick Timar joined the battle for third with Shuster and Valent.  At the checkered flag it was Heilman, Frindt, Shuster, Valent, and Timar.

Clone Wars 2….  Ron Ehrhardt, Randy Ehrhardt, Scott Heilman, Greg Jordan, Billy Proctor, Brennen Coulter, Derrick Demott.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts… Jared Silfee, John Kendell, Meredith Howell, Cody Quagliato, Shelby McLaughlin, Liam O’Connor.

World Formula MicroStocks… Pappy Curnell, Harry Burd, Andrew Shuster, Paul Pairo, Barry Reese, Tom Pairo, Eric Geiger, Skyler, Phelps, DNS… Dave Parker.

Pork Chops… Tom Boyd, Jason  Beers.

Junior 3…  Austin Silfee, Jacob Proctor.

Junior 2… DNS Jared Silfee.

Kid Karts… Jack VanVarick, Collin O’Connor.

Senior Champ Karts… Scott Heilmann, Steven Frindt, Andrew Shuster, Paul Valent Jr., Nick Timar, Michael Reeder, Trevor Morris.

Mark Sensenig Devastates Stout Slingshot Field as VanVarick Wins Asphalt 600 Sprints.

$2000 to win All-Star Slingshots.  Details coming soon.

Saylorsburg, PA., April 20th, 2014:  Last week Mark Sensenig, in his first race at Borgers Speedway, turned in a solid fifth place finish.  From the get go it was clear that Sensenig would be a man to keep your eye on.  In his second try at Borgers Mark parked the 725 in victory lane in a very convincing manner. 

Coming off his win in the second qualifying heat Sensenig started on the outside pole but his task would not be an easy one as pole sitter Al Hauptman was running very strong.  At the drop of the green it was Sensenig and Taylor Eccles chasing Hauptman to turn one.  As the three battled neck and neck Sensenig took the lead on lap three and there is where he remained the entire race. 

As the race wore on Sensenig ran flawlessly hitting his mark in every turn and in the closing stages of the race Eccles got by Hauptman for second.  While all this was going on Anthony Peanutbutter Raisner was coming like a freight train.  As Raisner locked up fourth spot Ryan Laoce and Jim Conroy finished a close fifth and sixth.

With Borgers working agreement with ATQMRA TQ’s were not on the card today so as not to conflict with the ATQMRA event at the Mahoning Valley Speedway.  The Hoosier Racing  Tires Asphalt 600 Sprints did take to the asphalt and once again it was Pat VanVarick in victory lane.  From the start it was a two car battle with VanVarick and Kurt Bettler for the top spot.  While they battled for the lead Larry Hoagland was waiting in the wings for either of the top runners to make a mistake and challenge for the lead.  At the checkered flag it was VanVarick, Bettler, Hoagland, Mark Yoder, and Ed Wilburg.

AllStar Slingshots… Mark Sensenig, Taylor Eccles, Alan Hauptman, Anthony Raisner, Ryan Lacoe, Jim Conroy, Kurt Bettler, Jackson Ring, Ed Reeder, James Moyer, Ken Reeder, Tom Arntz, Johnny Bush, Harry Burd,   DNS  JR Fulper.

Hoosier Racing Tires Asphalt 600 Sprints… Pat VanVarick, Kurt Bettler, Larry Hoagland, Mark Yoder, Ed Wilburg.

Heilman Hits Double Header Winning KOA and Winning Senior Clone While Setting a New Track Record in Senior clones.  Wagner King of MRL.  Liam O’Connor Back In Victory Lane.

Scott Heilman added two more wins to his win column at Borgers while setting a new track record in Senior Clones.  At the drop of the green in KOA Senior Champ Kart it was Heilman, Teddy Reed, and Ron Ehrhardt to turn one.  As the leaders pulled away a four car battle for fourth spot developed between Dalton Rivera, Gabbie Olender, John Berger, and Steven Frindt.  On a lap seven restart Rivera moved into second and a lap later the caution flew for a crash between Olender and Berger with Olender retiring with a heavily damaged kart.  On the restart it was Heilman and Reed with Berger quickly regaining third.  Heilman took the win followed by Reed and Berger.

Heilman would return to victory lane in Senior Clones as he took the win over John Berger with Billy Proctor right on Berger’s tail.  Pappy Curnell came in a close fourth.

After struggling last week Liam O’Connor wasted no time in making his return to victory lane in Kid Karts.  Liam led Jack VanVarick, Collin O’Connor, and Connor Mirabelli to turn one but VanVarick took the lead coming out of turn two.  As Liam put relentless pressure on VanVarick Liam made the pass in front of the grandstands for the lead on lap seven.  Once past VanVarick, Liam opened a sizeable lead over VanVarick to take the win.  VanVarick settled for second followed by Collin O’Connor and Mirabelli.

In Junior Sportsman Champ Karts Jared Silfee continued his winning ways.   Jared held the lead from his pole position starting spot with Meredith Howell and John Kendell in tow.  As Silfee opened a sizeable lead Kendell and Jeffery Shire went at it for second place.  Kendell took over second while Shire, Howell, and Shelby McLaughlin locked in a tight battle for third.  A late race caution rearranged the field as Howell got by Kendell in the closing laps.  At the finish it was Silfee, Howell, Kendell, McLaughlin, and Shire.

