Co-Promoter & Media Contact  Bob Snyder

Saylorsburg, January 18th, 2012:  Mike Roselli secured Borgers Speedway for a final pre Atlantic City Boardwalk Bowl test session this past Saturday afternoon. Drivers Matt Roselli, Lou Cicconi, and BJ McDonald shook down their TQ’s on the new Borgers Speedway asphalt.

Cicconi teammate NASCAR Sprint Cup driver and former Craftsman Truck Champion Johnny Benson also participated in the test session.

In his first TQ ride Benson took to the Borgers Asphalt very well. After a leaking oil cooler put down a coat of oil his first time out repairs were made and Benson turned some very quick laps. With Cicconi turning the wrenches many changes were made and Benson will be in fine shape to take on the large field of competitors at the upcoming Atlantic City Boardwalk Bowl.

Speedway owner Glenn Borger commented “We are very honored to have Johnny Benson testing at our speedway especially in his first ride in a Three Quarter Midget and wish him the best at the upcoming Boardwalk Bowl.”

After two weeks of testing the stage is being set for a spectacular season of racing at the newly paved Borgers Speedway.




Co-Promoter & Media Contact  Bob Snyder

Saylorsburg, January 12th, 2012:  Ten short weeks ago at the close of the 2011 racing season the announcement was made that Borgers Speedway in Saylorsburg , Pa. would close it’s doors. After a 12 year long legal battle to keep the speedway open the neighbors, bent on shutting the track down, had finally won the battle. In fact they had won the battle but not the war.

You will not find a more stubborn and bullheaded man in all of racing other then speedway owner Glenn Borger. Stubborn and bull headed but a man with a “Heart Of Gold” and “Hell Bent” on keeping his racetrack that provided some of the finest small car racing in the northeast and nurtured many drivers in business. “The outpouring of support from the racing community which went world wide on the internet only gave me more determination that I was not going to let a few people take my “Field Of Dreams” which meant so much to so many people”, replied Glenn Borger. What took place shows what the racing community can do when it gets together and the decision was made to meet the court’s demands and pave the speedway.

On a crisp, clear, spring like, Saturday January 7, 2012 Wingless 600 Sprint driver Brandon Azzalina drove his racecar through the third turn entrance gate ushering in a new and exciting era of racing at Borgers Speedway. Two and a half months after the “Prophets of Doom” had spoken, Borgers Speedway was “Alive and Well.”

To test the new asphalt speedway, management decided to schedule a test session which included Brandon and Zac Azzalina, Lou Cicconi, Blue Metz, Matt Janisch, Mike Eckardt, Moe Hunsinger, JP Curry, Doug Borger, Rob Vivona, Gary and Brett Conkling, Tom Cassangrande, and others. The test session was not an open practice as there were too many uncertainties as to what might happen with the main concern being the asphalt. Fortunately the track came through with flying colors. While speeds were increased the speeds were not out of hand and will be very manageable.

The drivers were very excited and had high hopes for the new surface. Brandon Azzalina said after turning the first laps, “the track is awesome. It took a bit of getting used to and we made a lot of changes but it did not take long to gain a rhythm.” Brother Zac added. “The first few laps with the Slingshot we bicycled but after a few changes it felt real good. I like the track and it will be a lot of fun and no mud to clean off the car when races are over.” Matt Janisch. “The track is very racy. It will take a lot of braking and that will be the key to success. Expect to see some fine racing.” Rob Vivona was also very pleased. “it will take a bit of getting used to. You won’t be able to back the cars into the turns as we did when it was dirt but once everyone gets the hang of it racing will be great.” Moe Hunsinger. “I thought we would be able to run the track flat-out in a kart but we had to burp the throttle a little in the turns. Once we get the tires figured out I am confident we will be running flat-out.”

In the open wheel cars Liquid Lou Ciconni stole the show with the brand new Mike Roselli owned Three Quarter Midget with unofficial top time. Surprisingly Rob Vivona and Brandon Azzalina were only a few ticks off with their Dirt Wingless 600 Sprints. However the top time of the day came when Doug Borger burned up the track three wheeling his Xcel 600 Modified.

Assistant promoter Bob Snyder. “We were very pleased with the results of the test session. Keep in mind this was done on the binder coat of asphalt and when the top coat is applied in the spring it will be even better. We made some mistakes and there are some things we will do different but I believe we are on the right track. Many people had expressed fears the speeds would be dramatically increased to a danger point and today’s test shows that will not be the case.

Weather permitting open practice sessions are scheduled for March 31, April 7 and 14, with racing getting underway April 21.