A stout field of 9 MRL Microstocks took the green flag led by Bob Wagner, Dalton Rivers, and Harry Burd.  By lap three Andrew Shuster moved to third and by lap eight Burd was back in third.  Ali the while Ton Arntz in his first MicroStock ride was on the move and took over fourth spot.  As the checkered flag waved it was Wagner, Rivera, Burd, Arntx, and Jeff Weinacker.

A real thriller in Junior 3 as Austin Silfee and Jacob Proctor put on the battle of the day.  Lap after lap Silfee and Proctor swapped the lead which had the fans on the edge of their seats.  In the closing laps Silfee took over for good and on the last lap Proctor threw a chain on the backstretch allowing Jared Silfee to get by.  The finish was Austin Silfee, Jared Silfee, and Proctor. Junior 2 it was Kevin Mee over Joe Costello.

KOA Champ Karts… Scott Heilman, Teddy Reed, John Berger, Ron Ehrhardt, Steven Frindt, Nick Timar, Dalton Rivera, Gabbie Olender, John Grempil Jr.

Senior Clone… Scott Heilman (New Track Record), John Berger, billy Proctor, Pappy Curnell, Richie Smith.

Kid Karts… Liam O’Connor, Jack VanVarick, Collin O’Connor, Connor Mirabelli.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts… Jared silfee, Meredith Howell, John Kendell, Jeffrey Shire, Shelby McLaughlin, Liam O’Connor, Gary Collins.Tanner Jones.

MRL MicroStocks… Bob Wagner, Dalton Rivera, Harry Burd, Tom Arntz, Jeff Weinacker, Tyler Wagner, Andrew Shuster, Noel Scheffen, Carl Weinacker, Non Conforming Pappy Curnell.

Junior 3… Austin Silfee, Jared Silfee, DNF Jacob Proctor.

Junior 2… Kevin Mee, Joe Costello.

72 Cars Jam the Borger's Pits as Pat VanVarick Wins Borger's 50 Lap TQ Opener..

Simon Eagen Takes Home Checkered in All-Star Slingshot 40 Lapper…

Saylorsburg, PA., April 14th, 2014 In Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints Pat VanVarick led the pack to turn one followed by Rob Vivona, and Geoffrey Sutton.  As VanVarick increased his lead Kurt Bettler charged into fourth place on lap four and third the next go around.  Matt Roselli coming like a “Runaway Freight Train” grabbed second spot on lap sixteen.  On the lap seventeen restart it was VanVarick, Rosseli and Vivona back to third.  Lap eighteen Vivona moved into second with Sutton on his tail in third.  By lap thirty Austin Fehr made his presence known taking over fourth and two laps later moving into third.  As Vivona faded Fehr got by Sutton in the closing laps but did not have enough to chase down VanVarick.  VanVarick took the win with Fehr second followed by Sutton, Vivona, and Larry Hoagland.

A record setting opening day field of twenty two AllStar Slingshots led by Demetrios Drellos took starter Tyler Knitter’s green flag in the sprint for the $500 to win AllStar Slingshot 40 lapper.  Simon Eagan and Ton Arntz immediately put the pressure on Drellos as the field bunched up in back of them.  Eagan took the lead on lap two and on lap three Justin Thompson roared into third.  As the battle for the lead grew intense Nick Shaw and Mark Sensenig worked their way to the front as various battles shaped up throughout the field.  Dylan Hoch, Mike Lapicki, Tom Arntz, Mike McLaughlin, and Ryan Lacoe were also locked in a tight battle making the top ten spots at “Battle Royale.”

All twenty one drivers performed with precision skill as the feature ran thirty two laps without a caution flag.  On the lap 32 restart it was Eagan, Drellos, and Nick Shaw with Drellos getting the jump on Eagan.  The start was called back and Eagan held the lead for the remaining eight laps with numerous challenges from Drellos and Shaw to take the win.  Thompson and Sensenig rounded out the top five.

A real fine run by Jackson Ring just missing the top ten in only his third race.  Ryan Lacoe and the Reeders are turning in some fine runs and a trip to victory lane is in sight.  An interesting note the top six positions were non Borgers regulars.  They all took to the asphalt extremely well and we hope to see them back.  The Borgers regulars will be ready to take on the challenge. Aidan Svanda won the Junior Slingshots.  

Hoosier Racing Tires TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints…    Pat VanVarick, Austin Fehr, Geoffrey Sutton, Rob Vivona, Larry Hoagland, Kurt Bettler, Rob Schultz, Matt Roselli, Mike Fillbrunn, Matt Janisch.

AllStar Slingshots… Simon Eagan, Demetrious Drellos, Justin Thompson, Nick Shaw, Mark Sensenig, Dylan Hoch, Mike Lapicki, Ton Arntz, Mike McLaughlin, Ryan Lacoe, Jackson Ring, Ed Reeder, Alan Hauptman, Taylor Eccles, Tom Hennessy, Johnny  Bush, Kurt Bettler, Louden Reimert, John Gilroy, Jim Conroy, Ken Reeder.

Junior Slingshots… Aidan Svanda

Justin Gumley Wins Senior Champ Karts….

Ron Ehrhardt Wins Clone Wars Round One at Borger's Speedway.

Justin Gumley held the lead from his pole position starting spot and never looked back leading every lap to win Senior Champ Karts.  Dalton Rivera and Scott Heilman would fall in back of Gumley but a hard charging Steven Frindt moved into third on lap two and second the following lap.  As Frindt put pressure on Gumley for the lead Rivera and Heilman made it a four car battle for the top spot.  Gumley held off all challenges to take the win followed by Frindt, Rivera, Heilmann, Teddy Reed, and John Grenpil.

Clone Wars Round One turned out to be nothing short of World War III as the brothers Ehrhardt keep the screaming fans on the edge of their seats with the nail biting driving they are famous for.  At the drop of the green it was Randy and Ron Ehrhardt with Scott Heilman in tow.  Out of turn two Heilmann jumped to second as Derrick Demont  made it a four car battle for the lead.  Lap after lap the Ehrhardts were glued together and on the last lap Ron made the pass on Randy to take the win followed by Heilman, Derrick Dermont, and Philip Sabatine, Billy Proctor, and Brennen Coultar.

Jack VanVarick led every lap to take the Kid Kart feature win which was the first checkered flag of the 2014 racing season over the 2014 Borgers Rookie Kid Kart Champion Collin O’Connor followed by Connor Mirabelli. Junior 3 Champion Austin Silfee took the Junior 3 win over Jacob Proctor, and Jesse Strohl. Cody Quagliato took the Junior 1 win. (Unofficial.) In Junior 2 Jared Silfee  the 2013 Junior 2 Champion visited victory lane for the second time today taking the Junior 2 win over Joseph Costello.  (Unofficial.) Dalton Rivera topped the World Formula Micrstocks followed by Bob Wagner, Harry Burd, Jason Burd, and Pappy Curnell. Bob Wagner continued his winning ways taking the first MSRS Tour Show at Borgers.  Larry Ealey and Walt Muller chased him to the checker followed by Tyler Wagner, Brin Correll, and Al Vanhart.

The Junior Sportsman Champ Karts once again stole the show with a performance which is proof positive of what these kids are made of.  Jared Silfee led the field to turn one followed by Cody Quagiiato, and Gary Collins but out of turn two Quagliato jumped to the lead.  Cody’s lead would be short lived as Silfee roared back into the lead on lap two.  At this time Gary Collins and Shelby McLaughlin joined the hunt in a battle for third place.  As Silfee increased his lead the three car battle for second heated up.  With four laps to go Quagliato and Collins tangled  with Shelby taking over second and Liam O’Connor on her rear bumper.  On the restart it was Silfee, McLaughlin, and O’Connor running in tight formation the remaining laps.  The 2014 Junior Champ Kart Champion Jared Silfee took the win followed by Shelby McLaughlin in her first Junior Champ race and the 2014 Kid Kart Champion Liam O’Connor. 

Senior Champ Karts.. Justin Gumley,Steven Frindt, Dalton Rivera, Scott Heilman, Teddy Reed, Johm Grempil

Clone Wars Round One… Ron Ehrhardt, Randy Ehrhardt, Scott Heilman, Derrick Dermont, Philip Sabatine, Billy Proctor, Brennen Coultar.

Kid Karts… Jack VanVarick, Collin O’Connor, Connor Mirabelli.

Junior 3… Austin Silfee, Jacob Proctor, Jesse Strohl.

Junior 1… Cody Quagliato. (Unofficial,)

Junior 2…  Jared Silfee,  Joseph Costello,  (Unofficial.)

World Formula MicroStocks… Dalton Rivera, Bob Wagner, Harry Burd, Jason Burd, Pappy Curnell.

MSRS Tour… Bob Wagner, Larry Ealey, Walt Mueller, Tyler Wagner, Brian Correll, Al Vanhart.

Junior Sportsman Champ Karts… Jared Silfee, Shelby McLaughlin, Liam O’Connor, Cody Quagliato, Tanner Jones, Gary Collins.


 Saylorsburg, PA., April 7th, 2014 Under cold, blustery skies with a high not reaching 40 degrees 50 racecars took to the Borgers Speedway asphalt for an extremely productive four hour practice session this past Saturday.  After rubber was laid on the track the grip improved quickly and some near record times were posted.  Unfortunately times could not be posted because someone saw fit to crawl under the grandstands and cut the transponder loop wire.  The incident has been turned over to the authorities and hopefully an arrest will be made shortly.

Larry Hoagland, Kurt Bettler, and Pat VanVarick took to the speedway in their TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints and very quickly the speeds improved throughout the afternoon.  With $500 to win next Saturday April 12 a full field is expected.

A very impressive 15 Slingshots showed to get some lap time for the $500 to win feature slated for April 12.  The hesitation of asphalt racing has been overtaken by the competitiveness and how forgiving asphalt racing is on the cars and tires.  Large Slingshot fields are expected this season.

A stout field of Karts made for a preview of what the 2014 season hold s for them.  Fierce competition is once again expected as the Karts take to the wide, super fast Borgers 1/7 mile oval.

A very record breaking field of MicroStocks turned laps in what will be a stellar year for the MicroStocks at Borgers.

Borgers Speedway has always put the emphasis on the youth in the sport and that was very evident on Saturday.  Paige Hunsinger, daughter of veteran racer Moe Hunsinger, turned her first laps in her Kid Kart and got faster each session.  Connor Mirabelli also was in high gear looking for his first win this season.

Anyone that hung around after the day ended was treated to about 50 laps of very impressive racing by our Junior Sportsman Champ Karters.  In her first laps in her Champ Kart Borgers Speedway Princess Lil Miss Shelby McLaughlin wasted no time in learning the moves with the 2013 Borgers Speedway Kid Kart Champion Liam O’Connor and the 2013 Junior Sportsman Champ Kart Champion Jared Silfee.  As the three future “Superstars circled the oval the speeds got faster each lap.  All three looked like the TQ’s swapping the lead lap after lap.  Keep in mind these kids are all under the age of ten and they are proof positive the future of racing is in good hands at Borgers Speedway.

Action will get under way this Saturday April 12 with Triple $500 To Win features for the AllStar TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints, AllStar Slingshot, and Briggs Senior Champ Karts.  Also on the card is Clone Wars Round One, MSRS MicroStock Tour Race, and a full program of Dirt 600 Sprints, Junior Slingshots, and Karts.   Gates open at 11:00 a.m. with warm-ups at 1:00 p.m.


Saylorsburg, PA., April 7th, 2014: This Saturday April 12th, 2014 we will open our third year as the premier 1/7th mile banked asphalt oval in Northeast PA. Opening day in any sport is a special day.   Teams come recharged, loaded with stored energy.   One thing is for sure, there is only one 2014 Opening Day and a few of us will go home as the first winners of 2014!   The driver who has slain Goliath, the driver that many will admire or hate for at least the first week! Teams and drivers can say  -  “it’s a long season, it’s the war that needs to be won”, etc. etc. etc.  All of that may be true, however, those same drivers are the drivers who already finished 2nd on opening day.  

All of us love the sting of the battle, the heat of the moment, that last lap side by side battle.  The David beating Goliath.  It’s that feeling we rationalize the arrangement of our summer so it doesn’t interfere with our racing season.  Often sports disciplines tend to look at racing as a sub division of a sport, or a sort of sport.   They obviously never felt what we feel every Saturday and especially that feeling we feel on Opening Day.  

Opening Day is a day when the thought of losing is buried the deepest it will be all season.  Every driver rolls out on Opening Day- no matter where they are starting with the idea that today, today they have a shot, a good shot at being David, if at least for week #1!

Since, paving our battlefield, we have had a few David’s.  In 2013, some of the fastest drivers were defeated by David’s!   Those few David’s have went on to become the real hero’s at Borgers Speedway.  Our heroes are the ones who sat mid field on opening day but fought through the doubts and their own fears and slayed Goliath.

Behind every David is a team.  It takes a team to organize, all working and committed to a common cause to overcome the adversity and start and end a year as a Champion.  That team may be Mom and Dad, Grandpa, some can be vastly bigger and operate on priceless budgets. However, one thing is for sure, no matter how deep the pocket of the team may be, Borgers Speedway is the “Great Equalizer”.  It is the track were anyone can win especially on Opening Day!

As a staff, we are excited to again provide the very best platform for each driver and team to perform on.  Our commitment to give “David” the opportunity to slay Goliath has not change since day 1.  Glenn and Ruth Borgers carved up the earth in hopes of festering that feeling that makes all want to be David and makes us do what we do.  Our commitment to asphalt racing in the Northeast has not strayed off course.

The staff at Borgers Speedway, Glenn and Ruth Borger, Bob Snyder and myself welcome everyone new and returning to the 2014 Racing Season.   Many media outlets and seasoned racers continual push the notion that this will be a break out year for Borgers Speedway- We believe them and will continue our push and not disappoint the believers!


Saylorsburg, PA., April 1st, 2014 Seven times this racing season Borgers Speedway tried and seven times Mother Nature won.  Borgers Speedway practice is now set for Saturday April 5 from 1:00 p.m. until dusk.  Gates open at 10:00 a.m. with no car entry fee but a $20 pit pass is required for anyone entering the pits.  Grandstand admission is free.  Depending on the condition of the grounds we might have to prohibit parking against the fence in the grandstand parking area for this practice session.  Brendan O’Connor, “we need to get at least one practice in.  We have a lot of newcomers and we do not want to put them or any of our regulars on a green track.”  Bob Snyder added, “We need to get rubber on the track if not it would be like running on an ice rink and we will not put our drivers in unnecessary danger.”

Saturday April 12 the 2014 racing season will open with a bang starting at 2:00 p.m.  Triple $500 to win features will be run for the AllStar TQ/Asphalt 600 Sprints, AllStar Slingshots, and Briggs Senior Champ Karts based on minimum car count. The Dirt 600 Sprints, Junior Slingshots, Karts, and Clone Wars Round One will round out the card.

The ATQMRA event scheduled for April 5 will be rescheduled.  We had originally rescheduled the AllStar Slingshot $500 to win race for July but the Slingshots have supported us so well during last year’s OctoberFest we wanted to give them an early chance at the big bucks.  The Senior Champ Karts are also looking for an early season major event with a number of drivers from the New England states, New York, and New Jersey coming in for the show.

Points will start for all divisions on April 19. July Senior Champ Karts $2500 To Win Details Shortly. A brand new NASCAR type LED safety light system is in the process of being installed.  The entire system is being rewired and this will insure an extremely visible light display to keep the drivers safe during racing conditions.

Pit spots on the lower level are filling up fast.  If you want a choice spot get your request in now.  Long trailers $100 and short trailers or pickups and cars are $75.  Anyone who had a spot last season will have a choice of their spot.  These spots will be held until the second scheduled race.

Spots can be purchased at the track or by making a check out to Brendan O’Connor and mailing it to

Bob Snyder Photography

335 N. Broad St. Ext.

Nazareth, Pa. 18064.

They say all good things take time and “Patience Is A Virtue.”  The weather will clear and when racing starts at Borgers Super Speedway it will be a year to remember.


 Saylorsburg, PA., March 24th, 2014 Snow has been removed from the speedway Saturday afternoon and the upper lot is almost bare and drying nicely. We wanted to get a car on the track to make sure the surface did not change over the winter and this was a good time for Pat VanVarick to unveil his brand new Hyper TQ. This is the first Hyper TQ built and it was fast out of the box. Without making any adjustments the car was immediately turning laps under ten seconds.

We wanted to make sure there was no unforeseen problems with the track and the track passed with flying colors and is cleared for practice next Saturday March 29. Gates open at 10:00 a.m. with practice starting at 1:00 p.m. and continuing until dark. A $20 pit pass is required for anyone entering the pits. No entry fee for cars and spectator grandstand admission is free.

Hopefully the weather will finally co-operate and we can get the 2014 racing season underway.


Saylorsburg, PA., March 18th, 2014 After spending the day at the track and monitoring the wet grounds it was decided to cancel the practice session for this Saturday March 22.  The forecast for rain mid week and on Saturday will further complicate the already saturated grounds.

GM Brendan O’Connor, “right now mother nature has the upper hand.  We want to be 100% before we open the track for practice.  The upper lot is still snow covered and under that is a sea of mud.  There is no possible way cars could go beyond the food stand.  Hopefully we can get through the forecasted rain and get the drying process started.”

Plans now call for practice Saturday March 29 and then a decision will be made on the season opener.


Saylorsburg, PA., March 13th, 2014 We are making every effort possible for a March 22 practice date.  Everything will depend on the weather and condition of the speedway grounds.  A decision will be made by Thursday March 20.  If we get the practice day in on March 22 we will make a decision on whether to have another week of practice or go right into the season opener.  The start of the point season will be delayed until early April.

Attention AllStar Slingshot Teams.  The $550 to win “Steal The Lepracon’s Pot Of Gold” will be held either March 29 or April 5 again depending on the weather and opening of the speedway.  With the tremendous Slingshot turn out we had for OctoberFest we want to give you guys and gals a shot at some “Big Bucks” early in the season.  Coming of a “Hot Streak” at Atlantic City and Trenton second place overall winner Tiffany Wambold has a ride.  Can you guys take on the challenge???

Information and rules meeting at the Borgers Speedway garage this Saturday March 22 at 2:00 p.m.  We will introduce new staff members Mike Tidaback race director and Glenn Todd announcer.

Pit spots will be on sale at   $100 large trailer and $75 small trailer or pickup truck.  People who had reserved spots last season will have first preference at their spots.  If you can not attend the meeting, send me an e-mail to hold your spot for you.  Spots will be held until the first scheduled race.  No Facebook messages, must be an e-mail. 

You can also send a check made out to

Brendan O’Connor

Mail to.

Bob Snyder Photography

335 N. Broad St. Ext.

Nazareth, Pa. 18064.

In an ongoing effort to provide the best possible racing experience I urge all drivers to fill out a bio sheet at the meeting of at  practice day and the opening races.  We need your information for Glenn Todd to give you and your team maximum exposure from the tower during the racing events.  I will also do a “Driver or even Drivers of The Week” story once the season gets underway.  This will be on a “First Come First Serve” basis so get your request to me to be put on the list.  This will also give me more information for the race results.  Please be sure to include your phone number so I can contact you to put the story together.  This will be posted on Facebook and the Borgers Speedway web-site.

The pieces are all being put in place for an outstanding year of racing at the “Fastest 1/7 Mile Asphalt Oval” in the country.  Borgers Speedway in Saylorsburg.  Be a part of the action where “The Best Is Yet To Come.”


Saylorsburg, PA., March 12th, 2014 An information and rules meeting will be held this Saturday March 15 starting at 2:00 p.m. at the Borgers Speedway garage.  All plans for the 2014 racing season will be discussed and any rules changes that have been made.

2014 promises to be a “Break Through Season” at Borgers Speedway with many exciting events and improvements to the speedway.  Glenn Borger, Brendan O’Connor, Jimmy Silfee, and Bob Snyder are committed to bring the best possible racing experience to the drivers, owners, crew members, and race fans.

We will make every effort possible for a March 22 practice day and then a decision will be made if there will be another practice day or schedule the season opener for March 29.

General Manager Brendan O’Connor, “everything depends on the weather.  Most of the snow is off the track and the snow in the infield should be melted in time.  Our main concern now is the grandstand parking area which is still covered by a foot of snow.  Once the snow melts it will be a matter of the grounds drying to allow parking.”

Promoter Bob Snyder, “we will be watching the situation closely and will make a decision by Thursday March 20 if we are go for the Saturday practice.”

Pit spots will be on sale at the rules meeting at $100 for long trailers and $75 for short trailers and pickup trucks.  People who bought pit spots last season will have first preference at their old spot. 

The response and comments we received at Motorsports and the Phillipsburg Mall Dirt Track Heroes Show has been overwhelming and Borgers Speedway is on the “Fast Track” to make things happen in 2014. 

Broadheadsville Chevrolet Stage One Modifieds Return to Borgers Speedway

Saylorsburg, PA., February 28th, 2014 The powerful Stage One Modifieds will return to Borgers Speedway for a Tour Race August 23 and compete weekly in the 2014 Borgers OctoberFest Series.

Former Nazareth and Orange County Fair Speedway modified stock car star Richie Smith created the sleek and powerful Stage One Modifieds seven years ago as an alternative class of affordable racecars to give the average competitor a chance at fulfilling their dreams to race. 

Richie Smith, “We are entering our seventh year of existence and have seen growth every year. This will be our third year of calling Hamlin our home track after spending our first
three years at Borgers. Last year was the first year for our tour and we had nothing but rave reviews everywhere we went. We've expanded our tour this year to showcase our
versatility by having a tour date at both Borgers and Mahoning Valley Speedways which are both asphalt tracks.

The cars are a mix of Slingshot and micro sprint. They are comparable to the dirt Modifieds that run up and down the northeast part of our country. They have the same feel and look
of the mods without the big expense. The competition is some of the best of all small car racing and is one of the most affordable divisions racing today.

“Broadheadsville Chevrolet has come on as our Title and Series Sponsor and we will be pleased to be doing some racing in their back yard.”  Broadheadsville Chevrolet is located ten minutes up the road from Borgers Speedway at 1476 Route 209 Broadheadsville, Pa.  18322

Borgers General Manage Brendan O’Connor, "we are always looking to expand our classes of racing and the Stage One Modifieds will be a welcome addition to our 2014 schedule.  Including them in our OctoberFest Series will give them great exposure and bring some new faces to our track.”

 Promoter Bob Snyder, “I have known Richie Smith for forty years and he is truly one of the innovators and good guys of the sport.  During the years he co-promoted Borgers he brought his professionalism to the track and when he debuted the Stage One Modifieds here seven years ago they provided some of the best competition we had on the dirt.  I can hardly wait to see the show they put on asphalt.”

Be sure to circle the dates of August 23 and the Borgers OctoberFest 2014 Series to witness firsthand the “Return of the Stage One Modifieds” to Borgers Speedway.

Practice Delayed 2 Weeks, New Staff Added, and More

Saylorsburg, PA., February 20th, 2014 Borgers Practice Moved Back Two Weeks, New Staff Added, and Steven Frindt First On Line For Borgers Night At Phillipsburg Mall Dirt Track Heroes Show.

Checking on his racetrack before dawn is nothing new for Borgers Speedway owner Glenn Borger.  He has been doing this for the past 16 years.  In hopes of a March 1 practice Glenn has been checking the track every day for the past two weeks.  Glenn Borger, “I have experienced Saylorsburg winters for the past 79 years and this has to be one of the worst.“   Snow and ice storms have piled up mounds of snow on the racetrack and pit area.  Glenn Borger, “the snow on the racetrack is not the problem.  We can plow if off but along with the snow in the pits there is just nowhere to go with it.  If we plow it to the infield we risk the chance of it freezing solid with the cold temperatures that are forecast to return next week.”

After conferring with General Manager Brendan O’Connor it has been decided to push the practice date back two weeks to March 15.  At that time it will be decided if the March 22 scheduled opener will take place or be pushed back to allow another week of practice.  Promoter Bob Snyder, “Mother Nature has really got the upper hand this winter.  We lost two practice sessions for January and another we had planned for February.  We had hoped to get off to an early start but it appears now this will not happen.”  General Manager Brendan O’Connor, “getting on the track is not the only issue.  We have maintenance and some upgrades we want to do to the facility and with the snow it is just impossible to get these things done.  With the snow the track has been inaccessible since the beginning of the New Year.   If we get a break in the weather we can accomplish this with the extra two weeks.”

New For 2014.

Mike Tidaback has come on board to assist Race Director Darin Bartholomew.  Temple University class president Darin Bartholomew will be be graduating in May and with the possibility of his future employment taking him out of state Mike has agreed to take on the task to assist Darin  if Darin cannot continue.  With Mike’s Atlantic City injuries he will be forced to sit out most of the season and noting his vast experience he will be an excellent addition to the Borgers Speedway staff.

Glenn Todd will take over the reins of announcer.  Glenn announced a number of shows at the end of last season and has been a former announcer at the Flemington and Bridgeport Speedways.  With more than 50 years of racing experience and a son, daughter, and granddaughter that race he will fit perfect into the Borgers Speedway program.

2013 Borgers Speedway Senior Champ Kart Champion and 2013 King Of The Asphalt runner up Steven Frindt has become the first to sign up to represent Borgers Speedway at Borgers Speedway night at the Phillipsburg Mall Dirt Track Heroes show March 2 through March 8.  Borgers Speedway night will be held Monday March 3 at 6:30 p.m.  The stars of Borgers Speedway will be interviewed by Steve and Ed Pados, and Bobby Stull.  Anyone wishing to be a part of this show and be interviewed contact Bob Snyder, or call me at 610-759-3612 so I can add you to the list.  This is a great opportunity to get exposure for your driver and team.

We are finalizing at date for our Spring Rules Meetings which will be held at the Borgers Garage on the grounds of Borgers Speedway. 

Borger's Speedway, Bob Snyder Historic Racing Photos, Snyder Racing Video Productions

 Team up for 3 Day Run at 2014 Motorsports Expo. Plus Banquet Ticket Information..

 Saylorsburg, PA., January 8th, 2014 Borgers Speedway, Bob Snyder Historic Racing Photos, and Snyder Video Productions Team Up For 3 Day Run at Motorsports 2014.

Borgers Speedway will officially kick off the 2014 racing season at Motorsports 2014 January 10, 11, and 12 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pa.

While Borgers Speedway will be bringing the racing public up to date on all the exciting happenings at the Saylorsburg, Pa. 1/7 asphalt oval for 2014 Borgers Promoter Bob Snyder and brother Dale Snyder will take the fans on a trip down memory lane with photos and DVD’s of the best of the best in northeast stock car and sprint car racing from the past.

Borgers 2013 Dirt 600 Sprint Champion Jason Hentrich will have on display his immaculate black 67 Hyper which took him to the 2013 Borgers championship.  The familiar blue number 17 AllStar Slingshot of Tom Arntz will be on display sporting the Borgers Speedway wrap which will compete at the Boardwalk Bowl in Atlantic City.  Karts from BOM Motorsports and Silfee Brothers Motorsports will also be on display.

All your questions about the 2014 racing season and rules will be answered by the Borgers Speedway staff.  Banquet tickets for the January 18 Borgers Speedway awards banquet will be on sale and anyone wishing to pick up tickets they have purchased can do at the show.  Schedules will be available and pit spots may be purchased.

Bob Snyder Historic Racing Photos will have over 800 different photos from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s for sale and Snyder Video Productions will have their full line of more than 35 DVD’s playing throughout the show and on sale.  Snyder Video will also have the re-release of the History of Nazareth Speedway and the all new production Memories of East Windsor Speedway.

Anyone wishing to purchase banquet ticket that will not be in attendance at the show can do so by making checks payable to Brendan O’Connor and send to

Bob Snyder

335 N. Broad St. Ext.

Nazareth, Pa. 18064

I will also have tickets if anyone wants to make arrangements to pick up tickets.  Tickets purchased by mail will be picked up at the door at the banquet.

All award winners must be in attendance at the banquet to receive their award.  Tickets are $25 with children under 10 free.  

Banquet will be held on January 18 starting at 4:00 p.m. at the

Wind Gap American Legion

217 North Broadway

Wind Gap, Pa.


The American Legion is located about ¼ mile north of the Turkey Hill in Wind Gap on the same side as Turkey Hill.

SNEAK PEAK @ BORGERS 2014 - Mini Series - $$$$ - New Classes - Kart To TQ Program

Saylorsburg, PA., January 5th, 2014 We are excited beyond words for the 2014 Season. It is our mission to continue our growth and establish ourselves as a premier banked asphalt short track. We proud to offer preview of our 2014 plans below!

One word, COMMITMENT! As we closed 2013 out, I believe we have proven our commitment to karts and TQ's! To take that commitment to the next level we have partnered with Green Flag Driving Experience ( ). This partnership will provide our kart racers the ability to earn Green Flag Bucks. This fund will eventually earn the racer a rental in one of the Green Flag TQ's at Borgers Speedway! It is our mission to remain committed to the people who keep our doors open! To further their patronage we wish to offer options for drivers and teams to move up to bigger and faster rides!

Green Flag Bucks will be earned via weekly participation. Together, Borgers Speedway and Green Flag Driving Experience will offer Bonus Green Flag Bucks for top qualifiers, heat wins and more... Stay Tuned for specific details. Do not get this confused or think this is a "for $19.99 " gimmick. Your commitment to us will be rewarded! You could earn a free few lap session or you can go all in ! Borgers Speedway style! and end up with a multiple week rental in full race dress ( race with the TQ class at Borgers Speedway! ) need more then this? How about:

The Clone Wars –
5 race mini series. Each event will consist of pill draw, 12 lap heats and a 25 lap feature. Each event will pay $ 250 to Win ( each event will be $ 50.00 entry fee - 8 Kart min ) . The Mini Series Champion will win a New Clone Motor and $300 in Cash. There will be no drops for the mini series. We will also hand out a 100 point bonus for attending all 5 events.

The mini series championship will pay as follows:
1st New motor plus $300 in Cash 2nd $200.00 3rd $ 150.00 4th $100.00 5th $50.00

The Imperial Games
The Gladiators who entered the Coliseum to battle were considered the best of the best. There is definitely no shortage of epic battles.... The wheelers of our Briggs Flat Head Heavy class are our modern day Gladiators. No single class at Borgers Speedway has impressed more than these guys. Week in and week out these guys came and pounded our asphalt in 2013. For 2014, we will offer multiple $500.00 to win events ( $ 50 entry fee, 10 kart Min ) we will also offer one $1000.00 to win event ( $ 75.00 entry fee, 15 Kart Min )

King of the Asphalt Sr Champ
Due to the overwhelming interest in wings. Borgers Speedway will now make our 2014 King of the Asphalt 5 race mini series WINGED! Strap on your top wings ( JC Specialty or similar - rule articulation will follow... but the JC Specialty wing is considered the standard ) and come battle for a $500.00 payday! The King of the Asphalt program will be a 5 race mini series. Each event will consist of a pill draw, 12 lap heats and a 35 lap feature. Each event will pay $ 250 to Win ( each event will be $ 50.00 entry fee - 8 Kart min ) . The Mini Series Champion will win $500.00. We've landed a few sponsors for these events! The sponsors will be offering BONUS money to help offset the cost for the wings! As a track community, we also plan to help offset cost for those that have run Borgers on a regular basis or intend to! There will be no drops for the mini series. We will also hand out a 100 point bonus for attending all 5 events.

NOTE: The Sr. Champ karts will run on a weekly basis as WINGLESS.... We are open to adding winged on a regular basis but we will need to monitor the turn out.... We do not want to take away from the best growing class we have! The Sr Champs should be considered our Flagship Kart class and whatever we can do to make racing better for these guys we will do!

The mini series championship will pay as follows:
1st $500.00 2nd $250.00 3rd $ 150.00 4th $100.00 5th $75.00 plus BONUS $$$$

The 2014 Borgers Speedway Micro Stock class will remain two classes. World Formula and LO206. Depending on counts, we may opt to run them together but score them separately. Each class will be awarded a separate championship and will feature 6 drop weeks. In doing so, we believe those weekend warriors who can not make it every Saturday can still battle for the track championship.

The champion will be required to attend at least 75% of our races to receive prize money. The plan is to offer multiple $ 250.00 to win events. In July expect to see a $500.00 Firecracker 40 at Borgers Speedway. The event will consist of bonus money for 5th place to last place. The event will feature 12 lap heat races and a 40 lap feature under the lights ( caution laps will count for the first half of the race ) . The winner of a feature will earn 10 bonus points towards their 2014 points championship.

We also are adding a Rookie Microstock Class for anyone new to the sport. This class will be monitored by our tech staff and drivers will be encouraged to move up once they are ready. This class will not have a regular pay out or accumulate a season points total. Entries have the option to take a trophy or a small pay out. This is strictly a class to encourage our new and / or developmental drivers. If a team enters a micro stock in either WF or LO206 and wishes to enter a second or back up car with a new or rookie driver, his or her entry fee will be free! For example, if Owner A enters his #14 in the WF Micro stock class, his backup car, with a rookie driver would receive free entry fee into the rookie class! Again, we are doing this in an effort to grow the micro stock racing in NEPA. We believe the micro stock class is a perfect fit for our track and we encourage all to come out and check us out on a weekly basis.

Special Events
Schools Out JR Spectacular

Join us in mid June to race against the regions fastest Jr’s. All Jr class will run for Oversized trophies, oversized checks with bigger pay outs and special prizes... The Jr 3 ( Restricted ) and Jr 2 ( Sportsman ) will run for a $350.00 pay day ( $40.00 Entry fee – 8 Kart Min ). Both classes class will run 12 lap heats and a 40 lap feature. The Jr 1 ( Rookie ) youngsters will run for a $150.00 pay day ( $ 30.00 entry fee – 8 kart min ). The Jr 1 ( Rookie ) class will run 12 lap heats with a 25 lap feature.

TQ Young Gun's ( Winged Jr Sportsman Champ )
Each night we are visited by the ATQMRA Tour, our young guns will be able to strap into their Mini TQ’s ( Winged Jr Sportsman Champs ) and will get the privilege of running their feature prior to the ATQMRA feature. These youngsters will get to experience racing under the lights, in front of a big crowd. Imagine your youngster smile as the top three are interviewed in victory lane! As we did many times this year we intend to incorporate all Jr’s into as much of the big car events as we can. ( This will also be a weekly class )

Back To School Kid Kart 25
This will be the third year for the special kid kart event. Come and support the biggest kid kart event in the region. Oversized trophies, gift cards, prizes, stickers and T Shirts… Each youngster will be interviewed on the front stretch. This race always packs the house. We will continue the use of a restrictor for the kid karts.

Sons of Anarchy Slugfest – Outlaws ( Open Unlimited )
Twice this summer we invite those who have those SPECIAL motors and out of the box ideas to battle on our asphalt. This will be a flat kart unlimited / open motor event. These two events will pay $350 to win ( $ 40.00 entry fee – 8 kart min ). The fastest lap time of the day will all also receive a bonus $100.00. If the winner wins both events he will receive a bonus $100.00!
The payout for the top 5 will be as follows (further back will be determined by kart count )
1st $350.00 2nd $200.00 3rd $ 125.00 4th $100.00 5th $60.00

Briggs Flat Head Sr. Champ
The success of the 2013 Big paydays has made us re-tap this the hottest asphalt class out there. Make room in your schedule to come battle the region’s best. With a $1000.00 to win ( $ 75.00 entry fee – 15 kart min ) event on the schedule we hope to showcase our track to more than just the ringers.

The payout for the $1000 to Win will be as follows (further back will be determined by kart count )
1st $1,000.00 2nd $600.00 3rd $ 300.00 4th $250.00 5th $200.00

With the higher entry our payout typically extends all the way to last place- Last year our counts where low even with the big paydays, needless to say, financially its hard to offer big $$$$ with low counts..... with that said, we will give it a whirl again early in 2014 and try to establish a solid foundation of quality drivers and karts....

Our Schedule is done-- However, we are holding it back due to a few outstanding agreements.... I suspect now that the holidays are over we will get it wrapped up in the next day or two.

Brendan O'Connor
Borgers Speedway
Saylorsburg, PA